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The United States politician who served as Attorney General under President George W. Bush signed this 4x6 color photograph in black felt tip
Photograph Signed: “John Ashcroft” in black felt tip. 4x6. Color. The former Attorney General is wearing a suit and tie and leans on a balustrade. John Ashcroft (b. 1942) served the state of Missouri in a number of different positions, including Attorney General (1977-1985), Governor (1985-1993), and United States Senator (1995-2001). He is the only person to lose a United States Senate election to a dead man. His opponent in the November 2000 election, Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan, died in a plane crash on October 16th but was elected Senator posthumously on November 7, 2000. Carnahan's wife served as Senator for two years before a special election. Ashcroft was confirmed as President George W. Bush's Attorney General after a heated debate in the Senate over his conservative views. While his views are controversial, his sense of integrity has earned him a lot of respect in Washington D.C. In early 2004, Ashcroft was hospitalized due to a bout of pancreatitis. When the Justice Department ruled the Stellar Wind intelligence program was illegal and had to be stopped, Bush staff members ran to Ashcroft's bedside to get him to sign a paper reversing his office's decision. With Ashcroft barely conscious, they tried to take advantage of his weakened state. Ashcroft refused. This commitment to integrity has continued in the private sector, where Ashcroft runs his own consulting company on K Street in Washington D.C. Ashcroft resigned as Attorney General in February 2005. Fine condition.

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Born: May 9, 1942 in Chicago, Illinois

Film Credits
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