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ALS: "Uncle Will", 1p, 8½x11. Knoxville, Iowa, no year August 12. To Roy [Myers], foreman of E Ranch, Isherwood, Wyoming. In full: "You have not sent me the total number of all the cattle - & where they are - Say how would it do to let the calves stay with their mothers till I come then will I will be with you when we move them? Give the Young Ladies gentle horses - to drive & ride - dont let them get hurt - take good care of them - If they make a trip up the river you go with them for I want you to learn the country & see if any of your cattle are up that way - feed their horses good - I guess Davis My old guide who goes with me every winter will be there to help you." "Young Ladies" probably refer to Buffalo Bill's press agent Bess Isbell and the daughter of John T. Martin of the Cheyenne Carriage and Burro Company who were to visit the E Ranch. William Frederick Cody (1846-1917) was a rider for the Pony Express in 1860, a scout for the Kansas Cavalry against the Indians (1863) and served in the U.S. Army in the Civil War (1863-1865). From 1867-1868, he furnished buffalo meat for the Union Pacific Railroad construction crews, earning his nickname, "Buffalo Bill". Cody was a scout for the 5th U.S. Cavalry from 1868-1872 and in 1876. From 1872-1883, he was on stage as an actor at first in E.Z.C. Judson's play, Scouts of the Plains. He organized Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in 1883 and toured the United States and Europe successfully for over 30 years. Fine condition. With two sheets of Cody's blank stationery and a blank Cody, Wyoming hotel envelope. Four items.

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Born: February 26, 1846 in Scott County, Iowa
Died: January 10, 1917 in Denver, Colorado

Film Credits
2011-2012 60 Minutes (Other), 2011 Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel (Other), 2008 Red and White: Gone with the West (Other), 2006-2011 The American Experience (Other), 2003 Arena (Writer), 1995 Biography (Other), 1980 Hollywood (Other), 1950 Fifty Years Before Your Eyes (Other), 1931 Battling with Buffalo Bill (Writer), 1930 The Indians Are Coming (Writer), 1926 Fighting with Buffalo Bill (Writer), 1917 The Buffalo Bill Show (Other), 1917 The Adventures of Buffalo Bill (in person), 1915 The Circus Girl's Romance (in person), 1914 The Indian Wars (in person), 1914 The Indian Wars (Producer), 1914 The Adventures of Buffalo Bill (Producer), 1914 The Adventures of Buffalo Bill (Other), 1914 The Adventures of Buffalo Bill (Performer), 1914 The Adventures of Buffalo Bill (in person), 1914 Sitting Bull: The Hostile Sioux Indian Chief (in person), 1913 The Wild West Comes to Town (in person), 1912 The Life of Buffalo Bill (in person), 1910 Buffalo Bill's Wild West and Pawnee Bill's Far East (in person), 1909 Les aventures de Buffalo Bill (Writer), 1909 Les aventures de Buffalo Bill (Producer), 1903 Buffalo Bill's Street Parade (in person), 1903 Buffalo Bill's Parade (in person), 1902 Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (in person), 1901 Buffalo Bill's Wild West Parade (in person), 1900/II Buffalo Bill's Wild West Parade (in person), 1900/I Buffalo Bill's Wild West Parade (in person), 1900 Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (in person), 1900 Buffalo Bill's Show Parade (in person), 1898 Parade of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, No. 2 (in person), 1898 Parade of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, No. 1 (in person), 1898 Indian War Council (in person), 1897 Buffalo Bill and Escort (in person), 1894 Buffalo Bill (in person)

Theatre Credits
The Man Who Owns Broadway - Performer (October 11, 1909 - January 29, 1910)

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