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All but Grissom have signed a group photo in space suits. The signature of the ill-fated Grissom on a separate sheet is framed with it in the Gallery of History style.

Collection comprised of: (1) Photograph signed: "Alan/Shepard", "Gordon Cooper", "W M Schirra", "D K Slayton", "John/Glenn" and "Scott Carpenter". B/w, 4¾x4¾ overall, image 4½x3½ (one surface). Captioned at lower margin. Fine condition. (2) Signature: "Virgil I. Grissom", 3½x1¼. Fine condition. The seven space pioneers who signed this Project Mercury envelope were chosen by NASA in April 1959 as the first American astronauts. Project Mercury successfully attained its goal of launching a man into space and safely returning him to Earth. On May 5, 1961, ALAN SHEPARD (1923-1998) became the first American in space when Project Mercury launched its first manned capsule, the Mercury-Redstone 3 Freedom 7. Grounded due to an inner ear disorder, he later returned to space as Commander of Apollo 14 (January 31-February 9, 1971), during which mission he walked on the Moon. VIRGIL I. "GUS" GRISSOM (1926-1967) manned the second suborbital flight, the Mercury-Redstone 4 Liberty Bell 7 on July 21, 1961. Grissom, who later flew aboard Gemini 3, lost his life on January 27, 1967, when a flash fire engulfed the capsule on the launch pad during a simulation test for Apollo I, for which he had been chose as Commander. Read More...

Document 90375

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Recovering slowly from an auto accident late in her life, she writes a 4-page letter to a female journalist, enthusiastically describing her move to North Carolina.

Autograph Letter signed: "Annie Oakley Butler", 4 pages (integral leaf), 5½x6¾. Greensboro, North Carolina, October 10 (Pencil note in unknown hand dates it 1923.) Oakley has struck through the original letterhead of the O'Henry and written her new address in Greensboro. To "Dear Miss Tildesley", in full: "I was pleased to see the sweet letter. We left Cambridge just two weeks ago. And stopped off in Balto. to see Dr. Baer. He said there was an improvement in my foot though it had been very slow. But for me to fight on and he was sure I would win out in time. So we both feel incouraged. I can walk much better than when you seen me. We have just left the Hotel and taken A suite here. We have A pretty living room, furnished in wicker with pretty colors. A wicker table with plate glass top so we can make coffee. Tea. Toast. and even boil eggs if we like. A french door opens on A private varanda with pretty flowers. It faces the East. Our sleeping room faces the East and has a fine large window on the South. So we will get the sun about all day. 2 nice hot water radiators. And a fire place with gass logs. Furnished in fine old real mahogany but all finely polished. And everything in great taste. We have to share our bath with the Lady that owns the house. But the many other advantages more than make up for the loss of A strictly private bath. We will take our time in looking up A Suitable place to build in the early spring. This is A fine up to date City. Read More...

Document 288295

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Signed pardon of Private John H. Murphy, convicted of manslaughter in the D.C. Criminal Court, also signed by Secretary of State William Seward. Lincoln was usually predisposed to leniency in punishment of soldiers, but in this case he acted on the unanimous recommendation of the trial jurors, among others. Lincoln only issued 343 pardons of persons convicted in civilian courts, making this a rare document!

Pardon signed: "Abraham Lincoln" as President, "William H. Seward", as Secretary of State, 2 pages (front and verso), with docketing on integral leaf, 10½x17. Washington, D.C., 1861 September 27. Manuscript document addressed "To all to whom these Presents shall come, Greeting". In full: "Whereas it appears that at the June Term, 1861, of the Criminal Court of the District of Columbia, one John H. Murphy was convicted of manslaughter, and was by the said Court sentenced to be imprisoned in the Penitentiary of said District for the period of eight years; And whereas it appears that the said John H. Murphy was a young man of good moral character and peaceable disposition, who had entered the military service of the United States for the defense of the Capital and the government thereof, and there is reason to believe that he committed the offense out of a mistaken sense of duty and not from a depravity of heart; and whereas the Jurors who convicted the said John H. Murphy have unanimously recommended his pardon; And whereas eighteen Members of the Board of Aldermen and City Council, and the Register and Collector of the City of Washington, together with nearly one thousand citizens of the District of Columbia, have earnestly besought me to extend Executive Clemency to the said John . Murphy; Now, therefore, be it known that I, Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States of America, in consideration of the premises, diverse other good and sufficient reasons me thereunto moving, have granted, and do hereby grant unto him, the said John H. Murphy, a full and unconditional pardon. Read More...

Document 288291

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One day before he announced the creation of the Cuban Revolutionary Party, Martí signed this historic, Spanish-language autograph letter arranging tuition payments for the daughters of a friend and ideological rival, Miguel Figueroa.

Historic ALS: "José Martí", 1 page, 7½x10¼. [New York], 1892 February 13. In Spanish, translated. In full: "Señora [Mother] Zulueta. My Dear Madam: I had wanted to go myself to put in the hands of Madam Treasurer the tuition payments for the Figueroa girls, and to discharge in person the errand with which their father entrusted me. But I have not been able to recover yet from my illness, so I am mailing the checks to Madam Treasurer, and if I am on my feet by Monday - and my health is not compromised by my attendance at a public meeting tomorrow - I hope to have the pleasure of personally greeting you and the Figueroa girls, to whom I beg you to give the enclosed letter." On the eve of his announcing the organization of the Cuban Revolutionary Party, formed to gain Cuba's independence from Spain, Martí helps his friend and sometime ideological opponent, MIGUEL FIGUEROA (1851-1892). Figueroa was a renowned Cuban orator and deputy in the Spanish Parliament and was an advocate of home rule for Cuba. MARTÍ (1853-1895) wanted absolute independence for Cuba. Read More...

Document 278894

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Preserving historical documents is important to us. Your purchase comes to you appropriately protected. Our unframed items are sent to you either in acid-free Mylar® sleeves or have been encapsulated in acid-free Mylar. Our framed items are encapsulated in Mylar to guard against organic acids, mounted in an acid-free environment and are framed behind UF3-AR Plexiglas which blocks out approximately 94% of the ultraviolet light.
History As Art - The Gallery of History has been the outstanding leader in presenting historical documents and autographs in a framed art form. Our research writing team pools directly from scholars and a fabulous research network, the result of which is presented on an engraved plate(s) framed with certain documents. Out of our entire inventory we have approximately 1700 of these wonderfully framed items.
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