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The First Lady of Cuba writes a kind letter to her cousin informing her about all the congratulations received by the president for the Cuban people and the installation of a rural guard at the presidency residence.
Autograph Letter Signed: "America" in iron gall ink. 9x7. Fully Translated in English: "July 13, 1905. My dear Paulita. If you haven't bought the hat I asked you to, don't do it, because I already bought two for both of us. Instead of the hat, buy a big doll and give it to your granddaughter in my name. If only you could see the hats that have been sent to me for Manuela and Petronila, they are beautiful. You do not know what I felt when you left that day in order to not excuse yourself from the noise. There is anyone in the Province that has not come to congratulate Jose Miguel, they have come from every town to the extreme that the house has had been filled by people who come in excursions. Since there are no opponents here because the few moderates only want to keep the destiny, despite all these people who have reunited here any disorder has happened, but displeased people from Camajuani came with the last excursion and waited for the opportunity to meet with each other and they met at a coffee shop where one of them shot another one and by fortune, slightly hurt him. No one took care of it because the strange thing when many people from different places get reunited would be that nothing happened. So, the moderates from La Habana have taken advantage of it to attack Jose Miguel and have tried to make people believe that Jose Miguel hid or has hidden the criminal here as they say. Of course they perfectly know Jose Miguel does not do that because he is not a fool but try to make people think that. A rural guard has been installed in the doors and the only reason for what I know what is happening is because the maid came and told me: 'Dona America, why is a rural guard here?', so I got alarmed and called Jose Miguel and knew that it was because they believed the guy who shot the gun was here. Jose Miguel protested but it has not impeded another even bigger excursion coming from the entire Yala. Juan is also coming over tomorrow with other three people, I think only to see Jose Miguel, and have postponed the excursion for Sunday. I think I have now made this latter boring. Salutes for your loved ones from me, your cousin America. Today and yesterday Miguel, Manuela and Petronila were examined and had good results, Miguel has still an asignature pending" America Arias y Lopez (1857-1935) was a Cuban who married Jose Miguel Gomez, who since a very young age had been commander in the war of the ten years against Spain. She was confident of the 'mambises' and gave so much help to the Cubans fighting in the redemptions camps serving as nurse, mailing person and messenger and also obtained the title of 'Capitan of the Liberation Army'. Although America Arias was well known for her strength, sweetness, humbleness, intelligence, politeness and loving attitude, she inspired a deep respect and was never a devotee of glamour or money. She also helped the poor families of her native land to survive and avoid misery, which just like her had their men in the war. Once the war ended and peace was reestablished, her husband became President of the Republic and from that high position she continued helping Cuba and its people as much as she could. Toned. Multiple folds. 4½-inch separation at lower margin touching four words (clearly legible). Otherwise, good condition

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Born: Circa 1858 in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba
Died: February 11, 1938 in Havana, Cuba

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