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  • ALICE BRADY Pair of tan fur-lined gloves worn by Alice Brady when she was a baby. A unique memento of the Academy Award-wining actress. Ephemera unsigned. Pair of gloves, 2¾x4¾ right glove, 3¼x4¾ left glove. This is a pair of tan leather gloves with fur lining worn by Brady when she was a baby. read more...

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  • CHEECH & CHONG Signed VHS box for Cheech and Chong's Next Movie, the 1980 sequel to the comedy duo's surprise 1978 hit Up in Smoke Ephemera signed "Cheech" and Chong". 4x7¼x1 cardstock box. Box for a VHS videotape of Cheech and Chong's Next Movie (1980). Tape not included. read more...

    Sale Price $288.00


  • OLIVIA de HAVILLAND Olivia de Havilland signs a white 14x14 handkerchief. Handkerchief signed: "Olivia de Havilland", 14x14. White handkerchief with rose embroidered at corner. Scalloped edges around flower. read more...

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  • W. C. FIELDS This silver cigar cutter once belonged to the vaudeville performer and is framed with a color photograph Ephemera Unsigned: 2¼-inch silver cigar cutter. Color image of Fields is 4x6 (visible). read more...

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  • JAMES GANDOLFINI The late actor signs his name in blue paint on the base of a microphone Ephemera signed: "James", in blue paint, 7½x2¼. A Starpower Series Dynamic Microphone. Included in the original box. read more...

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  • [LILLIAN GISH]. Keychain, unsigned. Gold-tone metal keychain, 1-inch diameter ring at top, 1¼-inch chain attached to three dimensional gold eagle, approximately 1¼ inches high and 1½ inches wide. Originally owned by Gish. Lillian Gish (1896-1993), born Lillian de Guiche, began her career as child actress "Baby Lillian" at the age of five. read more...

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  • LARRY HAGMAN The actor signs on a fake Dallas $10,000 bill Ephemera signed: "Larry Hagman", 6½x3 fake $10,000 bill. In 1965, Hagman (1931-2012) received his most prominent acting assignment to date as eternally flustered astronaut Tony Nelson on the TV sitcom I Dream of Jeannie read more...

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  • MARGARET HAMILTON. A lock of hair from the "Wicked Witch of the West Ephemera unsigned. Several strands of her hair enclosed in plastic and laminated to an 8½x11 page. Also printed on the page are a caption identifying read more...

    Sale Price $360.00


  • TOMMY LEE JONES Life mask used to design make-up appliances for his role as "Two-Face" in Batman Forever. Ephemera, unsigned. Plaster, one-foot high, facial life mask of Tommy Lee Jones, used in designing his make-up for the role of Two-Face in the film Batman Forever (1995). read more...

    Sale Price $1,020.00


  • BURT LANCASTER He autographs a 5¼x3¾ sticker of himself Sticker signed: "Burt Lancaster". Color, 5¼x3¾. Rugged, athletic and handsome, Burt Lancaster enjoyed phenomenal success from his first film, The Killers, to his last, Field of Dreams-over a career spanning more than four decades. read more...

    Sale Price $234.00


  • ROBERT LOGGIA Miniature clapperboard signed in gold ink by the talented character actor Ephemera signed: "Robert Loggia" in gold ink, 7¾x7. Miniature clapperboard with fully-functioning arm made either of wood or of quality imitation wood. Robert Loggia (1930-2015) was originally cast as a leading man. read more...

    Sale Price $324.00


  • LOGGINS AND MESSINA: KENNY LOGGINS and JIM MESSINA Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina sign a gold Wuhan cymbal. Cymbal signed: "Yo Mama Don't Dance/Kenny Loggins" and "Jim Messina". Gold, 12-inch Wuhan cymbal, signed on upper side. read more...

    Sale Price $1,742.50


  • RALPH MACCHIO The “Karate Kid” signs this black belt in silver felt tip Ephemera signed: "Ralph Macchio" in silver felt tip, 63x1½-inch black belt. Best known for playing Daniel LaRusso read more...

    Sale Price $510.00


  • This unique piece is an unsigned photo throw pillow of Emmy-winning Audrey Meadows with husband Robert Six of Continental Airlines. Meadows is best known for playing Alice Kramden on The Honeymooners. read more...

    Sale Price $144.00


  • JOE NAMATH The New York Jets quarterback who led the team to a win in Super Bowl III signs a seat cushion with a Jets logo on it. Seat Cushion signed: "Joe Namath/x12" signed in black felt tip, 12.5x12.5. The cushion is white with a red border and has a green New York Jets logo on it. . read more...

    Sale Price $743.75


  • AL PACINO The Oscar-winning actor signs the front of a Mezco Toyz action figure box containing his character "Tony Montana" from the 1983 film, Scarface Action Figure signed: "Al Pacino" on front of box. read more...

    Sale Price $360.00


  • GEORGE REEVES The actor famous for his portrayal of Superman wore these trunks while shooting The Adventures of Superman Ephemera Unsigned: A pair of trunks worn by actor George Reeves in the 1950's classic The Adventures of Superman television series. read more...

    Sale Price $5,312.50


  • GEORGE REEVES and EMILE La VIGNE The famed make-up artist crafts a cast of TV's first Superman Rubber cast of a life mask of Reeves, crafted by make-up and effects artist Emile LaVigne. Reeves has not signed the mask, but the wood backing is signed: "LaVigne" in black felt tip. read more...

    Sale Price $1,530.00


  • CESAR ROMERO Spool of recording tape recorded by Romero for an Easter Seal campaign, inscribed by him inside the box cover. Inscribed Ephemera signed: "To Selwyn Gamble/With the very best wishes of/Cesar Romero", 5¼x5¼ box, . Spool of magnetic recording tape featuring Celebrity Spots for the 1983 Easter Seal Campaign. read more...

    Sale Price $180.00


  • Gold-colored grape-and-leaves motif brooch with imitation pearls, owned and worn by the actress. She reportedly gave it to a stage hand, saying "I'll give this to you if you let your wife wear it occasionally. It's much too pretty to lock away." read more...

    Sale Price $680.00


  • MARIA TALLCHIEF Pair of well-worn ballet slippers signed by Tallchief Pair of ballet slippers signed "Maria Tallchief" in blue ink above the toe on each slipper. Each slipper is 9x2¼. This unique item is an appropriate memento of Tallchief: a pair of well-worn ballet slippers, signed by her above both toes. read more...

    Sale Price $680.00


  • LOWELL THOMAS Unsigned brown tie printed with black rings that was owned by radio journalist Lowell Thomas Ephemera unsigned. 31x2 brown tie with black interlocked rings. With tag from Marguerite of California, San Francisco, California. read more...

    Sale Price $180.00


  • HENRY WINKLER: FONZIE'S LUNCH BOX Henry Winkler signs an original metal "The Fonz" lunch box. Ephemera signed: "Henry Winkler". Metal "The Fonz" Lunch Box, 8½x6¾x4. On October 30, read more...

    Sale Price $850.00


  • FAY WRAY King Kong action figure - with a miniature screaming Ann Darrow, Fay Wray's character - from McFarlane Toys, signed on the box by Wray in red ink Action figure signed "Fay Wray" in red ink on box window. Box is 12 ¾ x 13 ¾ x 5 ¾, unopened. read more...

    Sale Price $510.00


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