ALS describing a quick 1960 tryst with JFK in a New Orleans hotel room, while LBJ distracted Governor Earl Long in the next room! Blaze has decorated the page with nude drawings of herself, a lip print, a rose and a blazing star. Astonishing content

Autograph Letter Double Signed: "Blaze Starr" and "Blaze" [pointing to her nude self-caricature], 1 page, 8½x11. No place, 1996 June 10. Starr has drawn two nude images of herself, a rose, a blazing star (beneath her signature), and has added a lip print. To "Dear Ernie", in full: "Just a line to answer your letter. Oh yes, there was a lot of things I didn't tell in my book or in the movie 'Blaze'. In Jan. 1960, J.F.K., Jackie and then Governor of Texas L.B.J. came in the show bar, where I was performing in New Orleans. They joined Governor Earl K. Long, who I was engaged to at the time, at his table. I joined the table after the show. Jackie left after about ten minutes. I had known J.F.K. since 1952. He was a regular where I worked a club in D.C. At closing time the party, plus about a dozen show girls went to the Roosevelt Hotel, where Earl kept a suite. L.B.J. said let's make Earl jealous. So I took J.F.K.'s hand and took him to another room. He led me right on into a large closet. Earl was so busy talking, he didn't miss us. L.B.J. stood guard at the door. I took my Bra, tied it to a door knob, and a hanger. We were having a grand old time when I heard Earl yelling, where is Blaze and that young Kennedy feller. I put my sweater on, I already had my skirt and shoes on. I left my Bra hanging, and came out. Earl said now what in the world are you doing in there. J.F.K. slid to the back of the closet. I said my mink coat is missing. While everyone hunted for the coat, J.F.K. slipped out of the closet. J.F.K. said it was harder to win my body, than any Election he had ever been in. Well Ernie, take care, and write soon. Your friend always".  Stripper Blaze Starr's involvement with Louisiana Governor Earl K. Long resulted in a major political scandal and was the subject of Blaze, a 1989 Academy Award nominated film starring Paul Newman. After Long died, the flamboyant Starr (1932-2015) renewed my friendship with then President JFK", whom she had first met in 1952. As a queen of burlesque, Starr was known not just for her body, but for her gimmicks. For instance, her act featured a smoldering couch which appeared to burst into flame as she stripped on it. Fully retired from stripping since 1983, Starr is now in the jewelry business. Lyndon Johnson was Senate Majority leader in 1960, not the Governor of Texas. Some might be skeptical of the story Blaze tells here. JFK and LBJ, who disliked one another, were competing for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 1960. But few would dispute Starr's basic claim of sexual intimacy with Kennedy. Top edge lightly ragged from previous binding. Fine condition.

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