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He signs a content-rich typed 1958 letter from Europe to a radio news man, saying the US must be ready to fight for Israel even though a major war will mean "the end of our way of life for some time." Typed Letter signed: "Neil Vanderbilt", 1 page, 8¼x11½.

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He signs a content-rich typed 1958 letter from Europe to a radio news man, saying the US must be ready to fight for Israel even though a major war will mean "the end of our way of life for some time."
Typed Letter signed: "Neil Vanderbilt", 1 page, 8¼x11½. Interlaken, Switzerland, 1958 June 18. On letterhead of the Hotel Beau Rivage to "Dear [TV and radio commentator] George Sanders". In full: "So very happy to receive all your good Democratic news! Nothing like that has seeped through to us here so far in Europe. It peps me up a great deal. But I still don't put it past the GOP to get us into war just about the time of the 1960 election, if we are not pushed into it before as it now looks as if we may be at any moment, though I still don't think it will happen before 1960, unless some one gets trigger happy. The next place to watch is IRAQ. The Russian subversives are at work on it now. You see their main plan is to do away with Israel, by any manner of means as Israel is our only true friend and ally in the Near East - the only country the USA can really count on, in a pinch. So the Russians have gotten the Turks and the Greeks fighting each other in Cyprus, and at the same time this ties up British paratroopers who can't be sent elsewhere if needed without being exterminated in Cyprus themselves. Then Greece and Turkey will be so busy with each other on the mainland, the Turks won't be able to do anything to help us on that flank of our Near Eastern setup if trouble breaks out near there. Then they will upset the Iraquian apple-cart, and start in on Jordan. By that time they will have the entire Near East aflame. Each time they upset the internal politics of a country there is more hell to pay for ISRAEL. I think the Russians are convinced we won't fight to help keep Israel afloat, regardless of what happens. But I think we will fight, though it will be a very unpopular move if we do. The people who hate the Jews will be yelling; those who like them will say our help has come too late. They will be right. But this will be the beginning of the Little Armageddon. This doesn't mean the end of the world by any means as there will be vast areas of the world unaffected - S. Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and even parts of Europe and the Americas. But it will mean the end of our way of life for some time. Dear Mr. Veep isn't sagatious [sic] enough to see this; Ike is either too ill or too interested in his past glories to expect any future worries. Incidentally I asked my Wash office to send you some of my NEWSLETTERS and to put you on our COMP list for a while. If you like it send them ten bucks; if you don't then drop it in the nearest waste-paper-basket. We'll be home soon, and I'll make it a point to try to see you soon after we go west. My Reno box number always reaches me faster than almost any place else. I'd like very much to have a good old-fashioned political chat with you. Meanwhile, I'd appreciate any news, on or off the record with or without your name, to quote. All the best and again thanks." Cornelius Vanderbilt IV (1898-1974), who preferred to be called Cornelius Vanderbilt Jr, served as a ambulance driver in World War I, assigned that duty because he knew how to drive a Rolls Royce. A private in World War I, he served in World War II as a major. Vanderbilt chose a career in journalism, much to the dismay of his wealthy parents, who hated the press. He worked at various times for three New York newspapers, the Herald, the Times and the Daily Mirror, but lost $6 million in unsuccessful newspaper startups. He wrote several books, including a biography of his mother, Grace Vanderbilt. He once said, "I would rather be a vagabond than a Vanderbilt," and offended high society with his memoir Farewell to Fifth Avenue. He was married seven times. Vanderbilt lectured on public affairs and was a strong supporter of the state of Israel.As this letter attests, he was also a Democrat. Lightly chipped at edges. Fold creases not near signature. Otherwise, fine condition.

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