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FONT face=AGaramond size=4. Superb Football Content ALS: "Pop", 4p, 8½x11, front and verso. Palo Alto, California, 1951 October 8. To Col. A.M. Weyend.

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GLENN S. "POP" WARNER. Superb Football Content ALS: "Pop", 4p, 8½x11, front and verso. Palo Alto, California, 1951 October 8. To Col. A.M. Weyend. In part: "Regarding the crouching stance of football backs - I did originate that but I am not sure as to what game I first used it in. It might have been against Columbia in 1899 or it might have been a few years later. Up to the time I started having the backs have one or both hands on the ground all backs stood with hands on knees. As to the single wing formation I started using this in 1906. That was the year the rules were radically changed making it necessary to have seven men on the line of scrimmage and making it illegal to help the ball carrier by pushing or pulling. Walter Camp in his writings often referred to it as the Carlisle formation. I do not remember what team it was first used against. I also originated the double wing formation but I believe I used it before the Dartmouth game of 1912. Although it sure worked havoc on Dartmouth I think I used it two or three years before 1912. I used interference on the criss-cross, now referred to as the reverse, against Harvard in 1911 - up to that time there was no interference or the crisscross...I did not originate the backfield shift. I believe that Coach Stagg of Chicago first started that which later became known as the Notre Dame shift. I believe I was the first coach to use the body block...I was the first to use fiber protectors for thighs and shoulders...." Warner coached at the University of Georgia, Cornell, Carlisle (Pa.) Indian School, University of Pittsburgh, Stanford, and Temple (1897-1938). One of Pop Warner's halfbacks at Carlisle was Jim Thorpe. Folds, not at signature. Fine condition.

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