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SAMUEL FRANCIS SMITH, FRANCIS SCOTT KEY, KATHERINE LEE BATES, IRVING BERLIN, AND SARAH M. WILSON Amazing collection of items signed by Americans who paid tribute to Old Glory. Framed collection consisting of: 1.) Sarah M. Wilson: Annotated Flag Signed. 4/1/1914.

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Condition: fine condition
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Amazing collection of items signed by Americans who paid tribute to Old Glory.

Framed collection consisting of:

1.)  Sarah M. Wilson: Annotated Flag Signed. 4/1/1914. 10x6, red, white and blue silk U.S. American flag, made by Sarah M. Wilson (great granddaughter of Betsy Ross), signed on the white border, left side "Made by Sarah M Wilson great granddaughter of Betsy Ross/East Wing of Independence Hall Philadelphia April 1st 1914" Fine condition.

2.) Francis Scott Key: Autograph Check Signed "F.S. Key". In black ink, 6 x 2½. Paper check drawn on Corcoran and Riggs Bank, Washington City, in the amount of $100 payable to himself. Fine condition.

3.) Samuel Francis Smith: Annotated Poem Signed. 1 page, 4½ x 7½, printed copy of all 4 stanzas of his most famous poem "America" signed and dated at lower center at conclusion, "1832 S.F. Smith". Ornately bordered in black. Fine condition.

4.) Irving Berlin: Currency Signed "I. Berlin" WWII-era one-peso Philippine bank note picturing Mabini. 6 x 2½. The soldier who obtained the autograph has written on the note that Berlin's "This is the Army Show" dedicated "Heave Watch the Philippines" song upon his learning of the liberation of the Philippines. Signed in black ink. Fine condition.

5.) Katherine Lee Bates: Pamphlet Signed "Katherine Lee Bates". Circa 1918. 4 pages, 4¾ x 6½. Printed account of how she happened to write "American the Beautiful" in 1911. Front page has the lyrics printed on it. Signed at bottom of first page in black ink. Fine condition.

Minor scratch at top area of frame. Framed to an overall size of 46½ x 24

History has established and recorded the outcome of the American Revolution. With patriotism abounding, Americans have thus honored and praised their country and flag ever since. One of the first noteworthy events occurred in 1814 when America met the first challenge of its independence - the War of 1812 (1812-1815). Washington, D.C. District Attorney Francis Scott key was sent aboard a British vessel to negotiate the release of a wealthy American prisoner and personal friend, Dr. William Beanes. Key was successful in his attempt; however, the British refused to release the men until after a battle attach on Fort McHenry (September 13-14, 1814) off the port of Baltimore, Maryland. Key paced nervously throughout the battle and succeeding night; when the morning sun rose and smoke clouds lifted, Key saw the American flag still flying. So relieved and inspired was he, that he scribed the poetic verses on a handy letter. That poem was printed on a pamphlet within days and set to the British drinking song "To Anacreon in Heaven," a melody many Americans knew. Before the month's end, actor Ferdinand Durang gave the first public singing of "The Star-Spangled Banner". It was officially approved by Congress as the National Anthem on March 3, 1931. Francis Scott Key signed this check just five days before his death on January 11, 1843.

Eighteen years after Key composed this anthem, a young seminary student with a special gift for music composed in 1832 the lyrics which he set to a German hymn as a special song for a children's choir. The result of Samuel Francis Smith's endeavor has become the national hymn, "America". Smith signed this printed version of his 1832 hymn and went on to become a minister, author, poet and composer of hymns. Miss Katharine Lee Bates was a young educator from New England when she visited and taught in Colorado for the summer of 1893. At the close of that special session, Bates accompanied a group which ascended Pike's Peak; the breathtakingly beautiful, mountaintop scenery inspired her to compose on the descent and return journey to Massachusetts the poem "America the Beautiful". It was published and first set to music in 1895; she finalized her verses set to the music of Samuel A. Ward's "Materna" in 1911. Seven years later, a young jazz musician and composer would unknowingly create a contender for the national anthem. In 1918, Irving Berlin wrote a musical revue called Yip! Yip! Yaphank! To celebrate the end of World War I (1914-1918) and to salute the American soldiers who bravely served. He decided not to use or even publish this special song; however, 20 years later with the imminence of World War II (1939-1945), Berlin retrieved and made minor revisions to "God Bless America". He hoped to present depression-worn Americans with new hope and confidence in themselves and their country. Berlin succeeded beyond his hopes and dreams for a peace song not a war song. "God Bless America" skyrocketed in popularity to the point of challenging the more-difficult-to-sing "Star-Spangled Banner". Once the War broke out and the American troops joined the action after Pearl harbor (December 1941), Berlin composed another Army revue for morale purposes which included "God Bless America". Berlin signed this Philippine victory currency, which commemorated that country's liberation, while on tour with his revue, This Is the Army (1942)

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