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Four players from the play 6 Rms Riv Vu sign the playbill cover.
Playbill Cover inscribed and signed: "Jane Alexander", "To Pat/Jerry Orbach", "Pat/All the best!/Francine Beers" and "To Pat/Best Wishes/Jose Ocasio", 5½x9. Cover of "Playbill Magazine" for 6 Rms Riv Vu at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, New York, beginning January 30, 1973. The play tells the story of a vacant apartment with a river view that is open for inspection by prospective tenants, and among them are a man, Paul Friedman, and a woman, Anne Miller, who have never met before. JANE ALEXANDER, who had won a 1969 Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Play (The Great White Hope) was nominated for a 1973 Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play for her role as Anne Miller. JERRY ORBACH (1935-2004) played the role of Paul Friedman. He had won the 1969 Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical (Promises, Promises). FRANCINE BEERS portrayed The Woman in 4-A and JOSE OCASIO as the Superintendent. Irregular left edge. Slightly soiled. Overall, fine condition.

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Born: November 26, 1924 in New York City, New York

Film Credits
2007 Lucky You (Performer), 2005 Trust the Man (Performer), 2005 In Her Shoes (Performer), 2002 Sex and the City (Performer), 2000 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Performer), 2000 Keeping the Faith (Performer), 1998 Meschugge (Performer), 1995 The Wright Verdicts (Performer), 1993 Tribeca (Performer), 1991-1997 Law & Order (Performer), 1991 American Playhouse (Performer), 1990 The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd (Performer), 1989 True Blue (Performer), 1989 Chicken Soup (Performer), 1988 Sticky Fingers (Performer), 1987 3 Men and a Baby (Performer), 1986 Kate & Allie (Performer), 1985 Brass (Performer), 1984 Over the Brooklyn Bridge (Performer), 1982 One of the Boys (Performer), 1981 ABC Afterschool Specials (Performer), 1980/I Alone at Last (Performer), 1975 All in the Family (Performer), 1974 The Carol Burnett Show (Performer), 1974 6 Rms Riv Vu (Performer), 1971 Made for Each Other (Performer), 1956 The Edge of Night (Performer)

Theatre Credits
The Curse of an Aching Heart - Performer (January 25, 1982 - February 21, 1982), The American Clock - Performer (November 20, 1980 - November 30, 1980), 6 Rms Riv Vu - Performer (October 17, 1972 - May 19, 1973), Cafe Crown - Performer (April 17, 1964 - April 18, 1964)

Born: October 20, 1935 in New York City, New York
Died: December 28, 2004 in New York City, New York

Film Credits
2014 Broadway: Beyond the Golden Age (Other), 2007 Prince of the City: The Real Story (Other), 2006 America's Top Sleuths (Other), 2006 A Different Look at 'Law & Order' (Other), 2005 The 77th Annual Academy Awards (Other), 2005 Law & Order: Trial by Jury (Performer), 2005 Jerry Orbach Tribute (Other), 2005 From Stage to Screen: The History of Chicago (in person), 2005 11th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (Other), 2004-2005 Great Performances (Other), 2004 Protesters (Performer), 2004 Law & Order: The First 3 Years (in person), 2004 Law & Order: Set Tour with Jerry Orbach (in person), 2004 Law & Order: Justice Is Served (Performer), 2004 Fox and Friends (in person), 2004 Broadway: The American Musical (in person), 2003 Very Merry Christmas Sing Along Songs (Other), 2003 Try to Remember: The Fantasticks (in person), 2003 Mickey's PhilharMagic (Performer), 2003 Law & Order II: Double or Nothing (Performer), 2003 Late Night with Conan O'Brien: 10th Anniversary Special (in person), 2003 Broadway: The Golden Age, by the Legends Who Were There (in person), 2002 TV Guide's 50 Best Shows of All Time: A 50th Anniversary (in person), 2002 The Hustler: The Inside Story (in person), 2002 The 56th Annual Tony Awards (in person), 2002 The 54th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (in person), 2002 Tale as Old as Time: The Making of 'Beauty and the Beast' (in person), 2002 Manna from Heaven (Performer), 2002 Law & Order: Dead on the Money (Performer), 2001/II The Hunt (in person), 2001-2002 House of Mouse (Performer), 2001 Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Performer), 2000-2002 Encounters with the Unexplained (in person), 2000 VH-1 Where Are They Now (in person), 2000 The Howard Stern Radio Show (in person), 2000 The Acting Class (in person), 2000 Prince of Central Park (Performer), 2000 Larry King Live (in person), 2000 Chinese Coffee (Performer), 2000 Badge of Courage: Police Officer of the Year (in person), 1999-2000 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Performer), 1999-2000 E! True Hollywood Story (in person), 1999-2000 Biography (in person), 1999 Temps (Performer), 1999 Serial Killers: Profiling the Criminal Mind (in person), 1998 Jeopardy! (in person), 1998 Exiled (Performer), 1998 Belle's Magical World (Performer), 1998 4th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (in person), 1997 Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas (Performer), 1996-1999 Homicide: Life on the Street (Performer), 1996 Late Night with Conan O'Brien (Performer), 1996 Frasier (Performer), 1996 Aladdin and the King of Thieves (Performer), 1994-2004 Late Night with Conan O'Brien (in person), 1993 The Cemetery Club (Performer), 1993 The 45th Annual Directors Guild Awards (in person), 1993 Showbiz Today (in person), 1992 Universal Soldier (Performer), 1992 The 64th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1992 The 44th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (in person), 1992 Straight Talk (Performer), 1992 Murder, She Wrote (Other), 1992 Mr. Saturday Night (Performer), 1992 Mastergate (Performer), 1992 Later with Bob Costas (in person), 1992 Empty Nest (Performer), 1992 Disney Sing-Along-Songs: Be Our Guest (Other), 1992 Broadway Bound (Performer), 1992 Black Death (Performer), 1991-2004 Law & Order (Performer), 1991 Toy Soldiers (Performer), 1991 The Making of 'Beauty and the Beast' (in person), 1991 The American Experience (Performer), 1991 Perry Mason: The Case of the Ruthless Reporter (Performer), 1991 Out for Justice (Performer), 1991 Delusion (Performer), 1991 Delirious (Performer), 1991 Dead Women in Lingerie (Performer), 1991 California Casanova (Performer), 1991 Beauty and the Beast (Performer), 1990 Who's the Boss (Performer), 1990 The Golden Girls (Performer), 1990 Kojak: None So Blind (Performer), 1990 In Defense of a Married Man (Performer), 1990 Hunter (Performer), 1990 A Gnome Named Gnorm (Performer), 1989 The Flamingo Kid (Performer), 1989 Perry Mason: The Case of the Musical Murder (Performer), 1989 Last Exit to Brooklyn (Performer), 1989 Crimes and Misdemeanors (Performer), 1988 The 45th Annual Golden Globe Awards (in person), 1988 Simon & Simon (Performer), 1988 Irving Berlin's 100th Birthday Celebration (in person), 1988 In Performance at the White House: A Salute to Broadway - The (in person), 1987-1988 The Law and Harry McGraw (Performer), 1987 Tales from the Darkside (Performer), 1987 Someone to Watch Over Me (Performer), 1987 Out on a Limb (Performer), 1987 Love Among Thieves (Performer), 1987 I Love N.Y. (Performer), 1987 Dirty Dancing (Performer), 1987 Deadly Nightmares (Performer), 1986 The Imagemaker (Performer), 1986 The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers (Performer), 1986 Reading Rainbow (in person), 1986 F/X (Performer), 1985-2004 Great Performances (Sound), 1985-2003 Great Performances (in person), 1985-1991 Murder, She Wrote (Performer), 1985 Our Family Honor (Performer), 1985 Night of 100 Stars II (in person), 1985 Brewster's Millions (Performer), 1984 The Streets (Performer), 1983 The Special Magic of Herself the Elf (Performer), 1983 The Best of Everything (in person), 1983 The 37th Annual Tony Awards (in person), 1983 Ryan's Hope (Performer), 1983 An Invasion of Privacy (Performer), 1982 Night of 100 Stars (in person), 1981 Underground Aces (Performer), 1981 The Way They Were (in person), 1981 The 35th Annual Tony Awards (Sound), 1981 Prince of the City (Performer), 1980 Trapper John, M.D. (Performer), 1980 Macy's 54th Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade (in person), 1980 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (Performer), 1980 Alex and the Doberman Gang (Performer), 1977 The Sentinel (Performer), 1976 The Mike Douglas Show (Sound), 1976 The 30th Annual Tony Awards (in person), 1975 Medical Center (Performer), 1975 Kojak (Performer), 1975 Fore Play (Performer), 1974 Mitzi... A Tribute to the American Housewife (in person), 1973 The 27th Annual Tony Awards (in person), 1973 Love, American Style (Performer), 1973 Diana (Performer), 1972 The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (in person), 1972 A Fan's Notes (Performer), 1971 The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight (Performer), 1970-1971 The David Frost Show (in person), 1969 The Kraft Music Hall (in person), 1969 The 23rd Annual Tony Awards (in person), 1968-1976 The Mike Douglas Show (in person), 1967 The Merv Griffin Show (in person), 1967 Annie Get Your Gun (Performer), 1965 The Defenders (Performer), 1965 John Goldfarb, Please Come Home! (Performer), 1965 ABC's Nightlife (in person), 1964 Camera Three (Performer), 1963 The Doctors and the Nurses (Performer), 1962 The Shari Lewis Show (in person), 1961 Twenty-Four Hours in a Woman's Life (Performer), 1961 The Ed Sullivan Show (in person), 1961 Mad Dog Coll (Performer), 1960 The Jack Paar Tonight Show (in person), 1958 Cop Hater (Performer), 1955 Marty (Performer)

Theatre Credits
42nd Street - Performer (August 25, 1980 - January 8, 1989), Chicago - Performer (June 3, 1975 - August 27, 1977), 6 Rms Riv Vu - Performer (October 17, 1972 - May 19, 1973), Promises, Promises - Performer (December 1, 1968 - January 1, 1972), The Natural Look - Performer (March 11, 1967 - March 11, 1967), Annie Get Your Gun - Performer (September 21, 1966 - November 26, 1966), Guys and Dolls - Performer (April 28, 1965 - May 9, 1965), Carnival! - Performer (April 13, 1961 - January 5, 1963), Threepenny Opera - Performer (September 20, 1955 - December 17, 1961)

Born: October 28, 1939 in Boston, Massachusetts

Film Credits
2013-2014 The Blacklist (Performer), 2013 The No Name Painting Association (in person), 2013 Last Love (Performer), 2013 Forgive Me (Performer), 2011-2012 The Good Wife (Performer), 2011 William & Catherine: A Royal Romance (Performer), 2011 The Loving Story (Other), 2011 Dream House (Performer), 2011 Deck the Halls (Performer), 2009 The Unborn (Performer), 2009 Terminator Salvation (Performer), 2008-2011 American Masters (Performer), 2008 Sexo en serie (Other), 2008 Inside the Handy Writers' Colony (in person), 2008 Gigantic (Performer), 2007 The States (in person), 2007 The Powder & the Glory (in person), 2007 The 61st Annual Tony Awards (in person), 2007 Tell Me You Love Me (Performer), 2007 Feast of Love (Performer), 2006 The Way (Performer), 2006 Telling the Truth About Lies: The Making of 'All the President's (in person), 2006 HBO First Look (in person), 2006 Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus (Performer), 2005 Warm Springs (Performer), 2005 The 57th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (in person), 2004 Carry Me Home (Performer), 2003 Testament at 20 (in person), 2003 Mama/M.A.M.A. (in person), 2003 Freedom: A History of Us (Performer), 2003 Art in the Twenty-First Century (in person), 2002 The Ring (Performer), 2002 Sunshine State (Performer), 2001 Jenifer (Performer), 2001 Finding the Truth: The Making of 'Kramer vs. Kramer' (in person), 2001 Bitter Winter (Performer), 2000 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Performer), 2000 Law & Order (Performer), 1999 The Cider House Rules (Performer), 1998 The Rosie O'Donnell Show (in person), 1998 Small Steps, Big Strides: The Black Experience in Hollywood (in person), 1996 Women in Film Crystal Awards (in person), 1995 The Walt Disney Company and McDonald's Present the American (in person), 1994 The Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts (in person), 1994 The 48th Annual Tony Awards (in person), 1993 The Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts (in person), 1993 The 65th Annual Academy Awards (Other), 1993 The 47th Annual Tony Awards (in person), 1993 New Year (Performer), 1992 Stay the Night (Performer), 1991 Building Bombs (in person), 1991 A Marriage: Georgia O'Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz (Performer), 1990 Night of 100 Stars III (in person), 1990 Daughter of the Streets (Performer), 1989 Glory (Performer), 1988 Open Admissions (Performer), 1988 All About Babies (in person), 1988 A Friendship in Vienna (Performer), 1987 The 41st Annual Tony Awards (in person), 1987 Sweet Country (Performer), 1987 Square Dance (Performer), 1987 Square Dance (Producer), 1987 In Love and War (Performer), 1986 Drug Free Kids: A Parents' Guide (Performer), 1986 Blood & Orchids (Performer), 1985 Malice in Wonderland (Performer), 1984 When She Says No (Performer), 1984 The 56th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1984 The 36th Annual Emmy Awards (in person), 1984 City Heat (Performer), 1984 Calamity Jane (Performer), 1984 Calamity Jane (Producer), 1984 Calamity Jane (in person), 1983 Testament (Performer), 1982 Night of 100 Stars (in person), 1982 Night Crossing (Performer), 1982 Kennedy's Children (Performer), 1982 In the Custody of Strangers (Performer), 1981 The 35th Annual Tony Awards (in person), 1981 Dear Liar (Performer), 1980 Today (in person), 1980 The 37th Annual Golden Globe Awards (in person), 1980 Playing for Time (Performer), 1980 Brubaker (Performer), 1979 The Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts (in person), 1979 The 33rd Annual Tony Awards (in person), 1979 Kramer vs. Kramer (Performer), 1978 The Betsy (Performer), 1978 Lovey: A Circle of Children, Part II (Performer), 1978 AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Henry Fonda (in person), 1978 A Question of Love (Performer), 1977 The 49th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1977 The 31st Annual Tony Awards (in person), 1977 Eleanor and Franklin: The White House Years (Performer), 1977 A Circle of Children (Performer), 1976 Eleanor and Franklin (Performer), 1976 All the President's Men (Performer), 1975 Death Be Not Proud (Performer), 1974 This Is the West That Was (Performer), 1974 The 28th Annual Tony Awards (in person), 1973 The 27th Annual Tony Awards (in person), 1973 Miracle on 34th Street (Performer), 1972 Welcome Home, Johnny Bristol (Performer), 1972 The New Centurions (Performer), 1971 The 43rd Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1971 Film Night (in person), 1971 A Gunfight (Performer), 1970 The Great White Hope (Performer), 1970 The David Frost Show (in person), 1969 The 23rd Annual Tony Awards (in person), 1969 N.Y.P.D. (Performer), 1969 Adam-12 (Performer), 1968 The Dick Cavett Show (in person)

Theatre Credits
Honour - Performer (April 26, 1998 - June 14, 1998), The Sisters Rosensweig - Performer (March 18, 1993 - July 16, 1994), The Visit - Performer (January 23, 1992 - March 1, 1992), Shadowlands - Performer (November 11, 1990 - April 7, 1991), The Night of the Iguana - Performer (June 26, 1988 - September 4, 1988), Monday After the Miracle - Performer (December 14, 1982 - December 18, 1982), Goodbye Fidel - Performer (April 23, 1980 - April 26, 1980), First Monday in October - Performer (October 3, 1978 - December 9, 1978), The Heiress - Performer (April 20, 1976 - May 9, 1976), Hamlet - Performer (December 17, 1975 - January 25, 1976), Find Your Way Home - Performer (January 2, 1974 - May 4, 1974), 6 Rms Riv Vu - Performer (October 17, 1972 - May 19, 1973), The Great White Hope - Performer (October 3, 1968 - January 31, 1970)

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