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Youthful photograph of the TV Football Announcer( 4x5¾)
Photograph signed: "Pat/Summerall". B/w, 4x5¾. Pat Summerall (1930-2013) spent over 40 years as a TV football announcer (1961-2004), first with CBS and then from 1994 with the Fox Network. He was the long-time announcing partner of John Madden. Summerall, the American Sportscasters Association Sportscaster of the year (1994), was elected to the ASA's Sportscasters Hall of Fame in 1999. In a 2002 poll conducted by the New York "Daily News", Summerall was voted the #2 all-time football play-by-play announcer. He also covered professional golf. Ink note on verso (no show-through). Fine condition.

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Born: May 10, 1930 in Lake City, Florida
Died: April 16, 2013 in Lake City, Florida

Film Credits
2013 The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards (Other), 2013 Mike & Mike (Other), 2011 Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (in person), 2011 Mike & Mike (in person), 2010 2010 AT&T Cotton Bowl (in person), 2008 The Greatest Game Ever Played (in person), 2007 2007 AT&T Cotton Bowl (in person), 2006 The 2nd Annual Quill Awards (in person), 2005 Mantle (in person), 2004 The Complete History of the Philadelphia Eagles (in person), 2004 ESPN's Sunday Night Football (in person), 2002 Super Bowl XXXVI (in person), 2001 The Game of Their Lives: Pro Football's Wonder Years (in person), 2001 Madden NFL 2002 (in person), 2001 Big Game XXIX: Bugs vs. Daffy (in person), 2000-2004 ESPN SportsCentury (in person), 2000 The Replacements (in person), 2000 Madden NFL 2001 (in person), 2000 Big Game XXVIII: Road Runner vs. Coyote (in person), 1999 Unitas (in person), 1999 The Simpsons (in person), 1999 Madden NFL 2000 (in person), 1999 Family Guy (in person), 1999 1998 NFC Championship Game (in person), 1998 The NFL's Greatest Games: '58 Championship (in person), 1998 Madden NFL 99 (in person), 1998 1997 NFC Championship Game (in person), 1997 Super Bowl XXXI (in person), 1997 Madden NFL 98 (in person), 1997 1996 NFC Championship Game (in person), 1996 Madden NFL 97 (in person), 1996 1995 NFC Championship Game (in person), 1995 Ned and Stacey (in person), 1995 Madden NFL 96 (in person), 1995 1994 NFC Championship Game (in person), 1994 Madden NFL 95 (in person), 1994 1993 NFC Championship Game (in person), 1993 Madden NFL 94 (in person), 1993 1992 NFC Championship Game (in person), 1992 The Complete History of Golf, Vol. 4: The Past Meets the Future (in person), 1992 The Complete History of Golf, Vol. 3: Into the Television Age (in person), 1992 The Complete History of Golf, Vol. 2: The Boom Between the Wars (in person), 1992 The Complete History of Golf, Vol. 1: Let the Games b_egin (in person), 1992 Super Bowl XXVI (in person), 1992 1991 NFC Championship Game (in person), 1991 John Madden Football '92 (in person), 1991 1990 NFC Championship Game (in person), 1990 Super Bowl XXIV (in person), 1990 1989 NFC Championship Game (in person), 1989 1988 NFC Championship Game (in person), 1988 1987 NFC Championship Game (in person), 1987 Super Bowl XXI (in person), 1987 Kraft Salutes Super Night at the Super Bowl (in person), 1987 1986 NFC Championship Game (in person), 1986 1985 NFC Championship Game (in person), 1985 1984 NFC Championship Game (in person), 1984 Super Bowl XVIII (in person), 1983 1983 NFC Championship Game (in person), 1982 1982 NFC Championship Game (in person), 1981 1980 NFC Championship Game (in person), 1980 Super Bowl XIV (in person), 1980 1979 NFC Championship Game (in person), 1979 1979 Sun Bowl (in person), 1979 1978 NFC Championship Game (in person), 1978 Super Bowl XII (in person), 1978 1978 Sun Bowl (in person), 1977 Black Sunday (Performer), 1976 Super Bowl X (in person), 1976 Super Bowl (Other), 1976 1976 NFC Championship Game (in person), 1974 Super Bowl VIII (in person), 1974 1974 NBA All-Star Game (in person), 1973 1973 NFC Championship Game (in person), 1972 Super Bowl VI (in person), 1972 1972 NHL All-Star Game (in person), 1972 1972 NFC Championship Game (in person), 1972 1971 NFC Championship Game (in person), 1971 1971 Sun Bowl (in person), 1971 1970 NFC Championship Game (in person), 1970 Super Bowl IV (in person), 1969 Super Bowl III (in person), 1968 AFL-NFL World Championship Game (in person), 1968 1968 NFL Championship Game (in person), 1967 AFL-NFL World Championship Game (in person), 1967 1966 NFL Championship Game (in person), 1966 1965 NFL Championship Game (in person), 1964 1964 Cotton Bowl (in person), 1959 1959 NFL Championship Game (in person)

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