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Frank Buck and Sylvia Sidney sign an album leaf.
Signature: "Frank Buck" and on verso: "Sylvia Sidney", 6x4¼ album leaf. Dated (unknown hand) at upper margins of both signature sheets. Buck's name has been written (unknown hand) at lower margin of signature sheet; Sidney's name written in same hand at upper margin. Hunter, author and filmmaker FRANK BUCK (1884-1950) made his first expedition to South America in 1911. He eventually traveled to Malaya, India, Borneo, New Guinea and Africa. From these and other expeditions, he brought back many exotic species of animals, which he sold to zoos and circuses, ultimately acquiring the nickname "Bring 'em Back Alive". The Frank Buck Zoo, named in his honor, is located in Gainesville, Texas, the birthplace of the adventurer. Typecast as a proud but downtrodden working class girl during the Depression era, SYLVIA SIDNEY (1910-1999) returned to the screen after a long absence to earn an Oscar nomination as Best Supporting Actress in Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams (1973). Binding holes at left margin. Lightly soiled at edges. Fine condition.

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Born: March 17, 1888 in Gainesville, Texas
Died: March 25, 1950 in Houston, Texas

Film Credits
1952 Your Jeweler's Showcase (Writer), 1949 We, the People (in person), 1949 Africa Screams (Performer), 1946 Jungle Terror (Other), 1943 Tiger Fangs (Performer), 1942 Jacaré (in person), 1942 Jacaré (Other), 1942 Jacaré (Director), 1941 Jungle Cavalcade (Performer), 1941 Jungle Cavalcade (Writer), 1937 Jungle Menace (Performer), 1935 Fang and Claw (Producer), 1935 Fang and Claw (Writer), 1935 Fang and Claw (Director), 1935 Fang and Claw (in person), 1934 Wild Cargo (in person), 1934 Wild Cargo (Writer), 1934 Wild Cargo (Producer), 1932 Bring 'Em Back Alive (Writer), 1932 Bring 'Em Back Alive (Performer), 1932 Bring 'Em Back Alive (in person)

Born: August 8, 1910 in New York City, New York
Died: July 1, 1999 in New York City, New York

Film Credits
2009 Paul Merton Looks at Alfred Hitchcock (Other), 2002 Biography (in person), 2000 The 72nd Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1999 The 51st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (Other), 1998 Fantasy Island (Performer), 1996 Mars Attacks! (Performer), 1993 Diagnosis Murder (Performer), 1992 Used People (Performer), 1991 The Man in the Family (Performer), 1990 The Witching of Ben Wagner (Performer), 1990 Night of 100 Stars III (in person), 1990 Equal Justice (Performer), 1989-2001 American Masters (in person), 1989 thirtysomething (Performer), 1989 The Equalizer (Performer), 1988 Going Hollywood: The War Years (in person), 1988 Dear John (Performer), 1988 Beetlejuice (Performer), 1987 Pals (Performer), 1986 The 43rd Annual Golden Globe Awards (in person), 1986 The 38th Annual Emmy Awards (in person), 1986 Morningstar/Eveningstar (Performer), 1985 Finnegan b_egin Again (Performer), 1985 An Early Frost (Performer), 1985 All-Star Party for 'Dutch' Reagan (in person), 1984 Whiz Kids (Performer), 1984 Trapper John, M.D. (Performer), 1984 Going Hollywood: The '30s (Other), 1984 Domestic Life (Performer), 1983 The Brass Ring (Performer), 1983 Order of Death (Performer), 1983 Magnum, P.I. (Performer), 1982-1990 American Playhouse (Performer), 1982 Tom Cottle: Up Close (in person), 1982 Night of 100 Stars (in person), 1982 Having It All (Performer), 1982 Hammett (Performer), 1981 The Love Boat (Performer), 1981 A Small Killing (Performer), 1980 The Shadow Box (Performer), 1980 The Gossip Columnist (Performer), 1980 F.D.R.: The Last Year (Performer), 1979 Supertrain (Performer), 1979 California Fever (Performer), 1978 WKRP in Cincinnati (Performer), 1978 Siege (Performer), 1978 Kaz (Performer), 1978 Damien: Omen II (Performer), 1977 Westside Medical (Performer), 1977 Snowbeast (Performer), 1977 I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (Performer), 1977 Eight Is Enough (Performer), 1976 Starsky and Hutch (Performer), 1976 Raid on Entebbe (Performer), 1976 God Told Me To (Performer), 1976 Death at Love House (Performer), 1975-1976 Ryan's Hope (Performer), 1975 Winner Take All (Performer), 1975 The Secret Night Caller (Performer), 1974 The 46th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1973 Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams (Performer), 1971 Do Not Fold, Spindle or Mutilate (Performer), 1969 The Joan Rivers Show (in person), 1969 My Three Sons (Performer), 1965-1967 Girl Talk (in person), 1964 The Doctors and the Nurses (Performer), 1963 The Eleventh Hour (Performer), 1962 The Defenders (Performer), 1961-1964 Route 66 (Performer), 1961 Naked City (Performer), 1960 The Jack Paar Tonight Show (in person), 1960 The DuPont Show with June Allyson (Performer), 1960 Here's Hollywood (in person), 1960 General Electric Theater (Performer), 1957-1958 Playhouse 90 (Performer), 1957 The Polly Bergen Show (in person), 1957 Kraft Theatre (Performer), 1956 Home (in person), 1956 Behind the High Wall (Performer), 1955-1957 Climax! (Performer), 1955-1956 Celebrity Playhouse (Performer), 1955 Violent Saturday (Performer), 1955 The 20th Century-Fox Hour (Performer), 1955 Star Stage (Performer), 1955 Playwrights '56 (Performer), 1954 The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse (Performer), 1953-1955 The Ford Television Theatre (Performer), 1953-1955 Ponds Theater (Performer), 1953 Joseph Schildkraut Presents (Performer), 1952-1953 Broadway Television Theatre (Performer), 1952 Tales of Tomorrow (Performer), 1952 Schlitz Playhouse (Performer), 1952 Lux Video Theatre (Performer), 1952 Les Miserables (Performer), 1952 Cameo Theatre (Performer), 1951 The Kate Smith Evening Hour (in person), 1949 Screen Snapshots 1860: Howdy, Podner (in person), 1947 Love from a Stranger (Performer), 1946 The Searching Wind (Performer), 1946 Screen Snapshots: The Skolsky Party (in person), 1946 Mr. Ace (Performer), 1945 Blood on the Sun (Performer), 1941 The Wagons Roll at Night (Performer), 1941 Breakdowns of 1941 (Other), 1939 ...One Third of a Nation... (Performer), 1938 You and Me (Performer), 1937 You Only Live Once (Performer), 1937 Dead End (Performer), 1936 The Trail of the Lonesome Pine (Performer), 1936 Sabotage (Performer), 1936 Fury (Performer), 1935 Mary Burns, Fugitive (Performer), 1935 Accent on Youth (Performer), 1934 Thirty Day Princess (Performer), 1934 Good Dame (Performer), 1934 Behold My Wife (Performer), 1933 Pick-up (Performer), 1933 Jennie Gerhardt (Performer), 1932 The Miracle Man (Performer), 1932 Merrily We Go to Hell (Performer), 1932 Make Me a Star (in person), 1932 Madame Butterfly (Performer), 1931 The House That Shadows Built (Other), 1931 Street Scene (Performer), 1931 Ladies of the Big House (Performer), 1931 Confessions of a Co-Ed (Performer), 1931 City Streets (Performer), 1931 An American Tragedy (Performer), 1930 Five Minutes from the Station (Performer), 1929 Thru Different Eyes (Performer), 1927 Broadway Nights (in person)

Theatre Credits
Vieux Carré - Performer (May 11, 1977 - May 15, 1977), Me Jack, You Jill - Performer (emNever Officially Opened - March 14, 1976), Barefoot in the Park - Performer (October 23, 1963 - June 25, 1967), Enter Laughing - Performer (March 13, 1963 - March 14, 1964), A Very Special Baby - Performer (November 14, 1956 - November 17, 1956), The Fourposter - Performer (October 24, 1951 - May 2, 1953), The Gentle People - Performer (January 5, 1939 - May 1939), To Quito and Back - Performer (October 6, 1937 - December 1937), Bad Girl - Performer (October 2, 1930 - December 1930), Many a Slip - Performer (March 3, 1930 - March 1930), Cross Roads - Performer (November 11, 1929 - December 1929), Nice Women - Performer (June 10, 1929 - August 1929), Gods of the Lightning - Performer (October 24, 1928 - November 1928), The Breaks - Performer (April 16, 1928 - April 1928), Mirrors - Performer (January 18, 1928 - January 1928), Crime - Performer (March 22, 1927 - August 1927)

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