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The Handbook of Historical Documents - Our Third & Best Handbook

The One You Want On Historical Documents!

A Beautiful and Inspiring Guide!
For the experienced and novice autograph collector and for those who just love learning history this beautiful hardcover book is for you! Its 253 pages filled with text and hundreds of color photographs lead you in a step-by-step way to the facts of: what to collect, how to assess the value and investment opportunities of historical documents, how to preserve, maintain and display your collection and the historical and present trends of collecting rare documents!
Historical Documents Handbook Written by Todd M. Axelrod, founder and CEO of Gallery of History, Inc., respected authority in the field, this volume provides a fresh, in-depth look into the changing world of these unique collectibles and offers valuable information for both beginning and experienced collectors. Discover how you can capture your own moments in time or gain fascinating insights into history -- and "meet" the heroes and villains who have left their marks on our world. This volume is your guidebook to becoming a collector who owns history!

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