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Color photo of the 41st and 43rd Presidents, with their First Ladies, walking under an honor guard. Signed by George W. Bush as President, and by both of his parents Photograph inscribed and signed: "George W.…"

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Color photo of the 41st and 43rd Presidents, with their First Ladies, walking under an honor guard. Signed by George W. Bush as President, and by both of his parents
Photograph inscribed and signed: "George W. Bush", "George Bush", "Barbara Bush", and inscribed by an unknown hand: "To: Dan/Best Wishes -". Color, 10x8. GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH (b. 1924) was Ronald Reagan's Vice President (1981-1989) before serving as 41st U.S. President (1989-1993), the first incumbent Vice President to be elected President since 1836. Even before becoming Vice President, he had built an impressive resumé: decorated service in WWII, Congressman (1967-1971), U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations (1971-1972), Chairman of the Republican National Committee (1973-1974), first Chief of the U.S. Liaison Office in Beijing, China (1974-1975) and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (1976-1977). BARBARA (PIERCE) BUSH married George H. W. Bush in 1945 and was an invaluable support to him as they raised five children (including two future Governors, one of whom became President). In the White House she worked against illiteracy, homelessness and drug abuse, and became the first woman since Abigail Adams to be wife of one President and mother of another. She is the only former First Lady to attend her son's Presidential inauguration. GEORGE W. BUSH (b. 1946) was managing director of the Texas Rangers baseball franchise and two-term Governor of Texas (1995-2000) before being elected to the first of two terms as President of the United States (2001-2009). Fine condition.

His handwritten fund-raising letter, soon to be printed and mailed to supporters of his Presidential candidacy, written in late 1999. "I'm the Republican the Clinton/Gore White House fears. Clinton is already attacking me."
Autograph Letter signed: "George W Bush". 2 pages, 8½x11. No place, circa 1999. To Dear [name left blank]. In full: "In one year, America will have a new President. With your help, I can be that man. Your support helped create an extraordinary national effort for which I am most grateful. Since June 12th I have traveled to 37 states and built strong organizations in all 50 states. My compassionate conservative philosophy and positive message made me the leader in all national polls this year - not only against the G.O.P. field but against Al Gore. Now my TV ads are running and my grassroots team is kicking into high gear in the early states, with primaries starting in just days. Why, then, do I ask you to send [sum left blank] today? I face a challenge no other Republican does. I'm the Republican the Clinton/Gore White House fears. Clinton is already attacking me. Other Republican candidates may resort to personal attacks and negative ads. While I am very fortunate to have great support from friends like you, we must still raise more to stay on schedule and be able to execute our plan.  So please send a donation today. We have a good chance to win, and I am honored to have you on my team. Sincerely".  When he personally drafted this fund-raising appeal, George W. Bush had only just begun his campaign to become the 43rd President of the United States, a quest whose outcome would not be certain until the US Supreme Court's 5-4 decision in Bush v Gore (December 12, 2000) ended the recount of Florida ballots and the most dramatic election in US history. Modern US Presidential election campaigns are two-year affairs. Polling as early as October 1998 had shown Vice President Albert Gore, Jr., and Texas Governor George W. Bush the preferred candidates of likely primary voters in their respective parties, and also showed Bush - as he points out in this letter - the candidate with the best chance to defeat Gore in the general election (by a 57-39 spread!) Many important events were yet to transpire, however, including the impeachment trial of President Clinton. Bush formally kicked off his Presidential campaign on June 12, 1999, the date he mentions in this letter. Ten days later, he set a new record by raising $2 million at one fund-raising event in Washington, D.C. The first votes in the 2000 campaign would not be cast until the Iowa caucuses on January 24, 2000.  An acrimonious primary campaign against Arizona Senator John McCain, and a cliff-hanger Presidential contest still lay ahead. In the end, George W. Bush won 271 Electoral votes to Al Gore's 266, a narrow but sufficient result despite Gore's half-million plurality in the popular vote. George W. Bush went on to serve two full terms in the White House (2001-2009). Lightly smudged at center right margin of page 1. Lightly creased. Otherwise, fine condition.  Framed to 27¾x40.

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