ADOLF HITLER The "Führer" thanks Germany's chief arms manufacturer for raising money from other industrialists for support of the Nazi Party. Typed Letter signed: "A Hitler" as Führer, 1 page, 8x10. Berlin, 1934 December 15.

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The "Führer" thanks Germany's chief arms manufacturer for raising money from other industrialists for support of the Nazi Party.
Typed Letter signed: "A Hitler" as Führer, 1 page, 8x10. Berlin, 1934 December 15. On his personal letterhead to Krupp von Bohlen-Hallbach. In German, fully translated: "Regarding the meeting which Mr. Hess had with you recently, I want to thank you for your effort in connection with the Adolf Hitler Donation during the past year. Simultaneously I ask you, for at least in the coming year kindly again to stay at the head of the board of trustees, if you at a later time want to have the administration of the Adolf Hitler Donation to hand over to someone else. As Mr. Hess already emphasized, by all means I lay value on it that at least in the foreseeable future the Adolf Hitler Donation of German Industry remains alive. I want to reserve the decision about the time at which the appropriate contribution for the National Socialist movement will be funded in other ways. With German greetings, Your obedient servant". Accompanied by: (1) color 4x6 and (1) b/w 3½x5¼ picture postcard of the "Führer" in military uniform. Adolf Hitler (1889-1945), the Nazi leader who would forge a ruthless campaign for world conquest and genocide, began his rapid rise to power in 1919, becoming the undisputed leader of the National Socialist Party by 1921. Hitler wrote Mein Kampf ("My Struggle") during nine months spent in prison in 1924 after an unsuccessful coup against the Bavarian government in Munich. He rebuilt the party and was named Chancellor of Germany in 1933. Hitler assumed the role of Führer in 1934, and he then merged the offices of Chancellor and President to become Supreme Commander of Germany. With this unprecedented control, the charismatic leader set out to overpower and rule the world with his thousand-year Third Reich. Fortunately, Hitler's overconfidence in himself and a lack of confidence in his generals created a fatal break in the Nazi power structure, resulting in dissension and defeat. Hitler committed suicide in his Berlin bunker on April 30, 1945, on the eve of the Allied occupation of Berlin. Krupp von Bohlen-Halbach (1870-1950) married Bertha Krupp, head of Germany's most powerful industrial conglomerate, in 1902. Kaiser Wilhelm II was actively involved in finding a suitable spouse for Bertha who could lead Krupp industries, and presided at the wedding. (Von Bohlen-Halbach, formerly Gustav, formally assumed the name of Krupp.) Krupp industries grew even richer producing German armaments for both World Wars, and also surreptitiously manufacturing weapons under the ban imposed by the Versailles Treaty after World War I. Von Bohlen-Halbach had not supported Hitler's rise to power, but once Hitler reached the position Krupp did everything possible to curry favor with him. The Adolf Hitler Fund referenced in this letter was Krupp's idea, an organization for channeling industrialists' contributions to the National Socialist Party. At first the contributions were voluntary, but soon became a forced contribution. Krupp's organization used virtual slave labor in production during World War II, and von Bohlen-Halbach was slated to be tried for war crimes by the Nuremberg tribunal. Failing health spared him from prosecution. Rudolf Hess (1894-1987) was Hitler's chief deputy, a fanatical Nazi trusted by Hitler because - unlike most of the other Nazi leaders - he did not crave personal power. In May 1941 he piloted his own aircraft on a bizarre flight to Scotland, apparently trying to broker a peace deal between Britain and Germany on the eve of Hitler's attack on the Soviet Union. He was imprisoned by the four Allied occupying powers in Spandau Prison, Berlin, the last surviving Nazi leader, until his death. Filing holes at left edge. Pencil notes (unknown hand) at top edge. Fine condition.

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