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The prolific animator and members of his studio crew sign vintage group photo, into which his first "star", Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, has been inserted.
Early Photograph signed:
"Walter Lantz" and 44 others in pencil. Sepia, 9¼x6¾. Lantz is seated behind Oswald. Others signing include: "La Verne Harding", the only female animator in the industry, "Jack Carr", a New York animator specializing in puns, story writer "Cal Howard", animator "Tex Avery", who redesigned Chilly Willy, animator "Leo Salkin", assistant animator and studio librarian "Lowell Elliott", story editor "Victor McLeod", orchestra leader Paul Whiteman's arranger and musical director "Jimmy Dietrich", who scored and orchestrated the cartoons, and "Bill Nolan" the animating pioneer and director who invented tricks such as the panorama background -- putting a moving background behind a running character to create the illusion of a moving camera -- and rubber hose animation -- arms swinging in a graceful arc rather than bending at the elbow. Most of the studio members signed with their artistic signatures. Others signing were: "Ray Abrams", "Jo D'Igalo", "Frank B. Kelling", "Marvin W. O'Connell", "Ed Benedict", "Fred Kopietz", "Manuel Moreno" "Karla Schmidt", "Les Kline", "Sid Sotherland", "George Granpré", "C. Surry", "Virginia Walker", "Janet Schultheis", "Esther Ruth", "Virginia Lyon", "Eva Deeths", "Doris Mecowan", "Marge Carruth", "Pat Arnold", "Emily Robinson", "Peggy Bullock", "Fred Jones", "Edmund Schultz", "Jack Dunham", "Don Dexter", "Ernest Smythe", "Sidney Thorne", "Gene Metelli", "Geo. Moreno", "Bob Connelly", "Geo. Nicholas" and "Curt Abrams". Carl Laemmle, President of Universal Pictures, had been distributing a series of cartoons made by Walt Disney that starred Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. An intermediary, Charles Mintz, paid Disney for the cartoons and then sold them to Universal. Without warning, Disney found out that Mintz had taken his top animators, Hugh Harman and Rudy Isling, and stolen the character away from him. Mintz employed Harman, Ising, Friz Freleng and Walter Lantz to get the cartoons made. He got paid by Universal and Disney received nothing. Then Harman and Ising, cutting Mintz out, offered Oswald directly to Universal, who owned the character by this time. Laemmle got fed up with what was happening and, in 1928, decided he would make cartoons in-house. WALTER LANTZ, ALREADY A UNIVERSAL EMPLOYEE, WAS CHOSEN TO HEAD UP THE OSWALD DEPARTMENT. THE PHOTOGRAPH OFFERED HERE DEPICTS HIS DEPARTMENT IN 1934. Disney, meanwhile, created a new character that looked remarkably like his lost rabbit, Oswald, and called him Mortimer Mouse. He then offered Mortimer to Universal. The studio's reaction: "Who wants mice? Forget it!" Disney then changed the mouse's name to Mickey, made sure he owned the character, no matter what else happened, and made his first movie, Steamboat Willie. Historic grouping! Mounting remnants on verso (no show-through), lightly soiled. Overall, fine condition.

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Born: April 27, 1899 in New Rochelle, New York
Died: March 22, 1994 in Burbank, California

Film Credits
2001 Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure (Writer), 1999-2000 The New Woody Woodpecker Show (Writer), 1987 Daws Butler: Voice Magician (in person), 1985 The Fantasy Film Worlds of George Pal (in person), 1984 Too Close for Comfort (in person), 1982 Woody Woodpecker and His Friends (in person), 1982 Woody Woodpecker and His Friends (Writer), 1982 Woody Woodpecker and His Friends (Producer), 1982 Woody Woodpecker and His Friends (Director), 1982 Wa_lter, Woody and the World of Animation (Producer), 1982 Wa_lter, Woody and the World of Animation (Writer), 1982 Wa_lter, Woody and the World of Animation (in person), 1972 Unlucky Potluck (Producer), 1972 The Rude Intruder (Producer), 1972 The Genie with the Light Touch (Producer), 1972 Show Biz Beagle (Producer), 1972 Rain Rain, Go Away (Producer), 1972 Pecking Holes in Poles (Producer), 1972 Let Charlie Do It (Producer), 1972 Indian Corn (Producer), 1972 Gold Diggin' Woodpecker (Producer), 1972 For the Love of Pizza (Producer), 1972 Chili Con Corny (Producer), 1972 Bye, Bye, Blackboard (Producer), 1972 A Fish Story (Producer), 1971 Woody's Magic Touch (Producer), 1971 The Snoozin' Bruin' (Producer), 1971 The Reluctant Recruit (Producer), 1971 The Bungling Builder (Producer), 1971 Sleepy Time Chimes (Producer), 1971 Shanghai Woody (Producer), 1971 Moochin' Pooch (Producer), 1971 Kitty from the City (Producer), 1971 How to Trap a Woodpecker (Producer), 1971 Flim Flam Fountain (Producer), 1971 Chilly's Hide-a-Way (Producer), 1971 Charlie the Rainmaker (Producer), 1971 Airlift a la Carte (Producer), 1970 Wild Bill Hiccup (Producer), 1970 The Unhandy Man (Producer), 1970 Seal on the Loose (Producer), 1970 Hi-Rise Wise Guys (Producer), 1970 Gooney's Goofy Landings (Producer), 1970 Coo Coo Nuts (Producer), 1970 Chilly's Ice Folly (Producer), 1970 Chilly's Cold War (Producer), 1970 Charlie's Golf Classic (Producer), 1970 Charlie in Hot Water (Producer), 1970 Buster's Last Stand (Producer), 1970 All Hams on Deck (Producer), 1970 A Gooney Is Born (Producer), 1969 Woody's Knightmare (Producer), 1969 Tumble Weed Greed (Producer), 1969 Sleepy Time Bear (Producer), 1969 Ship a-Hoy Woody (Producer), 1969 Project Reject (Producer), 1969 Prehistoric Super Salesman (Producer), 1969 Phoney Pony (Producer), 1969 Little Skeeter (Producer), 1969 Gopher Broke (Producer), 1969 Cool It, Charlie (Producer), 1969 Chilly and the Looney Gooney (Producer), 1969 Charlie's Campout (Producer), 1968 Woody the Free-Loader (Producer), 1968 Paste Makes Waste (Producer), 1968 One Horse Town (Producer), 1968 Jerky Turkey (Producer), 1968 Hook, Line, and Stinker (Producer), 1968 Highway Hecklers (Producer), 1968 Feudin Fightin-N-Fussin (Producer), 1968 Fat in the Saddle (Producer), 1968 Bugged in a Rug (Producer), 1968 A Peck of Trouble (Producer), 1968 A Lad in Baghdad (Producer), 1967 Window Pains (Producer), 1967 Vicious Viking (Producer), 1967 The Nautical Nut (Producer), 1967 Sissy Sheriff (Producer), 1967 Secret Agent Woody Woodpecker (Producer), 1967 Mouse in the House (Producer), 1967 Hot Time on Ice (Producer), 1967 Hot Diggity Dog (Producer), 1967 Horse Play (Producer), 1967 Have Gun - Can't Travel (Producer), 1967 Chilly Chums (Producer), 1967 Chilly and the Woodchopper (Producer), 1967 Chiller Dillers (Producer), 1966 Woody and the Beanstalk (Producer), 1966 The Big Bite (Producer), 1966 South Pole Pals (Producer), 1966 Rough Riding Hood (Producer), 1966 Practical Yolk (Producer), 1966 Polar Fright (Producer), 1966 Operation Shanghai (Producer), 1966 Monster of Ceremonies (Producer), 1966 Lonesome Ranger (Producer), 1966 Hassle in a Castle (Producer), 1966 Foot Brawl (Producer), 1966 Astronut Woody (Producer), 1965 Woodpecker Wanted (Producer), 1965 What's Peckin' (Producer), 1965 Three Little Woodpeckers (Producer), 1965 Sioux Me (Producer), 1965 Pesty Guest (Producer), 1965 Janie Get Your Gun (Producer), 1965 Half Baked Alaska (Producer), 1965 Guest Who (Producer), 1965 Fractured Friendship (Producer), 1965 Davey Cricket (Producer), 1965 Case of the Elephant's Trunk (Producer), 1965 Canned Dog Feud (Producer), 1965 Birds of a Feather (Producer), 1964 Woody's Clip Joint (Producer), 1964 The Woody Woodpecker Show (Producer), 1964 Skin Folks (Producer), 1964 Saddle-Sore Woody (Producer), 1964 Roof-Top Razzle Dazzle (Producer), 1964 Roamin' Roman (Producer), 1964 Rah Rah Ruckus (Producer), 1964 Lighthouse-keeping Blues (Producer), 1964 Get Lost! Little Doggy (Producer), 1964 Get Lost! Little Doggy (Performer), 1964 Freeway Fracas (Producer), 1964 Dumb Like a Fox (Producer), 1964 Deep Freeze Squeeze (Producer), 1963 The Tenant's Racket (Producer), 1963 Tepee for Two (Producer), 1963 Stowaway Woody (Producer), 1963 Shutter Bug (Producer), 1963 Science Friction (Producer), 1963 Salmon Loafer (Producer), 1963 Goose Is Wild (Producer), 1963 Goose in the Rough (Producer), 1963 Coy Decoy (Producer), 1963 Charlie's Mother-in-Law (Producer), 1963 Case of the Cold Storage Yegg (Producer), 1962 Tragic Magic (Producer), 1962 Short in the Saddle (Producer), 1962 Room and Bored (Producer), 1962 Rocket Racket (Producer), 1962 Rock-a-Bye Gator (Producer), 1962 Robin Hoody Woody (Producer), 1962 Phoney Express (Producer), 1962 Mother's Little Helper (Producer), 1962 Little Woody Riding Hood (Producer), 1962 Home Sweet Home Wrecker (Producer), 1962 Fowled-Up Birthday (Producer), 1962 Crowin' Pains (Producer), 1962 Corny Concerto (Producer), 1962 Careless Caretaker (Producer), 1962 Calling Dr. Woodpecker (Producer), 1961 Woody's Kook-Out (Producer), 1961 Voo-Doo Boo-Boo (Producer), 1961 Tin Can Concert (Producer), 1961 The Bird Who Came to Dinner (Producer), 1961 Sufferin' Cats (Producer), 1961 St. Moritz Blitz (Producer), 1961 Poop Deck Pirate (Producer), 1961 Phantom of the Horse Opera (Producer), 1961 Papoose on the Loose (Producer), 1961 Mackerel Moocher (Producer), 1961 Gabby's Diner (Producer), 1961 Franken-Stymied (Producer), 1961 Eggnapper (Producer), 1961 Doc's Last Stand (Producer), 1961 Clash and Carry (Producer), 1961 Busman's Holiday (Producer), 1961 Bear and the Bees (Producer), 1960 Southern Fried Hospitality (Producer), 1960 Pistol Packin' Woodpecker (Producer), 1960 Ozark Lark (Producer), 1960 Hunger Strife (Producer), 1960 How to Stuff a Woodpecker (Producer), 1960 Heap Big Hepcat (Producer), 1960 Freeloading Feline (Producer), 1960 Fowled Up Falcon (Producer), 1960 Fish Hooked (Producer), 1960 Billion Dollar Boner (Producer), 1960 Bats in the Belfry (Producer), 1960 Ballyhooey (Producer), 1959 Yukon Have It (Producer), 1959 Woodpecker in the Moon (Producer), 1959 Truant Student (Producer), 1959 Tomcat Combat (Producer), 1959 The Tee Bird (Producer), 1959 Space Mouse (Producer), 1959 Romp in a Swamp (Producer), 1959 Panhandle Scandal (Producer), 1959 Mouse Trapped (Producer), 1959 Log Jammed (Producer), 1959 Kiddie League (Producer), 1959 Bee Bopped (Producer), 1958 Watch the Birdie (Producer), 1958 Tree's a Crowd (Producer), 1958 Three-Ring Fling (Producer), 1958 The Bongo Punch (Producer), 1958 Salmon Yeggs (Producer), 1958 Polar Pest (Producer), 1958 Misguided Missile (Producer), 1958 Little Televillain (Producer), 1958 Jittery Jester (Producer), 1958 His Better Elf (Producer), 1958 Half Empty Saddles (Producer), 1958 Everglade Raid (Producer), 1958 A Chilly Reception (Producer), 1957 To Catch a Woodpecker (Producer), 1957 The Unbearable Salesman (Producer), 1957 The Big Snooze (Producer), 1957 Round Trip to Mars (Producer), 1957 Red Riding Hoodlum (Producer), 1957 Plumber of Seville (Producer), 1957 International Woodpecker (Producer), 1957 Goofy Gardeners (Producer), 1957 Fowled-Up Party (Producer), 1957 Fodder and Son (Producer), 1957 Dopey Dick, the Pink Whale (Producer), 1957 Box Car Bandit (Producer), 1956 Woody Meets Davy Crewcut (Producer), 1956 Woodpecker from Mars (Producer), 1956 The Talking Dog (Producer), 1956 The Ostrich Egg and I (Producer), 1956 Room and Wrath (Producer), 1956 Pigeon Holed (Producer), 1956 Operation Cold Feet (Producer), 1956 Niagara Fools (Producer), 1956 Get Lost (Producer), 1956 Chief Charlie Horse (Producer), 1956 Calling All Cuckoos (Producer), 1956 Arts and Flowers (Producer), 1956 After the Ball (Producer), 1955 Witch Crafty (Producer), 1955 The Tree Medic (Producer), 1955 The Legend of Rockabye Point (Producer), 1955 Square Shootin' Square (Producer), 1955 Sh-h-h-h-h-h (Producer), 1955 Private Eye Pooch (Producer), 1955 Hot and Cold Penguin (Producer), 1955 Helter Shelter (Producer), 1955 Flea for Two (Producer), 1955 Bunco Busters (Producer), 1955 Bedtime Bedlam (Producer), 1954 Under the Counter Spy (Producer), 1954 Socko in Morocco (Producer), 1954 Real Gone Woody (Producer), 1954 Pig in a Pickle (Producer), 1954 I'm Cold (Producer), 1954 Hot Rod Huckster (Producer), 1954 Hay Rube (Producer), 1954 Dig That Dog (Producer), 1954 Crazy Mixed Up Pup (Producer), 1954 Convict Concerto (Producer), 1954 Broadway Bow Wow's (Producer), 1954 Alley to Bali (Producer), 1954 A Horse's Tale (Producer), 1954 A Fine Feathered Frenzy (Producer), 1953 Wrestling Wrecks (Producer), 1953 What's Sweepin' (Producer), 1953 The Mouse and the Lion (Producer), 1953 The Flying Turtle (Producer), 1953 The Dog That Cried Wolf (Producer), 1953 The Dog That Cried Wolf (Director), 1953 Operation Sawdust (Producer), 1953 Hypnotic Hick (Producer), 1953 Hot Noon or 12 O'Clock for Sure (Producer), 1953 Chilly Willy (Producer), 1953 Buccaneer Woodpecker (Producer), 1953 Belle Boys (Producer), 1952 Woodpecker in the Rough (Producer), 1952 Woodpecker in the Rough (Director), 1952 The Great Who-Dood-It (Producer), 1952 Termites from Mars (Producer), 1952 Stage Hoax (Producer), 1952 Stage Hoax (Director), 1952 Scalp Treatment (Director), 1952 Scalp Treatment (Producer), 1952 Born to Peck (Producer), 1952 Born to Peck (Director), 1951 Wicket Wacky (Director), 1951 Wicket Wacky (Producer), 1951 The Woody Woodpecker Polka (Producer), 1951 The Woody Woodpecker Polka (Director), 1951 The Redwood Sap (Director), 1951 The Redwood Sap (Producer), 1951 Slingshot 6 7/8 (Producer), 1951 Slingshot 6 7/8 (Director), 1951 Sleep Happy (Director), 1951 Sleep Happy (Producer), 1951 Puny Express (Producer), 1951 Puny Express (Director), 1951 Destination Meat Ball (Director), 1951 Destination Meat Ball (Producer), 1950 Destination Moon (Animation Department), 1949 Scrappy Birthday (Producer), 1949 Drooler's Delight (Producer), 1948 You Gotta Stay Happy (Animation Department), 1948 Wild and Woody! (Producer), 1948 Wet Blanket Policy (Producer), 1948 Wacky-Bye Baby (Producer), 1948 The Playful Pelican (Producer), 1948 Pixie Picnic (Producer), 1948 Kiddie Koncert (Producer), 1948 Dog Tax Dodgers (Producer), 1948 Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein (Animation Department), 1948 Banquet Busters (Producer), 1947 Woody the Giant Killer (Producer), 1947 Well Oiled (Producer), 1947 Week End in Hollywood (in person), 1947 The Story of Human Energy (Producer), 1947 The Overture to 'William Tell' (Producer), 1947 The Mad Hatter (Producer), 1947 The Coo Coo Bird (Producer), 1947 The Bandmaster (Producer), 1947 Solid Ivory (Producer), 1947 Smoked Hams (Producer), 1946 Who's Cookin Who (Producer), 1946 The Wacky Weed (Producer), 1946 The Reckless Driver (Producer), 1946 Musical Moments from Chopin (Producer), 1946 Mousie Come Home (Producer), 1946 Fair Weather Fiends (Producer), 1946 Bathing Buddies (Producer), 1946 Apple Andy (Producer), 1945 Woody Dines Out (Producer), 1945 The Poet & Peasant (Producer), 1945 The Pied Piper of Basin Street (Producer), 1945 The Loose Nut (Producer), 1945 The Dippy Diplomat (Producer), 1945 Sliphorn King of Polaroo (Producer), 1945 Enemy Bacteria (Producer), 1945 Crow Crazy (Producer), 1945 Chew-Chew Baby (Producer), 1944 The Painter and the Pointer (Producer), 1944 The Greatest Man in Siam (Producer), 1944 The Beach Nut (Producer), 1944 The Barber of Seville (Producer), 1944 Ski for Two (Producer), 1944 Jungle Jive (Producer), 1944 Fish Fry (Producer), 1944 Abou Ben Boogie (Producer), 1943/II Swing Your Partner (Producer), 1943 The Screwball (Producer), 1943 The Egg Cracker Suite (Producer), 1943 The Dizzy Acrobat (Producer), 1943 Take Heed Mr. Tojo (Producer), 1943 Ration Bored (Producer), 1943 Pass the Biscuits Mirandy! (Producer), 1943 Meatless Tuesday (Producer), 1943 Cow-Cow Boogie (Producer), 1943 Canine Commandos (Producer), 1943 Boogie Woogie Man Will Get You If You Don't Watch Out (Producer), 1943 Andy Panda's Victory Garden (Producer), 1942 Yankee Doodle Swing Shift (Producer), 1942 Under the Spreading Blacksmith Shop (Producer), 1942 Under the Spreading Blacksmith Shop (Director), 1942 The Loan Stranger (Producer), 1942 The Hollywood Matador (Producer), 1942 The Hollywood Matador (Director), 1942 The Hams That Couldn't Be Cured (Producer), 1942 The Hams That Couldn't Be Cured (Director), 1942 Pigeon Patrol (Producer), 1942 Nutty Pine Cabin (Producer), 1942 Mother Goose on the Loose (Producer), 1942 Mother Goose on the Loose (Director), 1942 Juke Box Jamboree (Producer), 1942 Good-Bye Mr. Moth (Producer), 1942 Good-Bye Mr. Moth (Director), 1942 Boogie Woogie Sioux (Producer), 1942 Air Raid Warden (Producer), 1942 Ace in the Hole (Producer), 1941 Woody Woodpecker (Producer), 1941 Woody Woodpecker (Director), 1941 The Screwdriver (Producer), 1941 The Screwdriver (Director), 1941 Scrub Me Mama with a Boogie Beat (Producer), 1941 Scrub Me Mama with a Boogie Beat (Director), 1941 Salt Water Daffy (Director), 1941 Salt Water Daffy (Producer), 1941 Pantry Panic (Producer), 1941 Pantry Panic (Director), 1941 Mouse Trappers (Producer), 1941 Mouse Trappers (Director), 1941 Man's Best Friend (Producer), 1941 Man's Best Friend (Director), 1941 Hysterical High Spots in American History (Producer), 1941 Hysterical High Spots in American History (Director), 1941 Fair Today (Director), 1941 Fair Today (Producer), 1941 Dizzy Kitty (Producer), 1941 Dizzy Kitty (Director), 1941 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company 'B' (Producer), 1941 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company 'B' (Director), 1941 Andy Panda's Pop (Producer), 1941 Andy Panda's Pop (Director), 1941 $21 a Day - Once a Month (Director), 1941 $21 a Day - Once a Month (Producer), 1940 Syncopated Sioux (Producer), 1940 Syncopated Sioux (Director), 1940 Recruiting Daze (Producer), 1940 Knock Knock (Producer), 1940 Knock Knock (Director), 1940 Kittens' Mittens (Producer), 1940 Crazy House (Producer), 1940 Crazy House (Director), 1940 Andy Panda Goes Fishing (Producer), 1940 Adventures of Tom Thumb Jr. (Producer), 1940 100 Pigmies and Andy Panda (Producer), 1939 The Stubborn Mule (Producer), 1939 The Sleeping Princess (Producer), 1939 The One-Armed Bandit (Producer), 1939 The Magic Beans (Producer), 1939 The Birth of a Toothpick (Producer), 1939 The Bird on Nellie's Hat (Producer), 1939 Soup to Mutts (Producer), 1939 Snuffy's Party (Producer), 1939 Slaphappy Valley (Producer), 1939 Silly Superstition (Producer), 1939 Scrambled Eggs (Producer), 1939 Nellie of the Circus (Producer), 1939 Little Tough Mice (Producer), 1939 Life b_egins for Andy Panda (Producer), 1939 I'm Just a Jitterbug (Producer), 1939 Crackpot Cruise (Producer), 1939 Crackpot Cruise (Performer), 1939 Charlie Cuckoo (Producer), 1939 Bola-Mola Land (Producer), 1939 Arabs with Dirty Fezzes (Producer), 1939 A Haunting We Will Go (Producer), 1938 Yokel Boy Makes Good (Producer), 1938 Yokel Boy Makes Good (Director), 1938 Voodoo in Harlem (Performer), 1938 Voodoo in Harlem (Producer), 1938 Trade Mice (Producer), 1938 Trade Mice (Director), 1938 The Rabbit Hunt (Producer), 1938 The Lamp Lighter (Producer), 1938 The Lamp Lighter (Director), 1938 The Disobedient Mouse (Producer), 1938 The Big Cat and the Little Mousie (Producer), 1938 Tail End (Producer), 1938 Silly Seals (Producer), 1938 Sailor Mouse (Producer), 1938 Queen's Kittens (Producer), 1938 Problem Child (Producer), 1938 Pixie Land (Producer), 1938 Nellie the Sewing Machine Girl or Honest Hearts & Willing Hands (Producer), 1938 Nellie the Indian Chief's Daughter (Producer), 1938 Movie Phoney News (Producer), 1938 Man Hunt (Producer), 1938 Man Hunt (Director), 1938 Little Blue Blackbird (Producer), 1938 Hollywood Bowl (Producer), 1938 Happy Scouts (Producer), 1938 Ghost Town Frolics (Producer), 1938 Feed the Kitty (Producer), 1938 Cheese-Nappers (Producer), 1938 Boy Meets Dog (Producer), 1938 Boy Meets Dog (Director), 1938 Barnyard Romeo (Director), 1938 Barnyard Romeo (Producer), 1938 Baby Kittens (Producer), 1937 Trailer Thrills (Producer), 1937 Trailer Thrills (Director), 1937 Trailer Thrills (Writer), 1937 The Wily Weasel (Writer), 1937 The Wily Weasel (Director), 1937 The Wily Weasel (Producer), 1937 The Stevedores (Producer), 1937 The Stevedores (Director), 1937 The Stevedores (Writer), 1937 The Steel Workers (Writer), 1937 The Steel Workers (Director), 1937 The Steel Workers (Producer), 1937 The Rest Resort (Producer), 1937 The Rest Resort (Director), 1937 The Rest Resort (Writer), 1937 The Playful Pup (Writer), 1937 The Playful Pup (Director), 1937 The Playful Pup (Producer), 1937 The Mysterious Jug (Producer), 1937 The Mysterious Jug (Director), 1937 The Mechanical Handy Man (Producer), 1937 The Lumber Camp (Producer), 1937 The Lumber Camp (Director), 1937 The Lumber Camp (Writer), 1937 The Keeper of the Lions (Director), 1937 The Keeper of the Lions (Producer), 1937 The Golfers (Producer), 1937 The Golfers (Director), 1937 The Golfers (Writer), 1937 The Dumb Cluck (Producer), 1937 The Country Store (Producer), 1937 The Country Store (Writer), 1937 The Country Store (Director), 1937 The Birthday Party (Director), 1937 The Birthday Party (Writer), 1937 The Birthday Party (Producer), 1937 The Big Race (Producer), 1937 The Big Race (Writer), 1937 The Big Race (Director), 1937 The Air Express (Director)

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