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Copy of a biography of cyclotron inventor Ernest O. Lawrence, signed on a presentation book plate by ten persons, including author Herbert Childs, Lawrence's widow Mary Lawrence, and 8 significant names in scientific research, military and otherwise.

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Copy of a biography of cyclotron inventor Ernest O. Lawrence, signed on a presentation book plate by ten persons, including author Herbert Childs, Lawrence's widow Mary Lawrence, and 8 significant names in scientific research, military and otherwise.
Book signed: "Herbert Childs" as author, "Edwin W. Pauley" as Senior Regent of the University of California, "Mary B. Lawrence" (Mrs. Ernest Orlando Lawrence), "John H. Lawrence" as Director of Donner Laboratory, "Edwin McMillan" as Director Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, "Glenn Seaborg as Director of the Atomic Energy Agency, "Leslie R. Groves" (US Army, Retired), "Harvey E White" as Director of the Lawrence Hall of Science, "Edward Teller (as Professor of Physics at large) and "Robert G. Sproul" as UC President Emeritus, 576 pages, 6½x9. An American Genius: the Life of Ernest Orlando Lawrence, by Herbert Childs. New York: E. P. Dutton & Co., 1968. Hard cover. First edition. Bookplate is affixed to interior of front cover. This book was signed on the occasion of the dedication of the Lawrence Hall of Science on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley. Ernest Orlando Lawrence (1901-1958), a professor at the University of California, was the inventor of the atom-smashing cyclotron and the winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics (1939). He worked on the Manhattan Project. Element 103, Lawrencium, is named for him. His brother JOHN H. LAWRENCE (1904-1991) was a pioneer of nuclear medicine, also affiliated with the University of California. He didn't work on bomb construction, but his successful research on the treatment of leukemia relied on radioactive phosphorus derived from brother Ernest's cyclotron. GLENN T. SEABORG (1912-1999), primary or co-discoverer of ten elements, including Seaborgium (#106), won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1951. An advisor to every President from Truman to Clinton, he was Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission for a decade (1961-1971), promoting science research and arms limitation. He was married to a former secretary of Ernest Lawrence. EDWARD TELLER (1908-2003), called the father of the hydrogen bomb, was born in Hungary and educated in Germany before fleeing the Nazis. He worked on the Manhattan Project, which developed the atomic (fission) bomb, but was already looking forward to the even greater power which might be unleashed by nuclear fusion. Teller influenced U.S. presidents of both parties with his advocacy of nuclear weapons, nuclear power and the Strategic DefenseInitiative. LESLIE R. GROVES (1896-1970), an army engineer who retired as a Lieutenant General, graduated fourth in the West Point class of 1918. This capable, hard-driving administrator's success on projects like construction of the Pentagon led to his appointment (September 1942) to head the wartime effort to develop an atomic bomb. Grove himself chose the code name: Manhattan Project. Groves was no figurehead. His duties included selection of project sites, acquisition of raw materials, and creation of a bombing unit to deliver the weapon. He personally chose J. Robert Oppenheimer to head the scientific effort at Los Alamos. His energy and drive hastened the success of the project, making enemies in the process. EDWIN McMILLAN (1907-1991), who worked closely with Ernest Lawrence and was co-winner with Glenn Seaborg of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1951, was Director of the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory from Lawrence's death in 1958 until 1972. This lab does non-classified research, while weapons research goes on at Lawrence Livermore. ROBERT G. SPROUL (1891-1975) was President of the University of California from 1930 to 1958, overseeing the University's rapid expansion and enhanced status. Nearly every UC campus has a Sproul Hall. Sproul sponsored Ernest Lawrence's admission to San Francisco's Bohemian Club in 1932. EDWIN PAULEY (1903-1981), an oil and airlines mogul, was a major benefactor of the University of California and especially of Ernest Lawrence, and a member of the Board of Regents (1940-1972). Although he had enjoyed close ties to the Democratic Party, including a personal friendship with President Truman, he strongly supported Ronald Reagan's attack on the anti-war movement at the University and the effort to fire University President Clark Kerr. HARVEY E. WHITE, a professor of physics at UC/Berkeley, was the first Director of the Lawrence Hall of Science, named for opened in 1968 and dedicated to science education, especially in-service training of secondary school science teachers. Author HERBERT CHILDS interviewed over 800 people and devoted 7 years to researching this biography of Ernest O. Lawrence. MARY B. LAWRENCE, Ernest Lawrence's widow, wrote an open letter published in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, stating that her late husband would wish to be remembered for his contributions to science and would be horrified by the scale of weapons research at the present day. She asked that his name be retained on the Berkeley Laboratory and the Hall of Science and removed from the Livermore weapons laboratory. Her effort was unsuccessful; the Lawrence Livermore facility retains its full name. Dust cover slightly creased at edges. Fine condition.

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