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  • JOHN EHRLICHMAN Excerpt from Witness to Power signed by President Nixon's former counsel in black ink Typescript signed: "John Ehrlichman", 1p, 8½x11. Headed: "An excerpt from/Witness to Power/by/John Ehrlichman". In part: "Richard Nixon seldom spoke to anyone while riding in an elevator.

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  • JEB STUART MAGRUDER Typescript detailing his arrival at the White House and his many roles in President Nixon's campaign, presidency, and the Watergate Scandal Typescript Signed: "Jeb Magruder". 8½x11 1-page.

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  • JAMES EARL RAY An interview with the convicted assassin of Martin Luther King, Jr. Typescript signed: "James Earl Ray", 1p, 8½x11. No place, no date. Excerpts from a "USA Today" interview with James Earl Ray, who was sentenced to 99 years in prison for the April 4, 1968 murder of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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  • PETE ROSEInk signature on the front of a 5-page copy of the Baseball Commissioner's report which banished him from Major League Baseball Typescript signed: "Pete Rose", 5 pages, 8½x11. Complete transcript of the official report, Office

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  • Hjalmar Schacht, Minister of Finance for Nazi Germany, signed this English-language typescript about the charges leveled against him at the International Military Tribunal at Nuremburg and his fellow defendants.

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  • ALBERT SPEER The Nazi general signs a typescript of the United States' Declaration of War on Germany. Typescript signed: "Albert Speer", 1 p, 8½x11. Text of the United States' Declaration of War on Germany, December 11, 1941. An architect, Speer (1905-1981) was appointed Inspector-General of the Reich by Hitler in 1937.

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  • ALBERT SPEER. Typescript signed: "Albert Speer", 1 p, 8½x4½. Text of message from Speer in Berlin, April 3, 1945, to Gauleiter Uiberreither in Graz (an Austrian city annexed by Germany (1938-1945). (A gauleiter was a local Nazi chieftain.) In full: "According to the Fuehrer's orders of March 30, 1945, there is to be no scorched earth.

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  • GORE VIDAL He signs a typescript, the beginning of his novel 1876. Typescript inscribed and signed: "Roland Geiser from Gore Vidal", 1 page, 8½x11. Beginning of Chapter One of his novel, 1876. Gore Vidal's

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  • GORE VIDAL The novelist signs an 8½x11 page with the beginning of Chapter One from his novel 1876 printed on it. Typescript inscribed and signed: "Bill Anthony from Gore Vidal", 1p, 8½x11. Beginning of Chapter One of his novel, 1876.

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