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5¼x7½ image of the character actor, favoring the unscarred side of his face
Photograph signed: "Best wishes/from/Leslie Banks". B/w, 5¼x7½. British actor Leslie Banks (1890-1952) turned World War I scars (and large size) to his advantage in villainous parts and other character roles in such British films as The Most Dangerous Game (1932), The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934), Fire Over England (1937) and Henry V (1944). His New York stage debut was in Peter Pan (1924), as Captain Hook of course. Mounting residue on verso (no show through). Lightly worn. Otherwise, fine condition.

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Born: June 9, 1890 in West Derby, England, United Kingdom
Died: April 21, 1952 in London, England, United Kingdom

Film Credits
1975 Black Shadows on the Silver Screen (in person), 1950 Madeleine (Performer), 1950 Eye Witness (Performer), 1949 Hour of Glory (Performer), 1947 Mrs. Fitzherbert (Performer), 1944 The Chronicle History of King Henry the Fift with His Battell (Performer), 1942 Went the Day Well (Performer), 1942 The Big Blockade (Performer), 1941 Ships with Wings (Performer), 1941 Give Us More Ships (in person), 1941 Bombsight Stolen (Performer), 1940 Neutral Port (Performer), 1940 Haunted Honeymoon (Performer), 1940 Dead Man's Shoes (Performer), 1940 Chamber of Horrors (Performer), 1940 21 Days Together (Performer), 1939 The Arsenal Stadium Mystery (Performer), 1939 Sons of the Sea (Performer), 1939 Jamaica Inn (Performer), 1939 Guide Dogs for the Blind (Performer), 1938 Cyrano de Bergerac (Performer), 1937 Wings of the Morning (Performer), 1937 Troopship (Performer), 1937 Fire Over England (Performer), 1936 The Show Goes On (Performer), 1936 Debt of Honour (Performer), 1935 Trans-Atlantic Tunnel (Performer), 1935 The Murder Party (Performer), 1935 Sanders of the River (Performer), 1934 The Man Who Knew Too Much (Performer), 1934 The Fire Raisers (Performer), 1934 Strike! (Performer), 1933 Strange Evidence (Performer), 1933 I Am Suzanne! (Performer), 1932 The Most Dangerous Game (Performer), 1921 Experience (Performer), 1921 Experience (in person)

Theatre Credits
Lost in the Stars - Performer (October 30, 1949 - July 1, 1950), Wine of Choice - Performer (March 21, 1938 - March 1938), To Quito and Back - Performer (October 6, 1937 - December 1937), Too True to Be Good - Staging (April 4, 1932 - May 1932), Springtime for Henry - Performer (December 9, 1931 - May 1932), The Lady with a Lamp - Staging (November 19, 1931 - November 1931), #tcbgn#Lean Harvest - Performer#tidbgn#3219#tidend##tcend# - Staging (October 13, 1931 - November 1931), The Man in Possession - Performer (November 1, 1930 - January 1931), #tcbgn#The Infinite Shoeblack - Performer#tidbgn#6650#tidend##tcend# - Director (March 17, 1930 - April 1930), Peter Pan - Performer (November 6, 1924 - January 1925), The Dear Fool - Performer (January 26, 1914 - March 1914), Eliza Comes to Stay - Performer (January 7, 1914 - January 1914)

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