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HOWARD HUGHES and JEAN PETERS A letter between Hughes and his wife, Jean, with her speaking of a new car they have, saying she enjoys everything about it except the color and seat. Hughes responds saying it will be changed immediately.

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A letter between Hughes and his wife, Jean, with her speaking of a new car they have, saying she enjoys everything about it except the color and seat. Hughes responds saying it will be changed immediately. A reclusive billionaire, Hughes lived in separate quarters (but in the same house) from his wife and was mostly confined to his bedroom, speaking to her almost entirely in notes and letters.
Autograph letter signed: "Howard", "J", 1 page, 8½x14 (front and verso). No place, no date, but circa 1964.Hughes' letter begins: "My Dearest Lamb". In full: "I love you so very much. Did you sleep? I hope so as I have been worried about your not getting enough What time would you like to come in this evening? I will have to be pretty quiet account this enema was one to end them all, but I want to see you for a while anyway. I love you again + again". Peters' letter, written beneath her husband's, begins: "Dearest Love -". In full: "I went to sleep about 2 mins. after I wrote the note last night. The pills the night before worked very well. And I got up early this morning; so I expect to be sleepy at 12:00 tonight. Mother + Red have gone back to Carlsbad. We used the Cont. Sedan yesterday and today; and I hate to admit it; but that is what I want now. It has disc brakes - there is no rebounds - and if it had bucket seats, it would be great. I know I yelled when I saw it; but it is the nicest riding car I've been in. Also, there are a lot of them in So. Calif. So you don't look conspicuous. But, I don't like the black paint + black leather - Anytime before 12:00 will be fine. I love you very much. Love again". Hughes has penned several notes on the front and verso: "I will see that you have it immediately with buck seats + color of you choice", "I am also glad that you slept well", "I thot that you would be watching it", "I thot you would get a boot out of David because I know you are very amused by him sometimes. I thought you regarded him more in the comical vein", "That's the way Vanessa talks when one of her "spells" comes on", "I love you I only meant try", "at least we are". The relationship between business tycoon HOWARD HUGHES (1905-1976) and actress JEAN PETERS (1926-2000), which was marked with strange meeting rituals and periods of little or no direct contact, was anything but normal, yet their sincere devotion to each other endured throughout their 14-year marriage. The dashing aviator and movie mogul had met Peters in 1946, when she had come to Hollywood as a prize for winning the Miss Ohio state title. Hughes was intrigued by Twentieth Century-Fox's rising star, who made her film debut in 1947. Following 11 years of sporadic dating, the two were married in a small mining town outside of Las Vegas on January 12, 1957. Hughes, known for working odd hours into the night, preferred to relay his business and personal directives via memos and hand-written notes rather than the spoken word, and he would communicate with his wife in this same manner. They jotted notes about planned meetings, films, business and opinions in general. In 1964, Mr. and Mrs. Hughes lived at the fashionable address of 1001 Bel Aire. However, their marital arrangements included separate living quarters, and Jean often was required to make an appointment with Hughes' aides in order to see her husband. By this time in their marriage, the couple was known to usually spend a half hour together after 11 p.m. before retiring to their separate bedrooms. In November 1966, Howard Hughes confined himself to a hotel penthouse in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 1970, after having spent most of her married life with Hughes in separate accommodations, Jean Peters Hughes was granted a divorce. Fold in center. Light surface creases. Fine condition.

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