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This letter, signed by cartoonist Al Capp, was typed on Capp's stationery personalized with his most famous character, Li'l Abner, in 1956, about Mammy Yokum's encounter with the Square Eyes Family.

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This letter, signed by cartoonist Al Capp, was typed on Capp's stationery personalized with his most famous character, Li'l Abner, in 1956, about Mammy Yokum's encounter with the Square Eyes Family. This storyline was turned into a comic book called Mammy Yokum and the Great Dogpatch Mystery by the Anti-Defamation League.
Typed letter signed "Al Capp" in blue ink. 1 page, 8¼x10¾, on Capp's personalized stationery with a bust cartoon of Li'l Abner printed near left edge. Oct. 19, 1956. Addressed to Mr. Ronald Bridges, U. S. Information Agency, Washington, D. C. In full: "Dear Ronald Bridges: Here are some copies of the newspaper sequence I did which was made into a book to be distributed to school children and church groups by the Anti-Defamation League. My point was to make an entertainment with an idea, that remained nonetheless an enter-tainment. Best,". Lightly toned, soiled and creased, otherwise in fine condition. Accompanied by: Unsigned typed letter, possibly from Ronald Brown, addressed to Mr. Al Capp, Boston, Massachusetts. Dated Nov. 20, 1956. Typed on thin paper. In full: "Dear Al, I am delighted with the copies of the Round vs Square-eyed opus and shall get additional copies from B'nai B'rith to have here and in Washington. Thanks for sending them. It may be quite out of order but I wish I might have an original of one or more of these sequences to frame and hang on the wall of my office - in rather distinguished religious po-litical company, I might say. If it were to be a single frame, I think the next to the last - Mammy's speech - would make the most sense by itself. The sequence of the child in the trap is really very moving. If you feel you can do something, please autograph it. Send it to either address - Sanford or Washington. It was very pleasant to meet you. I hope you are inspired to do more Dogpatch or Lower Slobbovia work in this vein. Sincerely yours,". Lightly toned and creased, otherwise in fine condition. In 1951, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL, founded by B'nai B'rith International or BBI) published a comic entitled Mammy Yokum and the Great Dogpatch Mystery. The comic book was based on a story line in Li'l Abner about and encounter between Mammy Yokum and the unpopular Square-Eyes Family, who were outcasts in Dogpatch. The story was an appeal by Capp for racial tolerance. The United States Information Agency is not part of the ADL or BBI. It was an American federal agency that existed from 1953 and 1999, when it was folded into the U. S. States Department. It was responsible, among other things, for Radio and TV Martí broadcasts to Cuba and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty broadcasts in Europe, Afghanistan and the Middle East. Capp (1909-1979, born Alfred Gerald Capin in New Haven, Connecticut) lost his right leg in a trolley accident at the age of nine and spent five years in high school without receiving a diploma, yet went on to create one of America's most-loved, and certainly longest-running, comic strip, Li'l Abner. He started out drawing Mister Gilfeather,a one-panel cartoon in New York City, a cartoon that he reportedly hated. He met Ham Fisher in 1933 and worked with him on Joe Palooka before beginning the cartoon that he'd become known for: Li'l Abner, which first appeared in The New York Mirror in 1934. Li'l Abner, which ran until Al Capp's retirement in 1977, detailed the exploits of the rustic inhabitants of Dogpatch, USA and spawned, among other things, a Broadway musical that ran 693 performances from 1956 to 1958, a 1959 film with an Oscar-nominated score, a theme park in Marble Falls, Arkansas called Dogpatch USA (now closed) and the Sadie Hawkins dance, after a fictional Dogpatch holiday called Sadie Hawkins Day.

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