ALBERT EINSTEIN As Germany descends upon the world, Einstein takes action. TLS: "A. Einstein", 1p, 8½x11. Princeton, N.J., 1939 October 27. To Professor Rudolf Ehrmann, Jackson Heights, L.I. In German with English translation.

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As Germany descends upon the world, Einstein takes action.
TLS: "A. Einstein", 1p, 8½x11. Princeton, N.J., 1939 October 27. To Professor Rudolf Ehrmann, Jackson Heights, L.I. In German with English translation. In full: "A talk with Bernard Flexner (570 Lexington Ave.), a brother of our [friend] Flexner, is more advisable because he himself is a member of the Emergency Committee and as such knows all practitioners. The best thing would be if you visit him with someone from the University, so that you can find out and the university will also know how to fabricate the pill ["pill" is a euphemism for action], so that the Emergency Committee can swallow it. It would be best if I wrote to Bernard Flexner for this purpose. I ask you for immediate notification if and when the step has been taken. Such a visit with Dr. Duggan would be equally appropriate. I do not know who the activist is. I heartily greet you." ANALYSIS: The letter presented in this lot was written on October 27, 1939, a critical time marked by the first of the famous correspondences between Albert Einstein and President Roosevelt. Einstein's letter to Roosevelt was written on August 2, 1939. However it was formally presented to the President for the first time on October 11 by economist and FDR intimate, Alexander Sachs. The President responded by letter to Einstein on October 19, 1939, but he had immediately acted upon Einstein's letter on the very day it was presented to him by ordering action. On the evening of that day, the Briggs Committee was established. This committee led to the National Defense Research Committee which led to the Manhattan Project and the bombs on Japan. COMMON TO BOTH EINSTEIN'S HISTORIC LETTER OF AUGUST 2 AND THE LETTER PRESENTED IN THIS LOT, IS HIS AWARENESS AND FEAR OF GERMANY'S GROWING DEMONIC DOMINANCE IN THE WORLD: His letter to FDR made clear that Germany was in control of the world's strongest uranium resources, Czechoslovakia and Belgium (the Belgian Congo). IN THE LETTER PRESENTED HERE, WE SEE HIS REACTION TO GERMANY'S EFFORT TO TAKE SCHOLARLY TALENT AND IMPRISON IT FOR ITS OWN USES. EINSTEIN HIMSELF WAS A FUGITIVE FROM THAT VERY EFFORT AND THE SUBJECT OF THE LETTER PRESENTED IN THIS LOT WAS VERY CLOSE TO HIS HEART AT THE TIME. Here is the specific research on the letter in this lot. THE EMERGENCY COMMITTEE IN AID OF DISPLACED FOREIGN SCHOLARS, located in New York City at 2 West 45th Street in the Institute of International Education, was organized in May 1933 to serve the needs of the university professors who had been dismissed from German universities because of political opinions or anti-Semitic legislation and to preserve their attainments for the benefit of scholarship in the U.S. With the outbreak of Nazi aggression, the Committee necessarily revised its mission to include refugee professors from all countries in Western Europe overrun by the Nazi armies. BERNARD FLEXNER, a well-known Jewish lawyer from Louisville, Kentucky, was a member of the Executive Committee of the organization. DR. STEPHEN DUGGAN was the Committee's Secretary. The Committee disbanded in June 1945 following WWII. Albert Einstein knew "our friend Flexner", ABRAHAM FLEXNER, quite well through their association at The Institute For Advanced Studies, which was founded by Flexner in Princeton, New Jersey in 1930. Abraham Flexner recruited Einstein to be a professor there in 1932. Creased with folds. Vertical fold touches the "s" in Einstein. Nicked, worn right edge shows 5 tears, including 1, ½-inch diagonal (all intact) 2, ¼-inch horizontal, all are in blank areas.

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