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DANIEL D. EMMETT. Signature: "Daniel D. Emmett.", 3½x2 card. Daniel Decatur Emmett (1815-1904) is best known as the composer of "Dixie". The song, which he wrote in 1859 as the finale to a minstrel show, gained national popularity, became the unofficial anthem of the Confederacy and was played at the inauguration of Jefferson Davis on February 18, 1861. Emmett, who is credited with co-founding the Virginia Minstrels, one of the earliest minstrel troupes (1843), had begun his musical career as a fifer in the Army at the age of 17. In 1858, the year before he wrote "Dixie", the talented drummer, violinist, flutist and singer joined the Bryant Minstrels, which enjoyed enormous popularity in New York City. Although he retired in 1888, Emmett later toured with A.G. Field's minstrel troupe in 1895. Slightly soiled at upper left corner and lower blank margin. Fine condition.

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Born: October 29, 1815 in Mount Vernon, Ohio
Died: June 28, 1904 in Mount Vernon, Ohio

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Documentary (Sound), 1939 Scalp Trouble (Sound), 1939 Old Natchez on the Mississippi (Sound), 1939 Naughty Neighbors (Sound), 1939 Lincoln in the White House (Sound), 1939 Kristopher Kolumbus Jr. (Sound), 1939 Gone with the Wind (Sound), 1939 Fixer Dugan (Sound), 1939 Dodge City (Sound), 1939 Detouring America (Sound), 1939 A Day at the Zoo (Sound), 1938 The Texans (Sound), 1938 The Story of Doctor Carver (Sound), 1938 The Big Broadcast of 1938 (Sound), 1938 Porky's Poppa (Sound), 1938 Of Human Hearts (Sound), 1938 Natural Wonders of the West (Sound), 1938 Little Miss Broadway (Sound), 1938 Kentucky (Sound), 1938 Johnny Smith and Poker-Huntas (Sound), 1938 Brother Rat (Sound), 1937 Under Southern Stars (Sound), 1937 Uncle Tom's Bungalow (Sound), 1937 They Won't Forget (Sound), 1937 The Toast of New York (Sound), 1937 The Man Without a Country (Sound), 1937 Public Wedding (Sound), 1937 Porky's Railroad (Sound), 1937 Marry the Girl (Sound), 1936 The Prisoner of Shark Island (Sound), 1936 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(Music Department)

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