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Frank Buck sends a typed letter to Mr. David H. Murray, sale manager of Smith & Wesson about the 357 magnum prototype they are completing for him and the unsigned corresponding letters.
Typed Letter Signed: "Frank Buck", 1p, 8½x11 personal letterhead. New York, New York, 1946 April 25. To Mr. David H. Murray, Sales Manager, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Massachusetts. In full: "I am in receipt of your letter of April 24th and am most appreciative of your friendly interest with regard to the '357' Magnum. If it is not going to inconvenience the company by letting me have this gun I will, of course, be more grateful than I can tell you to have it, and you can be assured that I will take 'dammed good care of it until I get back and exchange it for a new one. Any time that you can get it ready and send it down to me to the above address prior to about the 15th of May will be within ample time for me. I have just called Abercrombie & Fitch about the possibility of getting ammunition for the '357' and they do not seem to have any line on where it can be obtained. I do not use a revolver permiscuously (sic) so don't suppose I have ever used more than a box of cartridges a year - so a box of '357' Magnums would be quite enough - any trying - out of the gun that I may want to do I will use 38 Special cartridges (of which I have plenty) parentheses in his own hand Thanking you again and with best wishes, I am, Sincerely yours," Fold creases through last line. Ink smear at "Fran" of Frank. Staple holes at upper left corner. Otherwise, fine condition. Included are the retained unsigned carbon copies of two letters sent to Frank Buck. First letter to Frank Buck dated 1946 April 24 from David H. Murray, Sales Manager of Smith & Wesson, Inc., 8½x11. In full: "First of all we want to apologize for not having acknowledge your recent letters sooner, but during the past few months we have been flooded with a tremendous volume of correspondence and hope you will excuse the delay. Unfortunately, the '357' Magnum is not in production as yet, and we're afraid it won't be until late next Summer that we get rolling on this model. However, we'd very much like to see you take a Magnum with you on your trip to India. We only have two samples of the Magnum here at the factory and both have been used extensively for demonstration purposes. However, if it would be satisfactory with you, we'll issue the 6½-inch gun on memorandum account and when you get back from your trip we can replace it with a brand new revolver. We hope this will meet with your approval, and if so, please let us know right away so that we can tune the gun up and send it on the way to you immediately. Sincerely yours" Staple holes at upper left corner. Fine condition. Second letter to Frank Buck dated 1946 April 27 from David H. Murray, Sales Manager of Smith & Wesson, Inc., 8½x11. In full: "Your letter of April 25th just came in, and we're making a note to forward our 6½' sample Magnum, together with a couple boxes of .357 cartridges, in time for your trip to India. Right at the moment the gun is being refinished but it should be through within the next week or so, and will send it out as soon as the repair department is finished with it. Sincerely yours" Staple holes at upper left corner. Fold creases. Fine condition. Frank Buck (1884-1950), hunter, author and filmmaker, made his first expedition to South America in 1911. He eventually traveled to Malaya, India, Borneo, New Guinea and Africa. From these and other expeditions he brought back many exotic species that he sold to zoos and circuses, ultimately acquiring the nickname "Bring 'em Back Alive". Three items.

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Born: March 17, 1888 in Gainesville, Texas
Died: March 25, 1950 in Houston, Texas

Film Credits
1952 Your Jeweler's Showcase (Writer), 1949 We, the People (in person), 1949 Africa Screams (Performer), 1946 Jungle Terror (Other), 1943 Tiger Fangs (Performer), 1942 Jacaré (in person), 1942 Jacaré (Other), 1942 Jacaré (Director), 1941 Jungle Cavalcade (Performer), 1941 Jungle Cavalcade (Writer), 1937 Jungle Menace (Performer), 1935 Fang and Claw (Producer), 1935 Fang and Claw (Writer), 1935 Fang and Claw (Director), 1935 Fang and Claw (in person), 1934 Wild Cargo (in person), 1934 Wild Cargo (Writer), 1934 Wild Cargo (Producer), 1932 Bring 'Em Back Alive (Writer), 1932 Bring 'Em Back Alive (Performer), 1932 Bring 'Em Back Alive (in person)

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