ANSEL ADAMS The noted landscape photographer expresses his feelings on sex and politics. Typed Letter Signed: "Cheerios/Ansel", 1p, 8½x11. Carmel, California, 1968 May 14. On his personal letterhead to Nick [Dean].

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The noted landscape photographer expresses his feelings on sex and politics.
Typed Letter Signed: "Cheerios/Ansel", 1p, 8½x11. Carmel, California, 1968 May 14. On his personal letterhead to Nick [Dean]. In full, with original spelling and grammar: "It was good talking with you the other evening. Previous conversations should be discounted because they were very personal and, as you say, some of the points mentioned could be argued as irrevelant in the modern view-point. I do not feel just that way, because I am a supporter of 'normalcy' (NOT THE HARDING BRAND!!) I am so fed up with the deviates of this world that I could YAWP, YELL, GROAN, GRIND AND MUTTER!!!! (I won't SCREAM!!). As for normal sex, I am all for it - the more the merrier and the better! This lousy 'Christian' taboo; this Purital soilation, this conventional blight!!!! it will take a thousand years to evaluate the tremendous psychological and spiritual damage these excressences of human nastiness created!!!!! But I can't tolerate the abnormal any more than I can a bad smell or an evil act; it is sick, destructive and horrible in its implications! One of the most symtomanic characterists lies in its relationship to art; this indicates to me that there is simply something very wrong with art. I suppose a few characters of the past were that way, but I have no proof. Anyway, what anyone does after 5 is their business. But if they create an aura of this situation over the 24 hours I find myself nauseated. At any event, forget this phase of the argument; the basic administrative and financial situation of the organization is GRIM. That title of the proposed book you gave me (the first one) was dreadful. Man, you will get nowhere with that kind of thinking and doing! I can't go into all the ramifications of the present break-down tactics of the intellegentsia, but they are sure following the Marxian-Lennist prophicies undoubtedly without being aware of it! Destroy from within by disorganizations! I can give you some enlightening chapter-and-verse facts I experienced with the University of California business last year and the years before. It was luscious - in a horrible arrogant and destructive manner. I fear we will have a dictatorship (a la Greece) in a short time. Wallace has a chance - really a chance! If we have a 'hot summer' he will be formidable. Nixon would be not so bad, but bad!! Rockefeller would be fine - but probably weak in direct necessary action. McCarthy is a FINE man, but I do not think he has a chance. Humphries MIGHT have a chance. My money is on Kennedy now. While I would not be too happy, I would be far happier with Bobby than with Nixon, Regan or Wallace. Before you establish allegiances, await the primary election returns! I think you intellectualize too much; you think too much about those things you should be primarily feeling about. This is hard to describe. The dedicated artist - and the artist who seems to know what he is headed for - spends the greater part of his time working. Other people in the arts evade work and yak. Just take some inventory of the time and energy you spend in talking, protesting, evaluating, cerebrating, etc. in relation to the time devoted to actual creation - you might be supprised!!! As for me, when I look back, I find that far to much time was devoted to organizing, to teaching, to writing, to being the 'little father' of photography, to being identified with the non-creative world----the critics, the patrons, and the exploiters. However, one has to make a living and I was damned fortunate to have had so many good breaks and so many good contacts when I needed them most. Believe me, I made many serious misteaks (mistakes?) and I would like to pass on the realization of those errors of judgment and allegence. But - HOORAY for real normal SEX; It still does exist and Gawd Love it!!!! as every--hoping you understand!!!" Underlined words hand underlined by Adams, who has also hand corrected four words and added two ink exclamation points. Best known for his sharp black-and-white photographs of Yosemite National Park, other wilderness areas and the California Coast, ANSEL ADAMS had married Virginia Best, the daughter of a Yosemite concessionaire, in 1928. The couple, who had two children, had moved to Carmel, California in 1962. There, in 1967, he had been instrumental in the foundation of Friends of Photography. In the year of this letter, his photo, "El Capitan, Winter, Sunrise", was published and Adams received a Conservation Service Award from the Department of the Interior. Dedicated to preserving nature's beauty, the ardent conservationist had served as a Director of the Sierra Club since 1936, when he traveled to Washington, D.C. (armed with photographs) to lobby FDR's administration to preserve King's Canyon and the High Sierra. As far as his politics at the time of this letter, Adams was betting on Robert Kennedy. However, just 26 days after this letter was written, Kennedy was assassinated in Los Angeles. At the Democratic National Convention, Hubert Humphrey was selected as the Party's nominee for President (Eugene McCarthy and George Wallace also received nominations, as did the last surviving Kennedy son, Ted). Wallace was also nominated by the Patriotic Party. Republican Richard Nixon, who received the nomination over runner up Nelson Rockefeller and third-place finisher Ronald Reagan, went on to win the November 5, 1968 general election. NICK DEAN worked for Polaroid. In 1949, Adams had become a consultant for the newly formed company. Slightly creased. Light show through of type. Fine condition.

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