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  • MENACHEM BEGIN Menachem Begin signs a pamphlet titled Camp David Summit. Pamphlet signed: "M. Begin", 19p, 8x10½. U.S. Department of State publication, Camp David Summit. Booklet contains text of "Framework for Peace in the Middle East" of September 17, 1978, associated documents, and text of U.S. read more...

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  • BRYAN GOULD The British politician pens his name on this pamphlet in blue ink Pamphlet signed: “Bryan Gould” in blue ink, 4x8¼ folded, 11¾x8¼ unfolded. Pamphlet encourages his constituents to vote Labour in the upcoming election. Bryan Charles Gould (b. read more...

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  • U THANT United Nations brochure signed by the third Secretary General of the United Nations Brochure signed: "U. Thant", 2p, 14x8½, front and verso, folded into fourths. "American Association for the United Nations" fold-out explaining "What it is...what it does...how it works", signed on the cover page. read more...

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