AMOS STODDARD He signs an 1810 autograph letter to General Henry Burbeck, reporting on preparations to expand the garrison defending the forts of New York harbor Autograph Letter signed: "Amos Stoddard, Maj./Commanding". 2 pages, 8x9½ (front and verso). Fort Columbus (N.Y.), 1810 March 8.

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He signs an 1810 autograph letter to General Henry Burbeck, reporting on preparations to expand the garrison defending the forts of New York harbor
Autograph Letter signed: "Amos Stoddard, Maj./Commanding". 2 pages, 8x9½ (front and verso). Fort Columbus (N.Y.), 1810 March 8. To Colonel Burbeck, chief of US army artillery. In full: "Since the receipt of your letter of the 27th ultimo, Capt. Whiley and myself made a more exact inspection of the bores of the 32's than we had done before. To avoid the inaccurate mode of measuring with the caliper, we made use of a [1 word illegible] exactly suited to the bore of one of the guns. Into some of them it would not enter, and in others the space left between it and the sides of the bores, was nearly two tenths of an inch, as nearly as we could judge. Hence the difference among the bores is not as great as I formerly stated. Perhaps in the diameters it may not be more than one and half to two tenths. The guns therefore are not materially injured. I have transferred the Recruits as you directed - nine to each company. I have reserved one to split use in recruiting. In my calculations of the implements we wanted to complete, was included those mainly for Bedlow's and for Ellis' Islands. Hence the deficiency is considerable, for I conceive that these ought to be a set of implements to every gun. We are now making them as fast as possible. Capt. Rumford has gone to West Point after necessaries for his department, and he will be able to commence his Laboratory work soon after his return. "It is a heavy job to dig and stone the cellars, and to lay the foundation of the new barracks. This part of the work is nearly done - and the Quarters (calculated in my opinion for not more than 5 companies) will probably be finished the last of next month. I have had every spare man in both Companies on daily fatigue for nearly a fortnight - for I am determined that nothing on my part shall be wanting to expedite the public works. I somehow or other dread the 6th Regt, and a strange idea has just come into my head to avoid this misfortune - at least part of it. Five companies of the 1st Regt. of Infantry are now raising or ought to be. Capt. Owens at Winchester has about a company. Capt. Swan's officers are in Philadelphia and I am told that upwards of an hundred recruits are already raised at that place. Suppose two companies were formed out of them for the 1st Regt., and the whole ordered here to be disciplined. They would be thus far on their way to the Lakes. These companies have old officers, and they would be of more use than ten times the number from the 6th Regt. The old Lazarretto - or Carlise - will answer for the disciplining the latter. This arrangement would probably keep me in command as long as I remain here. Several officers of the Sixth are now in New York, waiting - as they pretend - for the arrival of their regiment - and they seem to feel and act as tho' they intended to occupy our quarters in the Garrison. In addition to our company officers, we have Lt. Mason, two lieutenants and a cadet of engineers engaged on the works, so that all our quarters are completely occupied. Yet we will make room for some artillery officers in case you send them. Gen. Gainsworth and staff will soon be here from Albany. I merely give you some hints, as I have nothing of more importance to say at this time. Your very humble servant". AMOS STODDARD (1762-1813), a veteran of the Revolutionary War, practiced law in Massachusetts before accepting a US commission as Captain of Artillery in 1798. He was promoted to Major in 1807. When the US purchased Louisiana from France in 1803, Spain - former owner of the territory - had not yet formally ceded it to France. During a 3-week interval (November 30 - December 20, 1803), Stoddard was Commandant of Upper Louisiana for both France and the United States. He represented both nations at the formal transfer of power ceremony in St Louis on March 9-10, 1810. The Lewis and Clark expedition to explore the new US territories was not allowed entry by Spain, while it remained in control, so Stoddard played host to the expedition during the winter of 1803-1804. After commanding the artillery at Fort Columbus in New York Harbor, as described in this letter, Stoddard was sent West to joint General and future President William Henry Harrison's command in Ohio. Stoddard died on May 11, 1813, from wounds incurred while successfully defending Fort Meigs there from a combined attack by British soldiers and their American Indian allies. From the papers of General HENRY BURBECK (1754-1848), a veteran of key battles of the Revolutionary War. He was chief of the Artillery Corps when he received this report from Stoddard. Promoted to Brigadier General, he commanded the Connecticut State Militia during the War of 1812. Horizontal fold creases. Lightly toned. Otherwise, fine condition.

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