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FDC honoring Detroit's 250th anniversary, signed by four important US generals of World War II and the early Cold War First Day Cover signed: "L. L. Lemnitzer", "Mark W. Clark", "J. Lawton Collins", "Lucius D. Clay", 6½x3¾.

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FDC honoring Detroit's 250th anniversary, signed by four important US generals of World War II and the early Cold War
First Day Cover signed: "L. L. Lemnitzer", "Mark W. Clark", "J. Lawton Collins", "Lucius D. Clay", 6½x3¾. FDC celebrating Detroit's 250th anniversary, postmarked Detroit, Michigan, July 24, 1951, 3-cent stamp affixed, FIRST DAY OF ISSUE. In June of 1942, LYMAN L. LEMNITZER (1899-1988) was promoted to Brigadier General in command of the 34th Anti-Aircraft Brigade and soon received appointment as Assistant Chief of Staff of the Allied Forces Headquarters under General Dwight D. Eisenhower in London. After aiding in the planning of the North African invasion, he resumed command of the 34th in February of 1943 and led it in the opening phases of General Patton's Sicilian Campaign. In late June 1943, he became Deputy Chief of Staff of the Allied 15th Army Group (U.S. 7th, British 8th) under General Sir Harold R.L.G. Alexander. He was promoted to Major General in November 1944. After the war, Lemnitzer was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1960-1963) and Supreme Allied Commander of NATO (1963-1969). In early 1962, Lemnitzer proposed Operation Northwoods: a campaign of real terrorist acts on US soil which could be blamed on Castro and used to justify military reprisals against Cuba. President Kennedy rejected the proposal, and did not reappoint Lemnitzer as Chairman of the JCS. MARK W. CLARK (1896-1984), who assumed command of the Fifth Army in North Africa in 1943 and commanded the Fifth Army in the invasion of Italy in 1944, got his fourth star in March 1945. He accepted the surrender of German forces in Italy and Austria and, from 1945 to 1947, was the U.S. High Commissioner in occupied Austria. In 1953, as Commander in Chief of the United Nations Command, he signed the military armistice between the U.N. Command and the North Korean Army and Chinese People's Volunteers in Korea. That year, he also began his 12 years of service as President of The Citadel. He is buried on the campus of The Citadel next to Mark Clark Hall. LUCIUS CLAY (1897-1978), Deputy to Supreme Commander Eisenhower, served as Deputy Military Governor (1945-1947) and Military Governor (1947-1949) of the American Zone in occupied Germany. He oversaw the Berlin Airlift from June 28, 1948 to May 12, 1949, during which time two million tons of essential supplies at a cost of $224 million were flown into West Berlin during a Russian blockade of Allied land and water routes. The Berlin Airlift involved 250,000 flights. After the Berlin Wall was built in August 1961, President Kennedy sent General Clay as his Personal Representative, with the rank of Ambassador, on a mission to Berlin that lasted until September 1962. Major General Joseph LAWTON COLLINS (1896-1987) was Commander of the 25th Infantry Division which, in December 1942, landed as a relief force on Guadalcanal. He was part of General Omar Bradley's First Army in the Normandy assault as Commander of the VII Corps that spearheaded the breakout at St. Lô in July 1944. From 1949-1953, General Collins was Chief of Staff of the Army. Slightly creased. Otherwise, fine condition.

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