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This undated letter home from a Union soldier was written after mid-1862 on stationery with a patriotic cartoon showing Uncle Sam whittling pieces off the Confederacy.

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This undated letter home from a Union soldier was written after mid-1862 on stationery with a patriotic cartoon showing Uncle Sam whittling pieces off the Confederacy. This soldier talks about the harvest back home, his horror from the losses incurred in the war and his frustration with Union generals that wouldn't take advantage of earlier victories.
Autograph letter signed "J. C. McQuigg". 4 pages ruled paper, 9¼x7½, 1 sheet folded, with three-color patriotic cartoon at top right corner In a brown imitation leather portfolio with blue cloth mattes, a one-page 8x10½ (visible) typed transcription of the letter, a color 4½x6½ (visible) illustration of a Civil War battle scene and a 4x2 nameplate. In full: "Well Myron I presume it would be adviable to keep that Sheet that you Sent to me containing the loving picture This one will do you and an [sic] represent out Dower Little do I think about the fair maidens but if I send this practical picture to them if may arouse a loving feeling within their warm an [sic] patriotic f bosoms You wanted to know how 'Lizzie' (curly Lizzie')was coming on well, I cannot inform you I can get no information [sic] from that Section Sometimes Jim Richard from that neighborhood tell me Some things that are trenspiring [sic] - Lucian& I get a prea-sent [sic] yesterday from old Wayne - I presume it came from the Daltin neighborhood & though it was from your dear darling Sweet little Sallie or from Lizzie close close by - It was home made Sugar - I will have to write her a loving letter an [sic]when I get home give her a good nights [sic] Squeeze - I have no doubt but ere this reaches you, that you will be with your harvester in the golden grain labering [sic] harder then [sic] we are I Suppose The fermers [sic] will be Scarse [sic] if hervest [sic] hands, - I know two that will not be there that is Lucien an [sic] I - pervie, have our hervest [sic] in camp this Summer That kind of a time will you heve this fourth. last I Spent a very pleasant dy [sic] in Thaester with some of the darling lassies - Little did I think at that time this rebellion would be rageing [sic] this fourth with such fierce an [sic] momentus [sic] power - There nere [sic] as much prespect of it Stiping [sic] at that time as there is tody [sic] Many a hard a fearce [sic] battle has been fought Since that time - Many a brave an [sic] daring hero hes [sic] been entombed upon [sic] the bettle [sic] field - Thousands have gon [sic] to their watery cold an [sic] Slimy graves in devetion [sic] to their countrys call - When Shall this be ended? Shall Thousands upon thousands more if [sic] such breve [sic] and daring heros [sic] be made to lick the dust an Still our country Stand torn an Shatered [sic] into frag-ments Shall we leave again if Such battle field as 'Shiloh" & 'Seven Pines'? I am afraid that Such will be the case unless more Stringer [sic] restrictions are adeped [sic] by the head of the governments It may be that if a fierc [sic] an [sic] deadly conflict be fought at Richmond and it be Successfu [sic] on our Side that the rebellion will not Survive much lenger [sic] - But I am afraid that Such will not be the case on account of the delay of the commending [sic] Generals - I here [sic] not Seen fines censering [sic] Bill Hendssins patriotism - My opinion is that he had no notion of coming to war as we would not have taken his trunk with him - Such 'bash' as that may do to tell to these that know now better - It does not look plausible [sic] to an intelligent mind It is net necessary for me to give you any description of our possession of the [illegible] it is becoming old now - One thing I have to Sey [sic] about it is that is a verry [sic] Strong hold - We could not have taken it with fifty thousand men if they had Shown fight My opinion is that it is a Stronger place than Island no 10 an [sic] would to more men to have taken it - How long will remain here is uncerta-in It may be that we will leave when General Buel gets into East Tennessee - I beleave we coul-d Soon clean East tenessee [sic] if they would let us go on - How many men hes [sic] Henry Eberhert enlisted I heerd [sic]that he had enlisted five two of them were Lew Myres and Dan Jorn-ell If you wish to be in the army now is the time go in for the yer [sic] or Stay at home Should be your moto [sic]- The health of the boys is pretty good Jim Ross has been poorly for the last week but he is Some better - give my respect to you father an [sic] Mother Nothing more at this time Write Soon an [sic] oblige yours ever true friend". This undated letter was probably written after mid-1862, as it mentions the battle of Shiloh (April 6-7, 1862, 23,741 total casualties) and Seven Pines (May 31, 1862, 11,165 total casualties). McQuigg wrote this undated letter to his hometown friend Myron Yocum. McQuigg appears to have been from Wayne County, Ohio. He joined Company A of the Fourth Ohio Infantry in 1861 and, after serving three months in West Virginia, enlisted in Company G of 16th Ohio Regiment. He was wounded during the siege of Vicksburg in May of 1863 and was honorably discharged. He was admitted to the bar in 1867 and moved to Pana, Illinois. Letter is lightly toned and foxed. Folded twice and unfolded. Otherwise in fine condition.

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