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21-Feb-1800 John Winder 23-Feb-1946 Ken Boswell 25-Feb-1901 Zeppo Marx
21-Feb-1915 Ann Sheridan 23-Feb-1943 Fred Biletnikoff 25-Feb-1942 Carl Eller
21-Feb-1795 Antonio Santa Anna 23-Feb-1934 Linda Cristal 25-Feb-1921 Andy Pafko
21-Feb-1914 Zachary Scott 23-Feb-1902 Mabel Smaney 26-Feb-1846 William Cody
21-Feb-1925 Jack Ramsay 23-Feb-1868 William Du Bois 26-Feb-1916 Jackie Gleason
21-Feb-1934 Rue McClanahan 23-Feb-1946 Rusty Young 26-Feb-1920 Tony Randall
21-Feb-1955 Kelsey Grammer 24-Feb-1885 Chester Nimitz 26-Feb-1933 Johnny Blanchard
21-Feb-1927 Erma Bombeck 24-Feb-1931 Dominic Chianese 26-Feb-1932 Johnny Cash
21-Feb-1919 Bill Cash 24-Feb-1874 J. Honus Wagner 26-Feb-1928 Fats Domino
22-Feb-1932 Edward Kennedy 24-Feb-1816 Timothy Howe 26-Feb-1921 Betty Hutton
22-Feb-1907 Robert Young 24-Feb-1824 George Curtis 26-Feb-1912 Dane Clark
22-Feb-1929 Ryne Duren 24-Feb-1910 Eveyln Baldwin 27-Feb-1902 John Steinbeck
22-Feb-1950 Julius Erving 24-Feb-1836 Winslow Homer 27-Feb-1932 Elizabeth Taylor
22-Feb-1857 Robert Baden-Powell 24-Feb-1876 Victor Moore 27-Feb-1921 Theodore Van Kirk
22-Feb-1963 Vijay Singh 25-Feb-1919 Monte Irvin 27-Feb-1886 Hugo Black
22-Feb-1884 Lew Cody 25-Feb-1873 Enrico Caruso 27-Feb-1901 Gene Sarazen
22-Feb-1907 Rex Stewart 25-Feb-1927 Earl Engleman 27-Feb-1910 Joan Bennett
23-Feb-1915 Paul Tibbets 25-Feb-1943 George Harrison 27-Feb-1897 Marian Anderson
23-Feb-1929 Elston Howard 25-Feb-1929 Arnold Roth 27-Feb-1930 Joanne Woodward
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Military appointments by Hitler five months before his suicide and the war's end, countersigned by a general who died with Hitler in the bunker.

Typed DS: "A. Hitler" as Führer and "Bürgdorf" as Chief of Army Personnel, 1 page, 8¼x11¾. Führer Headquarters, 1944 December. In German with English translation. As of December 1, 1944, Hitler approves a transfer (General of the Panzer Forces Von Knobelsdorff), a commission (General of the Infantry Von Obstfelder to command the 1st Army) and an appointment (General of the Infantry Püchler to Commanding General of the LXXXVI Army Corps). General Wilhelm Bürgdorf (1895-1945) rose from command of a German infantry regiment early in World War II to become Chief of Army Personnel in October 1944. As a Hitler loyalist he played a key role in the final days of the Third Reich. On October 14 he personally delivered to General Irwin Rommel - implicated in the plot to assassinate Hitler - the ultimatum to take his own life or face a court martial and retaliation against his family. In the Führer's bunker, he participated in the treason trial of Heinrich Himmler (convicted in absentia of trying to negotiate surrender), witnessed Hitler's last will and testament, and killed himself following Hitler's own suicide. Read More...

HFSID 285960

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Ships papers signed in 1798 by Adams and Pickering, for the brig Jane sailing from Philadelphia to Antigua. The Jane was later captured by the corsair le Narbonnais; papers from captured ships are extremely rare. They're also historically significant, as they were signed a month after the beginning of the Quasi-War between France and the United States, an undeclared war that was fought exclusively at sea and was started over the capture of merchant ships like the Jane.

our language ships papers signed "John Adams" as President and "Timothy Pickering" as Secretary of State. Also signed on verso "Le Brig/capturé par le corsaire le narbonnais/No. 2" in unknown hand. 1 page, 19½x15½. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, August 11, 1798. Four language ships' papers (French, Spanish, English, Dutch) issued at Philadelphia. In part: "Be it known That leave and permission, are hereby given to Robert Knox master or commander of the Brig called Jane...lying at present in the port of Philadelphia bound for Antigua and laden with Sundry Merchandize [sic]...." Because ships leaving U.S. ports needed ships' papers before a voyage, the documents were signed by the President and Secretary of State ahead of time and forwarded to the port. Read More...

HFSID 277533

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Carte de visite signed by Oakley for friend Ed Goodman, Buffalo Bill's nephew, who was part of the Wild West show.

Photograph signed: "Annie Oakley". Sepia, 4½x6½ carte de visite. Annie Oakley (1860-1926, born Phoebe Anne Moses in Darke County, Ohio), was born to a Quaker family and began to shoot rabbits and quail at age nine. Within five years, she was a breadwinner for her family as a markswoman, and, at age 15, she saved her family's farm with income she had earned from shooting game. On August 23, 1876, at age 16, Annie married Frank Butler, a vaudeville performer who became her partner. Annie's self-effacing personality (on and off stage) made her a popular performer. In 1885, the Butlers joined Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show, where Annie was a star for 17 years. The five-foot-tall Oakley got her name "Little Sure Shot" from Sitting Bull and used it in her promotional materials. Read More...

HFSID 300023

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Writing from England two days after her trans-Atlantic flight, she tells an uncle how surprised she is by all the publicity, and hopes it hasn't affected the family too much.

Autograph Letter signed: "Amelia", 1 page, 7x9, also initialed by her on a postscript in right margin. London, no written date, but 1928 June 20. On letterhead of Aldford House, Park Lane, to "Dear Uncle", in full: "As you saw this morning I haven't much time to myself. My program is filled for me and I have to adhere to it or be swamped with invitations. So ...[ellipses in original] I am sorry not to have been able to see you longer. There is hardly a chance that I shall be able to do so while here, as I leave so soon for home. I do hope the family does not feel the awful publicity too much. I had no idea people would be so interested, and am quite overcome. Sincerely". [signature] I hope I may drop in at 137 on my way to Boston, if I may. A. E." Amelia Earhart (1897-1937?), with Wilman Stutz and Louis Gordon, flew from Trepassy Bay, Newfoundland to Burry Port, Wales (June 17-18, 1928) to become the first woman to cross the Atlantic by air. Read More...

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A week after he and his wife Marie Curie were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for their work in radiation, he sets up a meeting with the Dean of the Science Department at the Sorbonne; he was only 47 when he was killed in a traffic accident three years later.

ALS: "P. Curie", 1p, 4½x5½. Paris, Friday (1903 December 18). In French, fully translated. Paris Express Letter postmarked Paris, December 18, 1903 to Paul Appel. Addressed by Curie to: "Mr. Appel, Dean of the Faculty of the Sciences, Sorbonne". "Sorbonne" has been crossed out and "17 rue Bonaparte" is added in another hand. In full: "I have just seen Mr. Brusson and I have arranged a meeting for Monday morning at 11:00 at his house 29 rue Lauriston. If this time is convenient to you, I will come and pick you up by car Monday morning at 10:15 at the Sorbonne or at your house if you prefer." On verso, where the address, printed stamp and postmarks appear, Curie has penned his name and return address: "Curie/108 Rd Kellerman". Read More...

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