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The actor and actress sign a note on opposite sides of a 6x4 album leaf.
Autograph Note signed: "To Louie/Best wishes/Eddie Albert" and, on verso: "To/Louie-/Best Wishes/from/Patti/Page", 6x4 album leaf. Small photos of Albert and Page are affixed on each side. Best known for his role as city slicker turned farmer Oliver Douglas on TV's Green Acres (1965-1971) with Eva Gabor as his wife, EDDIE ALBERT (1906-2005) had made his movie debut in Brother Rat in 1938; his costars included Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman. Nominated for Best Supporting Actor in 1953 (Roman Holiday) and 1972 (The Heartbreak Kid), Albert's film career included Airport '79, Escape to Witch Mountain, The Longest Yard, Captain Newman, M.D., The Longest Day, The Sun Also Rises, The Teahouse of the August Moon, Oklahoma!, You're in the Navy Now and Hit Parade of 1947. The best-selling female vocalist of the 1950s, PATTI PAGE (1927-2013) scored with hits such as her signature song, "Tennessee Waltz" (1950), "Doggie in the Window" (1953) and "Old Cape Cod" (1957). She also hosted TV's Patti Page Show from 1955-1959. Seldom recording after 1968, Page remained a popular touring performer. Slightly creased, lightly rippled at lower left blank margin of Albert's side. Light show through of Albert's photo on Page's side. Binding holes at blank left edge. Fine condition.

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Born: April 22, 1906 in Rock Island, Illinois
Died: May 26, 2005 in Pacific Palisades, California

Film Credits
2012 Until They Are Home (in person), 2010 Special Collector's Edition (Other), 2010 20 to 1 (Sound), 2006 War Stories with Oliver North (in person), 2006 The 78th Annual Academy Awards (Other), 2006 CMT: The Greatest - 20 Greatest Country Comedy Shows (Other), 2005 NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams (Other), 2003 The Desilu Story (in person), 2003 50 Greatest TV Animals (Other), 2002 The Kid Stays in the Picture (Other), 2002 Restoring Roman Holiday (Other), 2002 Remembering 'Roman Holiday' (in person), 2001 Hollywood Greats (in person), 1998-1999 Great Performances (in person), 1998 Intimate Portrait (in person), 1998 E! True Hollywood Story (in person), 1997 Extreme Ghostbusters (Performer), 1997 California (Performer), 1997 20th Century-Fox: The First 50 Years (Other), 1996-1997 Spider-Man (Performer), 1995 Victory in the Pacific (in person), 1995 The Barefoot e_xecutive (Performer), 1994 Headless! (Performer), 1994 Death Valley Memories (Performer), 1993 Time Trax (Performer), 1993 The Legend of the Beverly Hillbillies (in person), 1993 The Jackie Thomas Show (in person), 1993 The Golden Palace (Performer), 1993 Son in Law (Sound), 1993 Okavango: The Wild Frontier (Performer), 1992 The 52th Annual Golden Apple Awards (in person), 1992 One on One with John Tesh (in person), 1991 The Girl from Mars (Performer), 1991 The 43th Annual Directors Guild Awards (in person), 1991 AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Kirk Douglas (in person), 1990 The Ray Bradbury Theatre (Performer), 1990 Return to Green Acres (Performer), 1989 thirtysomething (Performer), 1989 The Big Picture (Performer), 1989 The 19th Annual Nosotros Golden Eagle Awards (in person), 1989 Christmas with the Stars: An International Earthquake Benefit (in person), 1989 Brenda Starr (Performer), 1988 War and Remembrance (Performer), 1988 The18th Annual Nosotros Golden Eagle Awards (in person), 1988 The Twilight Zone (Performer), 1988 Murder, She Wrote (Performer), 1988 AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Jack Lemmon (in person), 1987 Turnaround (Performer), 1987 Mercy or Murder (Performer), 1987 Falcon Crest (Performer), 1986 Highway to Heaven (Performer), 1986 Dress Gray (Performer), 1985 The Walt Disney Comedy and Magic Revue (Other), 1985 Stitches (Performer), 1985 Musical Comedy Tonight III (in person), 1985 In Like Flynn (Performer), 1985 Hotel (Performer), 1985 Head Office (Performer), 1984 The Act (Performer), 1984 The 1st TV Academy Hall of Fame (in person), 1984 Dreamscape (Performer), 1984 Burning Rage (Performer), 1983 Your Choice for the Film Awards (in person), 1983 The Love Boat (Performer), 1983 The Demon Murder Case (Performer), 1983 Simon & Simon (Performer), 1983 Parade of Stars (in person), 1983 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (in person), 1983 Juke Box Saturday Night (in person), 1982 Yes, Giorgio (Performer), 1982 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color (Performer), 1982 The Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts (in person), 1982 Rooster (Performer), 1982 Beyond Witch Mountain (Performer), 1981 Yesterday (Performer), 1981 The Oklahoma City Dolls (Performer), 1981 The Fall Guy (Performer), 1981 Take This Job and Shove It (Performer), 1981 Peter and Paul (Performer), 1981 Living in Paradise (Performer), 1981 Goliath Awaits (Performer), 1980 Trouble in High Timber Country (Performer), 1980 Siegfried and Roy (in person), 1980 How to Beat the High Co$t of Living (Performer), 1980 Foolin' Around (Performer), 1980 Border Cop (Performer), 1980 Beulah Land (Performer), 1979 The Concorde... Airport '79 (Performer), 1978 The Word (Performer), 1978 The Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts (in person), 1978 Evening in Byzantium (Performer), 1978 Dean Martin Celebrity Roast: Jimmy Stewart (in person), 1978 Crash (Performer), 1977 Switch (Sound), 1977 Music My Way (in person), 1977 AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Bette Davis (in person), 1976 The 30th Annual Tony Awards (in person), 1976 Moving Violation (Performer), 1976 CBS Salutes Lucy: The First 25 Years (in person), 1976 Birch Interval (Performer), 1976 AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to William Wyler (in person), 1975-1978 Switch (Performer), 1975 Whiffs (Performer), 1975 The Devil's Rain (Performer), 1975 Promise Him Anything (Performer), 1975 Hustle (Performer), 1975 Escape to Witch Mountain (Performer), 1974 The Take (Performer), 1974 The Longest Yard (Performer), 1974 McQ (Performer), 1974 Kung Fu (Performer), 1974 Benjamin Franklin (Performer), 1973 The Borrowers (Performer), 1973 The 45th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1973 Here's Lucy (in person), 1973 Daddy's Girl (Performer), 1972 This Is Your Life (in person), 1972 The Lorax (Performer), 1972 The Heartbreak Kid (Performer), 1972 McCloud (Performer), 1972 Fireball Forward (Performer), 1971 The Val Doonican Show (in person), 1971 The Pet Set (in person), 1971 The David Frost Show (in person), 1971 See the Man Run (Performer), 1971 Li'l Abner (Performer), 1971 Columbo (Performer), 1970 The Merv Griffin Show (in person), 1970 The Dick Cavett Show (in person), 1970 Howdy (Performer), 1969 The Johnny Cash Show (in person), 1969 The Joey Bishop Show (in person), 1969 The Ed Nelson Show (in person), 1968 The Pat Boone Show (in person), 1968 The Beverly Hillbillies (Performer), 1968 The Beautiful Phyllis Diller Show (in person), 1968 Mouse on the Mayflower (Performer), 1967-1968 The Carol Burnett Show (in person), 1967 The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour (in person), 1966-1971 The Dean Martin Comedy Hour (in person), 1966 What's My Line (in person), 1966 The Dean Martin Comedy Hour (Sound), 1966 Password All-Stars (in person), 1966 Hippodrome (in person), 1966 7 Women (Performer), 1965-1980 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color (Other), 1965-1971 Green Acres (Performer), 1965-1968 Petticoat Junction (Performer), 1965-1966 The Danny Kaye Show (in person), 1965 The Secret to the Sixties (in person), 1965 The Rogues (Performer), 1965 The Party's Over (Performer), 1965 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (Performer), 1965 The Danny Kaye Show (Sound), 1965 Green Acres (Sound), 1965 Burke's Law (Performer), 1964 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (Performer), 1964 The Reporter (Performer), 1964 The Outer Limits (Performer), 1964 The Nutcracker (Performer), 1964 The Mike Douglas Show (in person), 1964 The Lieutenant (Performer), 1964 The Hollywood Palace (in person), 1964 Rawhide (Performer), 1964 Mr. Novak (Performer), 1964 Kraft Suspense Theatre (Performer), 1963 Wide Country (Performer), 1963 The Greatest Show on Earth (Performer), 1963 The Eleventh Hour (Performer), 1963 The DuPont Show of the Week (Performer), 1963 Sam Benedict (Performer), 1963 Naked City (Performer), 1963 Miracle of the White Stallions (Performer), 1963 Hollywood Without Make-Up (Other), 1963 General Hospital (Performer), 1963 Dr. Kildare (Performer), 1963 Combat! (Performer), 1963 Captain Newman, M.D. (Performer), 1962 Winter Journey (Performer), 1962 Who's Got the Action (Performer), 1962 The Virginian (Performer), 1962 The New Breed (Performer), 1962 The Longest Day (Performer), 1962 The 34th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1962 Madison Avenue (Performer), 1962 Kraft Mystery Theater (Performer), 1962 Ben Casey (Performer), 1962 Alcoa Premiere (Performer), 1961 Theatre '62 (Performer), 1961 The Young Doctors (Performer), 1961 The Two Little Bears (Performer), 1961 The Spiral Staircase (Performer), 1961 The Dinah Shore Chevy Show (in person), 1961 The Chevy Show (in person), 1961 Tales of Wells Fargo (Performer), 1961 Here's Hollywood (in person), 1961 Frontier Circus (Performer), 1960 The 14th Annual Tony Awards (in person), 1960 Sunday Showcase (Performer), 1960 Startime (Performer), 1960 Person to Person (in person), 1959-1960 The Jack Paar Tonight Show (in person), 1959 Your Hit Parade (Performer), 1959 The David Niven Show (Performer), 1959 The Ballad of Louie the Louse (Performer), 1959 The 31st Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1959 Riverboat (Performer), 1959 Playhouse 90 (Performer), 1959 Laramie (Performer), 1959 Disneyland '59 (in person), 1959 Beloved Infidel (Performer), 1958-1959 Frontier Justice (Other), 1958 Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse (Performer), 1958 This Is Your Life (in person), 1958 The Roots of Heaven (Performer), 1958 The Gun Runners (Performer), 1958 The Garry Moore Show (in person), 1958 Studio 57 (Performer), 1958 Orders to Kill (Performer), 1958 Goodyear Theatre (Performer), 1957-1962 Wagon Train (Performer), 1957-1958 The Patrice Munsel Show (in person), 1957 The Sun Also Rises (Performer), 1957 The Ride Back (Sound), 1957 The Joker Is Wild (Performer), 1956-1958 Zane Grey Theater (Performer), 1956-1957 Climax! (Performer), 1956 The Teahouse of the August Moon (Performer), 1956 The Alcoa Hour (Performer), 1956 Our Mr. Sun (Performer), 1956 Operation Teahouse (in person), 1956 Attack (Performer), 1955 TV Reader's Digest (Performer), 1955 The Name's the Same (in person), 1955 The Girl Rush (Performer), 1955 The Eddie Cantor Comedy Theater (Performer), 1955 The Colgate Comedy Hour (in person), 1955 The Chocolate Soldier (Performer), 1955 Robert Montgomery Presents (Performer), 1955 Oklahoma! (Performer), 1955 MGM Parade (Other), 1955 I'll Cry Tomorrow (Performer), 1955 Front Row Center (Performer), 1955 A Connecticut Yankee (Performer), 1954-1969 The Ed Sullivan Show (in person), 1954-1961 General Electric Theater (Performer), 1954-1958 The Loretta Young Show (Performer), 1954 The Saturday Night Revue (in person), 1954 Medallion Theatre (Performer), 1953-1962 The United States Steel Hour (Performer), 1953-1956 The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse (Performer), 1953-1956 Goodyear Playhouse (Performer), 1953-1954 Your Show of Shows (Performer), 1953 The Revlon Mirror Theater (Performer), 1953 The Plymouth Playhouse (Performer), 1953 The Philip Morris Playhouse (Performer), 1953 The Motorola Television Hour (Performer), 1953 Season's Greetings (Performer), 1953 Roman Holiday (Performer), 1953 On Your Account (in person), 1953 Nothing But the Best (Performer), 1953 Excursion (in person), 1953 Danger (Performer), 1952-1958 Schlitz Playhouse (Performer), 1952 The Eddie Albert Show (in person), 1952 Leave It to Larry (Performer), 1952 Carrie (Performer), 1952 Actor's and Sin (Performer), 1951-1953 Studio One in Hollywood (Performer), 1951 You're in the Navy Now (Performer), 1951 Somerset Maugham TV Theatre (Performer), 1951 Meet Me After the Show (Performer), 1951 Lights Out (Performer), 1950 The Fuller Brush Girl (Performer), 1949-1953 Suspense (Performer), 1949 The Paul Whiteman's Goodyear Revue (in person), 1948 You Gotta Stay Happy (Performer), 1948 The Ford Theatre Hour (Performer), 1948 The Dude Goes West (Performer), 1948 The Chevrolet Tele-Theatre (Performer), 1948 Every Girl Should Be Married (Performer), 1947 Unconquered (Performer), 1947 Time Out of Mind (Performer), 1947 The Perfect Marriage (Performer), 1947 Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman (Performer), 1947 Hit Parade of 1947 (Performer), 1946 Strange Voyage (Performer), 1946 Rendezvous with Annie (Performer), 1946 Human Growth (Producer), 1946 Human Growth (in person), 1946 Human b_eginnings (Producer), 1943 Screen Snapshots Series 23, No. 1: Hollywood in Uniform (in person), 1943 Lady Bodyguard (Performer), 1943 Ladies' Day (Performer), 1943 Bombardier (Performer), 1942 Treat 'Em Rough (Performer), 1942 Eagle Squadron (Performer), 1941 Thieves Fall Out (Performer), 1941 The Wagons Roll at Night (Performer), 1941 The Great Mr. Nobody (Performer), 1941 Out of the Fog (Performer), 1941 Four Mothers (Performer), 1941 Breakdowns of 1941 (Other), 1940 My Love Came Back (Performer), 1940 Brother Rat and a Baby (Performer), 1940 An Angel from Texas (Performer), 1940 A Dispatch from Reuter's (Performer), 1939 On Your Toes (Performer), 1939 Four Wives (Performer), 1938 Brother Rat (Performer)

Theatre Credits
You Can't Take It With You - Performer (April 4, 1983 - January 1, 1984), No Hard Feelings - Performer (April 8, 1973 - April 8, 1973), Say, Darling - Performer (April 3, 1958 - January 17, 1959), The Music Man - Performer (December 19, 1957 - April 15, 1961), The Seven Year Itch - Performer (November 20, 1952 - August 13, 1955), Miss Liberty - Performer (July 15, 1949 - April 8, 1950), The Boys from Syracuse - Performer (November 23, 1938 - June 10, 1939), Room Service - Performer (May 19, 1937 - July 16, 1938), Brother Rat - Performer (December 16, 1936 - May 1938), O Evening Star - Performer (January 8, 1936 - Closing date unknown)

Born: November 8, 1927 in Claremore, Oklahoma
Died: January 1, 2013 in Encinitas, California

Film Credits
2013 The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards (Other), 2013 The 55th Annual Grammy Awards (Other), 2011 Sleep Tight (Sound), 2010 Michel Legrand and Friends (Sound), 2010 Michel Legrand and Friends (in person), 2008 The Sweet Lady with the Nasty Voice (Sound), 2008 The Sweet Lady with the Nasty Voice (Other), 2008 My Music: Love Songs of the '50s and '60s (Other), 2008 Lymelife (Sound), 2008 Hollywood Singing and Dancing: A Musical Treasure (in person), 2007 My Music: 50s Pop Parade (in person), 2006 My Music: Country Pop Legends (in person), 2006 Moments to Remember: My Music (in person), 2006 Frankie Laine: An American Dreamer (in person), 2006 A Good Year (Sound), 2005 The American Experience (Sound), 2005 Six Feet Under (Sound), 2005 Breakfast on Pluto (Sound), 2005 American Masters (Sound), 2004 The Sopranos (Sound), 2004 Patti Page Video Songbook (in person), 2004 Patti Page Sings the Hits (Other), 2004 Magic Moments: The Best of 50's Pop (in person), 2003 The Singing Detective (Sound), 2003 Normal (Sound), 2002 The Definitive Elvis: The Hollywood Years - Part I: 1956-1961 (in person), 2002 Elvis Forever (in person), 2001 Walk on By: The Story of Popular Song (in person), 2000 Relative Values (Sound), 1999 Liberty Heights (Sound), 1997 Benny Goodman's Greatest Hits (in person), 1995 The History of Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 2 (in person), 1994 The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (Sound), 1994 Nobody's Fool (Sound), 1994 Cops and Robbersons (Sound), 1993 The Women of Country (Other), 1992 School Ties (Sound), 1992 One on One with John Tesh (in person), 1991 The Wonder Years (Sound), 1991 The Magic of Bing Crosby (Other), 1990 Spontaneous Combustion (Sound), 1990 Die Hard 2 (Sound), 1990 Coupe de Ville (Sound), 1989 The Epic of Detective Mandy: Book One - Satan Claus (Sound), 1989 The Delinquents (Sound), 1989 Jukebox Saturday Night II (in person), 1987 Hour Magazine (in person), 1986 NBC 60th Anniversary Celebration (in person), 1986 Desert Bloom (Sound), 1986 Academy of Country Music's 20th Anniversary Reunion (in person), 1985 Desert Hearts (Sound), 1983 The Right Stuff (Sound), 1983 Here's Television Entertainment (in person), 1983 Åke Hasselgård story (in person), 1982 Porky's (Sound), 1980 Wicked Schoolgirls (Sound), 1978 Sha Na Na (in person), 1978 Good Old Days Part II (in person), 1978 ABC's Silver Anniversary Celebration (in person), 1977 Over Easy (in person), 1977 American Bandstand's 25th Anniversary (in person), 1976 The Mike Douglas Show (in person), 1976 Slumber Party '57 (Sound), 1975 Dinah! (in person), 1972 Pink Flamingos (Sound), 1972 Hee Haw (in person), 1971 Stand Up and Cheer (in person), 1970 Zabriskie Point (Sound), 1970 The Johnny Cash Show (in person), 1970 The David Frost Show (in person), 1969 The Mike Douglas Christmas Special (in person), 1969 The Bob Hope Show (Performer), 1968 The Kraft Music Hall (in person), 1968 Operation: Entertainment (in person), 1967 The Joey Bishop Show (in person), 1967 The Hollywood Squares (in person), 1966-1968 The Jackie Gleason Show (in person), 1966 The Dean Martin Comedy Hour (in person), 1966 Magic Mansion (Performer), 1965 The 37th Annual Academy Awards (Sound), 1965 The 37th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1964 The Jimmy Dean Show (in person), 1964 The Hollywood Palace (in person), 1962-1965 The Bell Telephone Hour (in person), 1962 Here's Hollywood (in person), 1962 Boys' Night Out (Sound), 1962 Boys' Night Out (Performer), 1961 Val Parnell's Sunday Night at the London Palladium (in person), 1961 Dondi (Sound), 1961 Dondi (Performer), 1961 Blue Hawaii (Performer), 1961 Bachelor Father (Performer), 1961 Bachelor Father (Sound), 1960-1969 The Bob Hope Show (in person), 1960 The Garry Moore Show (in person), 1960 The Dinah Shore Chevy Show (in person), 1960 Elmer Gantry (Sound), 1960 Elmer Gantry (Performer), 1959 The Steve Allen Plymouth Show (in person), 1958-1959 The Patti Page Oldsmobile Show (in person), 1958 The Bing Crosby Special (in person), 1957-1961 Perry Como's Kraft Music Hall (in person), 1957-1958 The Big Record (in person), 1957-1958 The Big Record (Sound), 1957 What's My Line (in person), 1957 The United States Steel Hour (Performer), 1957 New American Bandstand 1965 (in person), 1956 Person to Person (in person), 1956 Appointment with Adventure (Performer), 1955-1956 Frankie Laine Time (in person), 1955 The Colgate Comedy Hour (in person), 1954 The Morning Show (in person), 1954 Coke Time (in person), 1954 Autumn in Rome (Performer), 1953 Indiscretion of an American Wife (Sound), 1953 I've Got a Secret (in person), 1953 All Star Revue (Sound), 1952-1955 The Jackie Gleason Show (in person), 1952-1953 All Star Revue (in person), 1951 Kreisler Bandstand (in person), 1950-1970 The Ed Sullivan Show (in person)

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