EDMUND LOWE Collection of love letters and gossip magazine clippings between Lowe and actress Marian Marsh, detailing their love affair Edmund Lowe collection of nine items associated with the love affair between Lowe and fellow actor Marian Marsh: 1) Autograph Letter signed: "Edmund", 2 pages (front and verso), 8½x11.

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Collection of love letters and gossip magazine clippings between Lowe and actress Marian Marsh, detailing their love affair
Edmund Lowe collection of nine items associated with the love affair between Lowe and fellow actor Marian Marsh: 1) Autograph Letter signed: "Edmund", 2 pages (front and verso), 8½x11. No place, no date, but accompanying hand-delivered envelope in signer's hand to "Miss Marian Marsh" bears printed return address of Hotel del Tahquitz, Palm Springs, California.. To "Marian", in full: I came by for my papers at 6:45. This is the place for the morning - thought of you - asleep - and am leaving you this note - because you might like to come up and have some coffee with me at 'Little White House'. Call me the moment you awake. 4891 Palm Springs. I will send Ransome down to get you if you haven't a car. Have news etc. [signature] Playing tennis at 10." Horizontal and vertical folds, two of the latter crossing signature. Otherwise, fine condition. 2) Autograph Note, unsigned, in Lowe's hand, front and verso of 3½x2 card, accompanied by small envelope addressed by him to "Miss Marian Marsh".. In full: "In each lovely reed please find my arms around your dear self giving you strength and in each fragrant Bud please find a kiss for the most Beautiful rose bud of them all. Your velvet lips - and the Sergeant commands you to be on deck tomorrow night." A few letters of text slightly smudged. Otherwise, fine condition. 3) Autograph Note, unsigned, in Lowe's hand, 3¾x2¼ card with imprinted icon of a bouquet, accompanied by small envelope from the Biltmore, addressed by Lowe to "Miss Marion Marsh", with address completed in an unknown hand. In full: "I am kissing the honey from your Lips conveyed by your pure fragrant messenger and in each petal of these I send a kiss in Return." Lightly creased and soiled. Otherwise, fine condition. 4-6) Telegrams from Lowe to Marsh, dated 1935 April 27, June 22 and October 27, informing her of his travel plans. 7) Autograph Note on 3¾x1¼ slip bearing printed message, "Best Wishes for Christmas." In full: "From Mrs. Lowe's Boy to You." 8) Autograph Letter signed: "Edmund", 5 pages (4 of them folded to 6x8, the other on verso 8x12. No place, no date. On letterhead of the Norddeutcher Lloyd, Bremen to "My Dear Marian". Accompanying envelope addressed in his hand to "Miss Marian Marsh ... Hollywood, Calif., USA". UK postage, postmark illegible. In full: "On Board. Many times before leaving I started to pick up the telephone to say Au Revoir, but at that time, after your last conversation on the phone, I thought that Au Revoir might have been superfluous or, shall we say, taboo. But I just had to talk to you in some way so, voila, here I am. I have been thinking of you muchly and thinking how you would enjoy this voyage. We have had a lot of rolling in the last few days, but just enough to make it 'grand going' for a good sailor and you said you were all of that. This is a grand boat; service exemplary, excellent cuisine, and a marvelous masseur, and you can well imagine how I enjoy the latter. However I have remained, a steadfast adherent to my beloved vegetables and, boy are they good here. Must keep in shape for the coming picture, you know. Sally Eilers left us flat so I shot a cable to Balsam suggesting your sweet, lovely, self for the part, and much to my disappointment I just received an answer that he had already engaged Constance Cummings. There you see, Fate again plays me a nasty trick. I do hope you can read this Marian dear, but we are swaying a bit. Please try not to think too harshly about the Sergeant. (Oh, I didn't tell you, Sergeant has been promoted to a major I think.) For remember this, that we are not accountable for the actions of others. That's an axiom and consequently true blue. And please do not jump to conclusions, for your last conversation led me to believe that you might have. Think gently of me, Marian dear, rosebud dear, & need I say that my life will be so very much brighter if I hear from you? Please give my best to the family, and for your dear self all the very bestest best. [signature] P.S. And tell Tony to practice up cause I'm going to out-tennis him upon my return. I will be at Grovesnor House, London". Mailing folds. Minor ink smudges to a few letters of text. Otherwise, fine condition. 9) four unsigned newspaper clippings, each with a marked passage from the Hollywood columns of Louella Parsons, Jimmy Starr, Read Kendall, and one anonymous columnist. Each has a marked sentence or paragraph about a sighting of Lowe and Marsh together. The Parsons column, dated 1935 February 6, is represewntative: "Marian Marsh and Edmund Lowe dancing and dancing in the Biltmore Bowl; Howard Hughes and Marian seem to have said, 'Adieu' ..." LOWE (1890-1971) was a major film star of the silent era, his image recast from tuxedo-wearing sophisticate to brawling soldier Sergeant Quirt in What Price Glory (1927), hence Lowe's self-reference as "the Sergeant." By the mid-1930s, Lowe was fading from major star status, but he continued in character roles and even had a TV series, Front Page Detective (1951-1952). MARSH (1913-2006) had a bit part in Howard Hughes' Hell's Angels, then reached stardom in Svengali the following year. She worked in European films 1932-1934, before returning to major Hollywood roles, beginning with A Girl of the Limberlost (1934). This collection of notes, letters and clippings details the intense but ultimately failed romance between Lowe and Marsh in 1935. Marsh had previously been involved with Howard Hughes. Lowe had been married from 1925 to silent film star Lilyan Tashman until her death from cancer in 1934. Marsh was reportedly a steadfast bedside companion to Tashman until her death, but by 1935 was ready for a new romance. It's obvious from his notes and letters, especially the notes which obviously accompanied floral bouquets, that Lowe was enthralled with Marsh. The last letter, written on his sea voyage to Europe, implied however that she was breaking off with him. Marsh married stockbroker Albert Scott in 1938 and later married again.. Nevertheless, she saved these mementoes of Lowe. An interesting collection of items from a Hollywood romance. Nine items.

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