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HYMAN RICKOVER. Typed Letter signed: "H. G. Rickover", 1p, 8x10½. At Sea, North Atlantic, 1969 August 18. To John F. O' Grady, Los Angeles, California. On letterhead of Submarine NR-1.

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Condition: lightly creased, otherwise fine condition
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HYMAN RICKOVER. Typed Letter signed: "H. G. Rickover", 1p, 8x10½. At Sea, North Atlantic, 1969 August 18. To John F. O' Grady, Los Angeles, California. On letterhead of Submarine NR-1. In full: "We are returning from the first sea trials of the NR-1, the world's first nuclear-powered deep submergence research and ocean engineering submarine. The ship completed all tests, both surface and submerged. The NR-1 was built by the Electric Boat Company, Groton, Connecticut. The NR-1 is designed to demonstrate the feasibility of nuclear propulsion in a small submarine and to perform a variety of ocean engineering tasks for military and scientific purposes. Existing deep ocean submersibles are limited in endurance and range by their storage battery capacity. NR-1 will be able to steam for periods of time limited only by the amount of food and supplies she carries. Because of the vastly increased endurance made possible by nuclear power, her capability will be an order of magnitude greater than that of any other existing or planned underwater research vehicle. The technology gained from the NR-1 will provide the basis for development of future nuclear-powered deep submergence research submarines of still greater versatility and depth capability. Among the special features of the ship are viewing ports, external lights, external television cameras, and a remote-controlled manipulator for picking up objects from the ocean bottom. She carries a crew of five and two scientists. In addition to the NR-1, we also have 44 attack type and 41 Polaris nuclear submarines in operation. When all nuclear ships presently authorized by Congress are completed, the United States will have, besides the NR-1, an operating nuclear fleet of 65 attack and 41 Polaris submarines, two aircraft carriers, one cruiser, and four frigates. Sincerely". Fine condition. Accompanied by two unsigned photos: a 1969photo of the NR-1 on the surface during her first sea trials (color, 5x3½). Caption affixed on verso. And a 1958 photo of Rickover next to the conning tour of the first U.S. nuclear submarine, the Nautilus, at sea (b/w, 8x10). Lightly creased. Nail head sized chip at center of top edge. Mounting tape remnant at center of lower edge. Otherwise, fine condition. Head of the Navy's electrical division in World War II, Rickover (1900-1986) moved to the Atomic Energy Commission in 1947 and developed the first nuclear-powered submarine, the Nautilus, in 1954. He presided over the build-up of the U.S. nuclear-powered Navy. Despite cost overruns during its development, which earned the wrath of the General Accounting Office, the one-of a kind, super-secret NR-1 fulfilled Rickover's fondest hopes. The story of the craft has now been told in Dark Waters: An Insider's Account of the NR-1, the Cold War's Undercover Nuclear Submarine by Don Davis and original crewmember Lee Vyborny (2002). Three items.

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