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Untranslated document in French and Russian, signed by Alexandre in 1823
Document signed "Alexandre" 3 pages, 18¾x14½ unfolded, (two sheets folded, front and verso, bound with red-and-gold string). Paper seal on page 1 and wax seal remnant on page 3. 1823. In French and Russian, untranslated. Alexandre I (1777-1825, born Aleksandr Pavlovich, born in St. Petersburg, Russia) was Emperor of Russia and Ruler of Poland from 1801 from 1825. He was Catherine the Great's grandson; she favored him for succession over her own son and Alexandre's father, Paul Petrovich, but was unsuccessful. Paul was made czar in 1796, but was unpopular; several army officers assassinated him in 1801. Alexandre may have been part of the conspiracy to assassinate his father or may have at least known of the plot. In any case, he became czar on March 23, 1801. Alexandre instituted a number of reforms, including prohibition of torture, public education and freedom for publishing houses. France invaded Russia in 1812, 11 years into Alexandre's rule, and was turned away only after burning much of Moscow and being caught out in the vicious Russian winter. Alexandre turned to religion during the invasion. He formed the Holy Alliance with Austria and Prussia in 1815, which was ostensibly formed to bring about peace in Europe but was instead used to crush uprisings against despotic regimes. Alexandre consequently saw reformers as enemies of god, and Russia became more reactionary; he rolled back many of his reforms during the second half of his reign. He died in 1825 amid rumors that he staged his own funeral in order to renounce his crown. Lightly toned and creased. Edges have small tears. Wax seal has discolored pages. Folded two times horizontally and five times vertically. Worn and torn along spine. Otherwise in fine condition.

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Born: December 23, 1777
Died: December 1, 1825

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