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Signature on a small card
Signature: "Glen H. Taylor/U.S.S. Idaho 1944-1950", 3½x2 card. Glen H. Taylor (1904-1984), a Country and Western singer, twice sought election to the US Senate from Idaho before winning a full term in 1945. On the night of his election victory, he broke the jaw of a local Republican leader in a brawl. Arriving in Washington, Taylor rode his horse ("Nugget") up the steps of the US Capitol. Elected as a Democrat, Taylor split with his Party to accept the Vice Presidential nomination on the Progressive Party ticket with former Vice President Henry Wallace in 1948. The Wallace/Taylor ticket only garnered 2.4% of the vote, running fourth behind Democrat Harry Truman, Republican Thomas Dewey, and "Dixiecrat" Strom Thurmond, but the campaign songs written by Taylor are still considered classics of the genre. That same year, Taylor was arrested on disorderly conduct charges in Birmingham, Alabama, while attempting to pass through a "Negroes only" doorway. Defeated for re-election in 1950, Taylor began marketing a hairpiece, The Taylor Topper, claiming that he only won a Senate seat after wearing the toupee himself. Lightly toned on verso. Fine condition.

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