AVRAM DAVIDSON The award-winning science fiction, fantasy and crime writer discusses his current literary projects. Typed Letter signed: "Avram", 1 page, 8½x11. Bremerton, Washington, 1981 January 16.

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The award-winning science fiction, fantasy and crime writer discusses his current literary projects.
Typed Letter signed: "Avram", 1 page, 8½x11. Bremerton, Washington, 1981 January 16. To "Dear Tony", in full: "Glad to hear of your safe return, having followed your travels via picture postcards, for which my thanks. Two offers have appeared of some sort of assistance to my traveling and staying a while abroad, but I find that - having, unlike you, not stayed in one place for quite a while - I don't much really want to go anywhere else. Anyway not yet. Though I shall probably accept an assisted passage for a brief trip to Jpa, or, Japan, for a convocation or committee o like that. I have no idea when. Some time this year. Sorry for the misunderstanding whereby you thought Less Flood would put you to up, and he thought he couldn't. He, from his letter, seemed pleased to have met you both; perhaps his daughter came to stay and the circumstances did not allow of disinviting you, in time. Actually I hadn't heard of his having a daughter. Ethan did not mention her but I expect his brain had frozen by the time he got there. His letter(s), now I recall, were perhaps noncommittal on the point, but maybe circumstances made them so. All's well, I take it, so ... [Ellipses in original.] (I mean, Les's letter(s), not Ethan's.) Further coincidence re Van G.'s SUMFLOWERS: I had one on the wall of my apt in SF when I turned it over to friends before moving on, and the friends brought another with them! But they have entirely different color tones! I'd offered to toss for both, but they declined. Well, in effect they've got both, anyway! About the middle of Dec. I stopped work on novel-in-progress, VERGIL IN AVERNUS. Holiday spirit, perhaps. Then an old friend arrived, a fine excuse for further non-work. Friend took off on a camping trip and I was bout to start sinking into the n-i-p again: when along came a thick batch of galleys to proof for PEREGRINE: SECUNDUS, scheduled for Spring pub by Berkley. THEN came a cover proof, so full of errors that I sent a mailgram, a reg. letter, and a follow-up letter ... that took care of the week, mostly. I hope to start getting in to my nip again, tomorrow. He said, hopefully. Certainly do think of coming up to see me. If you drive, I'll send directions. If you fly, you must make your own way from Seattle. If you Greyhound, a change at Seattle will leave you off in North Bend, and, if advised, I'll walk the mile and ½ or ¼ to meet you. There are no taxis here and I don't drive. How many beds will be available will depend on who's here at the time. But there are enough rooms for privacy. 'Sun shine upon you.' -- from a SF story of the 20s, I forget which: the reply was, 'Fortune favor you.' Probably the only two good lines in the story, which I have otherwise forgotten. Prosper and flourish". Science fiction, fantasy and crime author Avram Davidson (1923-1993) won a Hugo, 3 World Fantasy Awards, an Edgar and an Ellery Queen. A medic in World War II and the Israeli War of Independence and a Talmud scholar, who converted late in life to Tenrikyo Shinto, Davidson published over 200 stories and 18 novels. He was editor of Fantasy and Science Fiction (1962-1964), probably the genre's most prestigious publication. Vergil and Aeneus was the sequel to his popular The Phoenix and the Mirror (1969), a fantasy set in Roman times. Peregrine: Secundus was the second volume in a medieval-themed series. A self-taught writer who elevated his prose from pulp fiction to literary sophistication, Davidson won the World Fantasy Association Lifetime Achievement Award in1986, but lived his later years in poverty. Normal mailing folds. Lightly worn. Lightly creased. Otherwise, fine condition.

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