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Hughes loans actor Louis Wolheim to Samuel Goldwyn for The Awakening.
Document signed: "Howard Hughes", 3p, 8½x12½. Los Angeles, California, 1928 April 28. Hughes' Caddo Company loans actor Louis Wolheim to Samuel Goldwyn Inc. to appear in a film titled The Innocent. (The film was released later that year by United Artists as The Awakening.) Signed on p3. Also signed by a representative of Samuel Goldwyn Inc. (name illegible). Some dates added in ink (unknown hand). Accompanied by typed letter signed "Jos. W. Engel" on letterhead The Caddo Company, dated 1928 May 12, delaying by one day the period of Wolheim's loan-out so that he can spend an extra day filming The Racket. Larger than life HOWARD HUGHES (1905-1976), movie mogul, aircraft designer and builder, political intrigue, and the world's richest man at the time of his death, dashing lothario turned ultra-eccentric recluse, continues to fascinate, as evidenced by a recent film biography (The Aviator, 2004), and even a film about a fake biography (The Hoax, 2007). JOSEPH W. ENGEL (1883-1939), a movie executive, was production manager on Hughes's air combat extravaganza, Hell's Angels (1930). He went on to produce many films for Fox, mostly Westerns, in the late 1930s and early 1940s. Engels' Hollywood home was the scene of Rudolf Valentino's 1919 marriage to Jean Acker, who left him on the wedding night and never returned. LOUIS WOLHEIM (1880-1931) who starred on Broadway and played heavies in silent films, was emerging in the talkie era as a tough guy with a good heart (All Quiet on the Western Front, 1930), when cancer cut short his life. The Racket, featuring Wolheim, was the first American gangster film. Even though The Awakening was nominated for an Oscar (Best Comedy Screenplay), it is now considered a lost film. No copies of it are known to exist. Lightly creased and toned. Otherwise, fine condition.

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Born: September 24, 1905 in Humble, Texas
Died: April 5, 1976 in Houston, Texas

Film Credits
2013 America's Book of Secrets (in person), 2011 Tony Curtis: Driven to Stardom (Other), 2011 The Will (Other), 2008 Where I Stand: The Hank Greenspun Story (Other), 2007 Underworld Histories (Other), 2007 Best Evidence (Other), 2006 The Hoax (Other), 2006 The American Aviator: The Howard Hughes Story (in person), 2005 The American Experience (Other), 2004 Modern Marvels (Other), 2004 Howard Hughes: His Life, Loves and Films (Other), 2004 History vs. Hollywood (Other), 2003-2008 60 Minutes (Other), 2003 Sex at 24 Frames Per Second (Other), 2002 Cleavage (Other), 2000 Howard Hughes: His Women and His Movies (Other), 2000 Golden Saddles, Silver Spurs (Other), 2000 Cubby Broccoli: The Man Behind Bond (Other), 1999-2000 Biography (Other), 1997 Great Romances of the 20th Century: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard (Other), 1996 American Justice (Other), 1993 Katharine Hepburn: All About Me (Other), 1992 Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America (Other), 1957 Jet Pilot (Producer), 1957 Jet Pilot (Other), 1956 The Conqueror (Other), 1956 The Conqueror (Producer), 1955 Underwater! (Other), 1955 Son of Sinbad (Producer), 1955 Son of Sinbad (Other), 1954 The French Line (Producer), 1954 The French Line (Other), 1954 She Couldn't Say No (Other), 1953 Second Chance (Other), 1953 Second Chance (Producer), 1953 Devil's Canyon (Other), 1953 Affair with a Stranger (Other), 1952 The Las Vegas Story (Other), 1952 The Las Vegas Story (Producer), 1952 One Minute to Zero (Other), 1952 Macao (Producer), 1952 Angel Face (Other), 1951 Two Tickets to Broadway (Producer), 1951 Two Tickets to Broadway (Other), 1951 The Whip Hand (Producer), 1951 The Racket (Other), 1951 His Kind of Woman (Writer), 1951 His Kind of Woman (in person), 1951 His Kind of Woman (Producer), 1951 His Kind of Woman (Other), 1951 Flying Leathernecks (Other), 1950 Vendetta (Producer), 1950 The Tattooed Stranger (Producer), 1947 The Sin of Harold Diddlebock (Producer), 1947 Paramount News Special: 1947, Year of Division (in person), 1943 The Outlaw (Director), 1943 The Outlaw (Producer), 1943 The Outlaw (Other), 1943 Behind the Rising Sun (Producer), 1932 Sky Devils (Producer), 1932 Scarface (Producer), 1932 Scarface (Other), 1932 Cock of the Air (Producer), 1931 The Front Page (Other), 1931 The Front Page (Producer), 1931 The Age for Love (Producer), 1930 Hell's Angels (Producer), 1930 Hell's Angels (Other), 1930 Hell's Angels (Director), 1930 Hell's Angels (Writer), 1928 The Racket (Other), 1928 The Racket (Producer), 1928 The Mating Call (Producer), 1928 The Mating Call (Other), 1927 Two Arabian Knights (Producer), 1927 Two Arabian Knights (Other), 1927 Two Arabian Knights (Director), 1926 Swell Hogan (Producer), 1926 Swell Hogan (Other)


Died: April 18, 1943 in New York City, New York

Film Credits
1941 The Roundup (Producer), 1941 Pirates on Horseback (Producer), 1941 Doomed Caravan (Producer), 1941 Border Vigilantes (Producer), 1940 Three Men from Texas (Producer), 1940 The Light of Western Stars (Producer), 1940 Stagecoach War (Producer), 1940 Santa Fe Marshal (Producer), 1940 Knights of the Range (Producer), 1940 Hidden Gold (Producer), 1940 Cherokee Strip (Producer), 1939 The Llano Kid (Producer), 1939 Law of the Pampas (Producer), 1935 This Is the Life (Producer), 1935 $10 Raise (Producer), 1935 $10 Raise (in person), 1930 Hell's Angels (Production), 1918 Pay Day (in person)

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