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Rare program for the 4th Annual Western Film Festival in 1975, signed by ten country stars, including Peggy Stewart, Buster Crabbe, Eddie Dean, Reb Russell, and Al Hoxie, all on their respective bios within the program
Inscribed program signed: "To/Carl-/Best of luck/to my [illegible]pal/Ray "Crash"/Corrigan/July/1975", "Jim Bannon/Red Ryder", "Buster Crabbe", "Eddie Dean", "Russell Hayden", "Best wishes to Carl, Al Hoxie", "Harry Lauter", "My best wishes!/Dorothy Fay 1975/[illegible]", "To my friend Carl/with Best Wishes/Rev Russell", "Carl-/love ya,/Peggy Stewart", "Best wishes/Ray Whitley", 5½x8½. 10 pages. BUSTER CRABBE (1908-1983, born Clarence Linden Crabbe in Oakland, California), who won the Gold Medal in the 400-meter swim at the 1932 Olympic games, went on to star in over 100 adventure films, many set in outer space (most as Flash Gordon), and the Wild West (as Billy "the Kid" Carson). In 1933, Crabbe also starred as Tarzan in the Principal Pictures 16-part serial film. Ironically, in winning his Olympic medal, Crabbe had broken the record set by MGM's rival Tarzan, Johnny Weissmuller. EDDIE DEAN (1907-1999) a former singer on the popular National Barn Dance radio program in 1934, became a featured performer on Gene Autry's Melody Ranch and The Judy Canova Show. In 1938, Autry offered Dean a film role in Western Jamboree, beginning an eight-year stint in low budget Westerns, including five Hopalong Cassidy films and the serial, The Lone Ranger Rides Again. Ironically, Dean was not asked to sing until 1944's Harmony Trail, which brought him to the attention of PRC, a low-budget studio. The studio, which hoped to compete with Republic's Gene Autry and Roy Rogers, released the first Eddie Dean musical westerns in color, making their singing cowboy the first star of color "B" Westerns. Dean was first teamed with Emmett Lynn, who was later replaced by Roscoe Ates, his best-remembered sidekick. In addition to his film work, Dean appeared on the TV series, The Beverly Hillbillies (1963), and wrote songs for other country artists, including "One Has My Name, The Other Has My Heart", which was a hit for Jimmy Wakely, and "I Dreamed of a Hillbilly Heaven", which became one of Tex Ritter's most successful recordings. Dean, who received a "Pioneer Award" from the Academy of Country Music, was inducted into the Western Music Association's Hall of Fame in1990. PEGGY STEWART (born in 1923) appeared in many films, mostly Westerns, from the late 1930s into the 1960s. She was one of Republic Picture's leading ladies in the 1940s. Stewart remained a popular figure at Western film and nostalgia gatherings. Also signed by footballer REB RUSSELL, silent actor AL HOXIE, actor JIM BANNON, actress DOROTHY FAY, stuntman and actor RAY "CRASH" CORRIGAN, actor RUSSELL HAYDEN, and songwriter and actor RAY WHITLEY. Large fold through center. Toned. Corners lightly worn. Faint stains across cover. Light surface creases. Slightly soiled. Otherwise, fine condition.

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Born: April 9, 1911 in Kansas City, Missouri
Died: July 28, 1984 in Ventura, California

Film Credits
1978 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color (Other), 1966 R.C.M.P. and the Treasure of Genghis Khan (Other), 1965 Luke and the Tenderfoot (Performer), 1965 Death Valley Days (Performer), 1964 Man's Favorite Sport (Performer), 1964 Good Neighbor Sam (Performer), 1963 Wide Country (Performer), 1963 A Gathering of Eagles (Performer), 1962 Alcoa Premiere (Performer), 1962 40 Pounds of Trouble (Performer), 1961-1962 Thriller (Performer), 1960 Dante (Performer), 1959 They Came to Cordura (Performer), 1959 The Shaggy Dog (Performer), 1959 The Rough Riders (Performer), 1959 Sea Hunt (Performer), 1959 M Squad (Performer), 1959 Inside the Mafia (Performer), 1958-1963 Wagon Train (Performer), 1958 Zorro (Performer), 1958 Too Much, Too Soon (Performer), 1958 Sergeant Preston of the Yukon (Performer), 1958 Playhouse 90 (Performer), 1958 Mackenzie's Raiders (Performer), 1958 Jefferson Drum (Performer), 1958 Girls on the Loose (Performer), 1958 Fury (Performer), 1958 Flight (Performer), 1958 Cimarron City (Performer), 1958 Buckskin (Performer), 1958 Behind Closed Doors (Performer), 1958 Bat Masterson (Performer), 1957-1963 Lassie (Performer), 1957-1959 Tales of Wells Fargo (Performer), 1957-1958 The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp (Performer), 1957-1958 Casey Jones (Performer), 1957 The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin (Performer), 1957 Maverick (Performer), 1957 Chicago Confidential (Performer), 1956 Annie Oakley (Performer), 1955-1956 The Adventures of Champion (Performer), 1955 Luke and the Tenderfoot (Performer), 1954 They Stand Accused (Performer), 1954 The Command (Performer), 1953-1955 Hawkins Falls: A Television Novel (Performer), 1953 War Arrow (Performer), 1953 The Great Jesse James Raid (Performer), 1953 Phantom from Space (Performer), 1953 Jack Slade (Performer), 1953 Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (Performer), 1952 The Black Lash (Other), 1952 The Adventures of Kit Carson (Performer), 1952 Rodeo (Performer), 1951-1953 The Range Rider (Performer), 1951 Wanted: Dead or Alive (Performer), 1951 Unknown World (Performer), 1951 The Texas Rangers (Performer), 1951 Stagecoach Driver (Performer), 1951 Ridin' the Outlaw Trail (Performer), 1951 Red Ryder (Performer), 1951 Nevada Badmen (Performer), 1951 Lawless Cowboys (Performer), 1951 Canyon Raiders (Performer), 1950-1957 The Lone Ranger (Performer), 1950-1954 The Gene Autry Show (Performer), 1950 Sierra Passage (Performer), 1950 Kill the Umpire (Performer), 1950 Jiggs and Maggie Out West (Performer), 1949 The Fighting Redhead (Performer), 1949 Roll, Thunder, Roll! (Performer), 1949 Ride, Ryder, Ride! (Performer), 1949 Daughter of the Jungle (Performer), 1949 Cowboy and the Prizefighter (Performer), 1948 Trail to Laredo (Performer), 1948 The Man from Colorado (Performer), 1948 Miraculous Journey (Performer), 1948 Frontier Revenge (Performer), 1948 Dangers of the Canadian Mounted (Performer), 1947 The Thirteenth Hour (Performer), 1947 The Corpse Came C.O.D. (Performer), 1947 T-Men (Performer), 1947 Johnny O'Clock (Performer), 1947 Framed (Performer), 1946 The Unknown (Performer), 1946 The Devil's Mask (Performer), 1946 So's Your Antenna (Performer), 1946 Renegades (Performer), 1945 Tonight and Every Night (Performer), 1945 The Gay Senorita (Performer), 1945 Out of the Depths (Performer), 1945 I Love a Mystery (Performer), 1944 The Soul of a Monster (Performer), 1944 The Missing Juror (Performer), 1944 Sergeant Mike (Performer), 1940 I Married Adventure (in person), 1940 Fashion Takes a Holiday (in person)

Born: June 12, 1912 in Chico, California
Died: June 9, 1981 in Palm Springs, California

Film Credits
Judge Roy Bean (Writer), 26 Men (Producer), 1976 Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch (Other), 1963 30 Minutes at Gunsight (Producer), 1963 30 Minutes at Gunsight (Director), 1963 30 Minutes at Gunsight (Performer), 1962 When the Girls Take Over (Director), 1962 When the Girls Take Over (Producer), 1957-1959 26 Men (Producer), 1957-1959 26 Men (Director), 1957 26 Men (Other), 1957 26 Men (Performer), 1956 Judge Roy Bean (Performer), 1956 Judge Roy Bean (Writer), 1956 Judge Roy Bean (Producer), 1954 Stage Coach War (Other), 1953 Wide Open Town (Other), 1953 Screen Snapshots: Out West in Hollywood (in person), 1952-1953 Cowboy G-Men (Producer), 1952-1953 Cowboy G-Men (Performer), 1951 Valley of Fire (Performer), 1951 Texans Never Cry (Performer), 1950 West of the Brazos (Performer), 1950 The Marshal of Gunsight Pass (Performer), 1950 The Gene Autry Show (Performer), 1950 Marshal of Heldorado (Performer), 1950 Hostile Country (Performer), 1950 Fast on the Draw (Performer), 1950 Everybody's Dancin' (in person), 1950 Crooked River (Performer), 1950 Colorado Ranger (Performer), 1949 Deputy Marshal (Performer), 1949 Apache Chief (Performer), 1948 Sons of Adventure (Performer), 1948 Albuquerque (Performer), 1947 Where the North b_egins (Performer), 1947 Trail of the Mounties (Performer), 1947 Seven Were Saved (Performer), 1946 Rolling Home (Performer), 1946 North of the Border (Performer), 1946 Lost City of the Jungle (Performer), 1946 'Neath Canadian Skies (Performer), 1944 Wyoming Hurricane (Performer), 1944 The Last Horseman (Performer), 1944 Marshal of Gunsmoke (Performer), 1944 Gambler's Choice (Performer), 1943 The Vigilantes Ride (Performer), 1943 Silver City Raiders (Performer), 1943 Saddles and Sagebrush (Performer), 1943 Riders of the Northwest Mounted (Performer), 1943 Minesweeper (Performer), 1943 Frontier Law (Performer), 1942 West of Tombstone (Performer), 1942 The Lone Prairie (Performer), 1942 Riders of the Northland (Performer), 1942 Overland to Deadwood (Performer), 1942 Lucky Legs (Performer), 1942 Lawless Plainsmen (Performer), 1942 Down Rio Grande Way (Performer), 1942 Bad Men of the Hills (Performer), 1942 A Tornado in the Saddle (Performer), 1941 Wide Open Town (Performer), 1941 Two in a Taxi (Performer), 1941 The Royal Mounted Patrol (Performer), 1941 Riders of the Badlands (Performer), 1941 Pirates on Horseback (Performer), 1941 In Old Colorado (Performer), 1941 In Old Colorado (Writer), 1941 In Old Colorado (Other), 1941 Doomed Caravan (Performer), 1941 Border Vigilantes (Performer), 1940 Three Men from Texas (Performer), 1940 The Showdown (Performer), 1940 The Light of Western Stars (Performer), 1940 Stagecoach War (Performer), 1940 Screen Snapshots: Seeing Hollywood (in person), 1940 Santa Fe Marshal (Performer), 1940 Knights of the Range (Performer), 1940 Hidden Gold (Performer), 1939 Sunset Trail (Performer), 1939 Silver on the Sage (Performer), 1939 Renegade Trail (Performer), 1939 Range War (Performer), 1939 Law of the Pampas (Performer), 1939 Heritage of the Desert (Performer), 1938 The Mysterious Rider (Performer), 1938 The Frontiersmen (Performer), 1938 Pride of the West (Performer), 1938 Partners of the Plains (Performer), 1938 In Old Mexico (Performer), 1938 Heart of Arizona (Performer), 1938 Cassidy of Bar 20 (Performer), 1938 Bar 20 Justice (Performer), 1937 Texas Trail (Performer), 1937 Rustlers' Valley (Performer), 1937 North of the Rio Grande (Performer), 1937 Hopalong Rides Again (Performer), 1937 Hills of Old Wyoming (Performer)

Born: October 7, 1901 in Nez Perce, Idaho
Died: April 6, 1982 in Redlands, California

Film Credits
1980 Hollywood (in person), 1934 The Desert Man (Performer), 1934 Pals of the West (Performer), 1934 Carrying the Mail (Performer), 1930 Fighting Cowboy (Performer), 1929 The White Outlaw (Performer), 1928 Two Gun Murphy (Performer), 1928 Throwing Lead (Performer), 1928 The Rustler's End (Performer), 1928 Rip Roaring Logan (Performer), 1928 Ranger's Oath (Performer), 1928 His Last Bullet (Performer), 1928 Deadshot Casey (Performer), 1928 Battling Thru (Performer), 1928 Battling Burke (Performer), 1927 The Range Raiders (Performer), 1927 Smoking Guns (Performer), 1927 Roaring Guns (Performer), 1927 Rider of the Law (Performer), 1927 Pals of the West (Performer), 1927 Outlaw's Paradise (Performer), 1926 Unseen Enemies (Performer), 1926 The Texas Terror (Performer), 1926 The Road Agent (Performer), 1926 The Lost Trail (Performer), 1926 The Lost Express (Performer), 1926 The Fighting Ranger (Performer), 1926 The Ace of Clubs (Performer), 1926 Son of a Gun (Performer), 1926 Riding Romance (Performer), 1926 Red Blood (Performer), 1926 Buried Gold (Performer), 1926 Blue Streak O'Neil (Performer), 1926 Battling Kid (Performer), 1925 Tumbleweeds (Performer), 1925 The Ace of Spades (Performer), 1925 Ridin' Thunder (Performer), 1924 The Back Trail (Performer), 1924 Days of '49 (Performer), 1923/I The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Performer), 1923 The Red Warning (Performer), 1921 The Queen of Sheba (Performer), 1920 Thunderbolt Jack (Performer), 1920 The Kentucky Colonel (Performer), 1920 Ruth of the Rockies (Performer), 1919 The Adventures of Ruth (Stunt work)

Born: February 14, 1902 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Died: August 10, 1976 in Brookings Harbor, Oregon

Film Credits
2007 100 Years of John Wayne (Other), 1986 Horrible Horror (Other), 1976 Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch (Other), 1966 Sharad of Atlantis (Other), 1962 An Evening at the Inn (in person), 1959 You Bet Your Life (in person), 1958 It! The Terror from Beyond Space (Performer), 1957 Zombies of Mora Tau (Performer), 1957 Domino Kid (Performer), 1955 Hot Ice (Other), 1955 Hook a Crook (Other), 1955 Apache Ambush (Performer), 1954 Man with the Steel Whip (Performer), 1953 The Great Adventures of Captain Kidd (Performer), 1953 Killer Ape (Performer), 1952 Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla (Performer), 1951 'Fraidy Cat (Other), 1950 Trail of Robin Hood (Performer), 1950 Crash Corrigan's Ranch (Performer), 1949 Zamba (Performer), 1949 The Adventures of Sir Galahad (Performer), 1949 The Adventures of Sir Galahad (Stunt work), 1948 Unknown Island (Performer), 1948 Crime on Their Hands (Performer), 1946 Renegade Girl (Performer), 1945 White Pongo (Performer), 1945 The White Gorilla (Performer), 1945 The Monster and the Ape (Performer), 1944 The Monster Maker (Performer), 1944 Nabonga (Performer), 1943 She's for Me (Performer), 1943 Land of Hunted Men (Performer), 1943 Dizzy Detectives (Performer), 1943 Cowboy Commandos (Performer), 1943 Captive Wild Woman (Performer), 1943 Bullets and Saddles (Performer), 1943 Black Market Rustlers (Performer), 1942 Thunder River Feud (Performer), 1942 The Strange Case of Doctor Rx (Performer), 1942 Texas Trouble Shooters (Performer), 1942 Rock River Renegades (Performer), 1942 Dr. Renault's Secret (Performer), 1942 Boot Hill Bandits (Performer), 1942 Arizona Stage Coach (Performer), 1941 Wrangler's Roost (Performer), 1941 Underground Rustlers (Performer), 1941 Tumbledown Ranch in Arizona (Performer), 1941 Tonto Basin Outlaws (Performer), 1941 The Trail of the Silver Spurs (Performer), 1941 The Kid's Last Ride (Performer), 1941 Saddle Mountain Roundup (Performer), 1941 Fugitive Valley (Performer), 1940 West of Pinto Basin (Performer), 1940 Trailing Double Trouble (Performer), 1940 The Range Busters (Performer), 1940 The Ape (Performer), 1939 Wyoming Outlaw (Performer), 1939 Three Texas Steers (Performer), 1939 The Night Riders (Performer), 1939 New Frontier (Performer), 1938 Three Missing Links (Performer), 1938 The Purple Vigilantes (Performer), 1938 The Painted Stallion (Other), 1938 Santa Fe Stampede (Performer), 1938 Riders of the Black Hills (Performer), 1938 Red River Range (Performer), 1938 Pals of the Saddle (Performer), 1938 Overland Stage Raiders (Performer), 1938 Outlaws of Sonora (Performer), 1938 Heroes of the Hills (Performer), 1938 Call the Mesquiteers (Performer), 1937 Wild Horse Rodeo (Performer), 1937 The Trigger Trio (Performer), 1937 The Riders of the Whistling Skull (Performer), 1937 The Painted Stallion (Performer), 1937 Round-Up Time in Texas (Performer), 1937 Range Defenders (Performer), 1937 Join the Marines (Performer), 1937 Hit the Saddle (Performer), 1937 Heart of the Rockies (Performer), 1937 Gunsmoke Ranch (Performer), 1937 Come on, Cowboys (Performer), 1936/I Flash Gordon (Performer), 1936/I Flash Gordon (Stunt work), 1936 Undersea Kingdom (Performer), 1936 The Vigilantes Are Coming (Performer), 1936 The Three Mesquiteers (Performer), 1936 The Leathernecks Have Landed (Performer), 1936 Roarin' Lead (Performer), 1936 Kelly the Second (Performer), 1936 Ghost-Town Gold (Performer), 1936 Darkest Africa (Performer), 1936 Darkest Africa (Stunt work), 1936 Country Gentlemen (Performer), 1935 The Singing Vagabond (Performer), 1935 The Phantom Empire (Performer), 1935 She (Performer), 1935 Night Life of the Gods (Performer), 1935 Mutiny on the Bounty (Performer), 1935 Dante's Inferno (Performer), 1934 Tomorrow's Children (Performer), 1934 Tarzan and His Mate (Performer), 1934 Tarzan and His Mate (Stunt work), 1934 Tarzan and His Mate (Other), 1934 Romance in the Rain (Performer), 1934 Murder in the Private Car (Performer), 1932 Tarzan the Ape Man (Performer), 1932 Tarzan the Ape Man (Stunt work), 1932 Tarzan the Ape Man (Other)

Born: December 5, 1901 in Atlanta, Georgia
Died: February 21, 1979 in Mexico

Film Credits
2012 The Last Ride (Sound), 2010 Back in the Saddle (Sound), 1996 Trees Lounge (Sound), 1994 Radioland Murders (Sound), 1993 Sleepless in Seattle (Sound), 1982 Some Kind of Hero (Sound), 1979 More American Graffiti (Sound), 1975-1981 M*A*S*H (Sound), 1956 Giant (Performer), 1956 Columbia World of Sports: Rodeo Daredevils (Sound), 1953-1954 The Roy Rogers Show (Performer), 1953 On Top of Old Smoky (Sound), 1953 Calamity Jane (Performer), 1952 Wagon Team (Sound), 1950-1955 The Gene Autry Show (Sound), 1949 Gun Law Justice (Sound), 1949 Gun Law Justice (Performer), 1949 Across the Rio Grande (Sound), 1946 West of the Alamo (Performer), 1945 Renegades of the Rio Grande (Performer), 1945 Hollywood and Vine (Performer), 1945 Flaming Bullets (Sound), 1945 Beyond the Pecos (Sound), 1945 Beyond the Pecos (Performer), 1944 Trigger Trail (Performer), 1944 Trigger Trail (Sound), 1944 Trail to Gunsight (Sound), 1944 Trail to Gunsight (Performer), 1944 The Old Texas Trail (Performer), 1944 The Old Texas Trail (Sound), 1944 Riders of the Santa Fe (Sound), 1944 Riders of the Santa Fe (Performer), 1944 Cowboy from Lonesome River (Sound), 1944 Boss of Boomtown (Performer), 1944 Boss of Boomtown (Sound), 1943 Sagebrush Law (Sound), 1943 Fighting Frontier (Sound), 1942 Thundering Hoofs (Sound), 1942 Thundering Hoofs (Performer), 1942 Riding the Wind (Performer), 1942 Riding the Wind (Sound), 1942 Red River Robin Hood (Sound), 1942 Range Rhythm (Performer), 1942 Pirates of the Prairie (Sound), 1942 Land of the Open Range (Sound), 1942 Land of the Open Range (Performer), 1942 Keep Shooting (Performer), 1942 Heart of the Rio Grande (Sound), 1942 Come on Danger (Performer), 1942 Cactus Capers (Performer), 1942 Bandit Ranger (Sound), 1941 The Musical Bandit (Performer), 1941 The Bandit Trail (Performer), 1941 The Bandit Trail (Sound), 1941 Six-Gun Gold (Sound), 1941 Six-Gun Gold (Performer), 1941 Robbers of the Range (Performer), 1941 Robbers of the Range (Sound), 1941 Redskins and Redheads (Performer), 1941 Prairie Spooners (Performer), 1941 Dude Cowboy (Sound), 1941 Dude Cowboy (Performer), 1941 Cyclone on Horseback (Sound), 1941 Cyclone on Horseback (Performer), 1941 California or Bust (Performer), 1941 Bad Man of Deadwood (Sound), 1941 Back in the Saddle (Sound), 1941 Along the Rio Grande (Sound), 1941 Along the Rio Grande (Performer), 1940 Wagon Train (Performer), 1940 Wagon Train (Sound), 1940 Triple Justice (Sound), 1940 The Fargo Kid (Sound), 1940 The Fargo Kid (Performer), 1940 Prairie Law (Sound), 1940 Molly Cures a Cowboy (Performer), 1940 Melody Ranch (Sound), 1940 Corralling a Schoolmarm (Sound), 1940 Corralling a Schoolmarm (Performer), 1940 Bullet Code (Sound), 1940 Bar Buckaroos (Performer), 1939 Trouble in Sundown (Performer), 1939 Trouble in Sundown (Sound), 1939 Sagebrush Serenade (Performer), 1939 Rovin' Tumbleweeds (Sound), 1939 Ranch House Romeo (Performer), 1939 Racketeers of the Range (Performer), 1939 Racketeers of the Range (Sound), 1939 Cupid Rides the Range (Sound), 1939 Cupid Rides the Range (Performer), 1939 Bandits and Ballads (Performer), 1938 Where the West b_egins (Performer), 1938 The Renegade Ranger (Performer), 1938 The Renegade Ranger (Sound), 1938 Rawhide (Performer), 1938 Prairie Papas (Performer), 1938 Painted Desert (Performer), 1938 Painted Desert (Sound), 1938 Gun Law (Sound), 1938 Gun Law (Performer), 1938 Border G-Man (Performer), 1938 Border G-Man (Sound), 1938 A Western Welcome (Performer), 1938 A Buckaroo Broadcast (Performer), 1937 The Old Wyoming Trail (Performer), 1937 The Old Wyoming Trail (Sound), 1937 The Mystery of the Hooded Horsemen (Performer), 1937 Rhythm Wranglers (Performer), 1937 Rhythm Wranglers (Sound), 1937 Hittin' the Trail (Sound), 1937 Hittin' the Trail (Performer), 1936 King of the Royal Mounted (Performer), 1936 King of the Royal Mounted (Sound), 1936 Hopalong Cassidy Returns (Performer), 1935 Rodeo Day (Performer), 1935 Hillbilly Love (Performer), 1934 Mountain Melody (Performer)

Born: April 4, 1915 in Prescott, Arizona
Died: November 5, 2003 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California

Film Credits
2003 A Life of Laughter: Remembering John Ritter (Other), 1977 All You Need Is Love (in person), 1976 Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch (Other), 1941 White Eagle (Performer), 1941 North from the Lone Star (Performer), 1941 Lady Be Good (Performer), 1940 The Philadelphia Story (Performer), 1940 The Green Archer (Performer), 1940 Rainbow Over the Range (Performer), 1940 Glamour for Sale (Performer), 1940 Convicted Woman (Performer), 1939 Trigger Pals (Performer), 1939 Sundown on the Prairie (Performer), 1939 Rollin' Westward (Performer), 1939 Missing Daughters (Performer), 1939 Long Shot (Performer), 1938 The Stranger from Arizona (Performer), 1938 Song of the Buckaroo (Performer), 1938 Prairie Justice (Performer), 1938 Law of the Texan (Performer), 1938 Frontier Scout (Performer)

Born: June 5, 1923 in Palm Beach, Florida

Film Credits
2012 That's My Boy (Performer), 2011 Dadgum, Texas (Performer), 2010 The Runaways (Performer), 2010 The Bag (Performer), 2010 Justified (Performer), 2010 Community (Performer), 2009-2010 The Office (Performer), 2009 Weeds (Performer), 2009 Operating Instructions (Performer), 2009 FlashForward (Performer), 2008 NCIS (Performer), 2007-2008 The Riches (Performer), 2007 My Name Is Earl (Performer), 2004 Hollywood, It's a Dog's Life (Performer), 2003 Time Machine: When Cowboys Were King (in person), 2001 Yes, Dear (Performer), 2001 Popular (Performer), 2001 Norm (Performer), 1999 Beverly Hills, 90210 (Performer), 1994 Gene Autry, Melody of the West (in person), 1993 Seinfeld (Performer), 1993 Cliffhangers! Adventures from the Thrill Factory (in person), 1980 Taxi (Performer), 1980 Quincy M.E. (Performer), 1980 Beyond Evil (Performer), 1979 The Fall of the House of Usher (Performer), 1977 Black Oak Conspiracy (Performer), 1976 Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw (Performer), 1975 White House Madness (Performer), 1975 Baretta (Performer), 1974-1976 Emergency! (Performer), 1973 The Stranger (Performer), 1973 Terror in the Wax Museum (Performer), 1972 The Smith Family (Performer), 1972 The Bold Ones: The New Doctors (Performer), 1972 Sarge (Performer), 1972 Pickup on 101 (Performer), 1970 The Animals (Performer), 1970 Ironside (Performer), 1969 Mod Squad (Performer), 1967 The Way West (Performer), 1967 Hondo (Performer), 1965 Daniel Boone (Performer), 1964 The Fugitive (Performer), 1961 When the Clock Strikes (Performer), 1961 Twilight Zone (Performer), 1961 The Rebel (Performer), 1961 The Clown and the Kid (Performer), 1961 The Americans (Performer), 1961 Lassie (Performer), 1961 Gun Street (Performer), 1960-1961 National Velvet (Performer), 1960 Pony Express (Performer), 1960 Hotel de Paree (Performer), 1959-1964 Gunsmoke (Performer), 1959 Yancy Derringer (Performer), 1959 Peter Gunn (Performer), 1959 Not for Hire (Performer), 1958-1959 The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp (Performer), 1957-1961 Have Gun - Will Travel (Performer), 1957 The Silent Service (Performer), 1956 The Millionaire (Performer), 1953 The Range Rider (Performer), 1953 Six Gun Decision (Other), 1952 The Roy Rogers Show (Performer), 1952 The Living Bible (Performer), 1952 The Black Lash (Performer), 1952 Montana Incident (Performer), 1952 Kansas Territory (Performer), 1952 Gang Busters (Performer), 1951 The Pride of Maryland (Performer), 1951 Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (Performer), 1950-1953 The Cisco Kid (Performer), 1950 The Gene Autry Show (Performer), 1950 Hollywood Varieties (Performer), 1950 Cody of the Pony Express (Performer), 1949 The Fighting Redhead (Performer), 1949 Ride, Ryder, Ride! (Performer), 1949 Desert Vigilante (Performer), 1948 Tex Granger: Midnight Rider of the Plains (Performer), 1948 Frontier Revenge (Performer), 1948 Dead Man's Gold (Performer), 1947 Vigilantes of Boomtown (Performer), 1947 Trail to San Antone (Performer), 1947 The Ghost Goes Wild (Performer), 1947 Son of Zorro (Performer), 1947 Rustlers of Devil's Canyon (Performer), 1947 Messenger of Peace (Performer), 1946 The Phantom Rider (Performer), 1946 The Invisible Informer (Performer), 1946 Stagecoach to Denver (Performer), 1946 Sheriff of Redwood Valley (Performer), 1946 Red River Renegades (Performer), 1946 Passkey to Danger (Performer), 1946 Gay Blades (Performer), 1946 Days of Buffalo Bill (Performer), 1946 Conquest of Cheyenne (Performer), 1946 California Gold Rush (Performer), 1946 Alias Billy the Kid (Performer), 1946 Affairs of Geraldine (Performer), 1945 Utah (Performer), 1945 The Vampire's Ghost (Performer), 1945 The Tiger Woman (Performer), 1945 Rough Riders of Cheyenne (Performer), 1945 Oregon Trail (Performer), 1945 Marshal of Laredo (Performer), 1945 Bandits of the Badlands (Performer), 1944 Tucson Raiders (Performer), 1944 Stagecoach to Monterey (Performer), 1944 Silver City Kid (Performer), 1944 Sheriff of Las Vegas (Performer), 1944 Firebrands of Arizona (Performer), 1944 End of the Road (Performer), 1944 Code of the Prairie (Performer), 1944 Cheyenne Wildcat (Performer), 1943 Girls in Chains (Performer), 1942 Sleepytime Gal (Performer), 1941 Back Street (Performer), 1940 Star Dust (Performer), 1940 All This, and Heaven Too (Performer), 1939 Man About Town (Performer), 1939 Everybody's Hobby (Performer), 1939 5th Ave Girl (Performer), 1938 White Banners (Performer), 1938 That Certain Age (Performer), 1938 Little Tough Guys in Society (Performer), 1938 Little Tough Guy (Performer), 1937 Wells Fargo (Performer)

Theatre Credits
Higher and Higher - Performer (August 5, 1940 - August 24, 1940)

Born: July 9, 1907 in Posey, Texas
Died: March 4, 1999 in Thousand Oaks, California

Film Credits
2000 Golden Saddles, Silver Spurs (Other), 1987 This Is Your Life (in person), 1976 Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch (Sound), 1976 Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch (Other), 1974 The Porter Wagoner Show (Sound), 1963 The Beverly Hillbillies (Performer), 1962 The Night Rider (Performer), 1962 The Night Rider (Sound), 1956 The Gabby Hayes Show (Other), 1952 Town Hall Party (in person), 1951 Varieties on Parade (Performer), 1950 The Marshal of Gunsight Pass (Performer), 1948 Tornado Range (Sound), 1948 Tornado Range (Performer), 1948 The Westward Trail (Sound), 1948 The Westward Trail (Performer), 1948 The Tioga Kid (Sound), 1948 The Tioga Kid (Performer), 1948 The Hawk of Powder River (Sound), 1948 The Hawk of Powder River (Performer), 1948 Check Your Guns (Performer), 1948 Check Your Guns (Sound), 1947 Wild Country (Sound), 1947 Wild Country (Performer), 1947 West to Glory (Performer), 1947 West to Glory (Sound), 1947 Shadow Valley (Sound), 1947 Shadow Valley (Performer), 1947 Screen Snapshots: My Pal, Ringeye (in person), 1947 Range Beyond the Blue (Sound), 1947 Range Beyond the Blue (Performer), 1947 Black Hills (Performer), 1947 Black Hills (Sound), 1946 Wild West (Sound), 1946 Wild West (Performer), 1946 Tumbleweed Trail (Performer), 1946 Tumbleweed Trail (Sound), 1946 The Caravan Trail (Sound), 1946 The Caravan Trail (Performer), 1946 Stars Over Texas (Sound), 1946 Stars Over Texas (Performer), 1946 Romance of the West (Performer), 1946 Romance of the West (Sound), 1946 Out California Way (Sound), 1946 Driftin' River (Sound), 1946 Driftin' River (Performer), 1946 Down Missouri Way (Performer), 1946 Down Missouri Way (Sound), 1946 Colorado Serenade (Sound), 1946 Colorado Serenade (Performer), 1945 Wildfire (Performer), 1945 Wildfire (Sound), 1945 Song of Old Wyoming (Sound), 1945 Song of Old Wyoming (Performer), 1944 I'm from Arkansas (Sound), 1944 Harmony Trail (Sound), 1944 Harmony Trail (Performer), 1943 King of the Cowboys (Performer), 1943 Don Winslow of the Coast Guard (Performer), 1942 The Lone Rider and the Bandit (Performer), 1942 Stagecoach Express (Performer), 1942 Raiders of the West (Performer), 1942 Gang Busters (Performer), 1942 Arizona Stage Coach (Performer), 1941 West of Cimarron (Performer), 1941 The Trail of the Silver Spurs (Performer), 1941 Sunset in Wyoming (Performer), 1941 Sierra Sue (Performer), 1941 Pals of the Pecos (Performer), 1941 Outlaws of Cherokee Trail (Performer), 1941 Kansas Cyclone (Performer), 1941 Gauchos of El Dorado (Performer), 1941 Fighting Bill Fargo (Performer), 1941 Down Mexico Way (Performer), 1941 A Man Betrayed (Performer), 1940 The Showdown (Performer), 1940 The Light of Western Stars (Performer), 1940 The Golden Trail (Performer), 1940 Stagecoach War (Performer), 1940 Santa Fe Marshal (Performer), 1940 Rollin' Home to Texas (Performer), 1940 Oklahoma Renegades (Performer), 1940 Knights of the Range (Performer), 1940 Hidden Gold (Performer), 1939 The Lone Ranger Rides Again (Performer), 1939 The Llano Kid (Performer), 1939 Rovin' Tumbleweeds (Performer), 1939 Renegade Trail (Performer), 1939 Range War (Performer), 1939 Law of the Pampas (Performer), 1938 Western Jamboree (Performer)

Theatre Credits
Little Orchid Annie - Performer (April 21, 1930 - May 1930)

Born: June 19, 1914 in White Plains, New York
Died: October 30, 1990 in Ojai, California

Film Credits
2005 Watch the Skies!: Science Fiction, the 1950s and Us (Other), 1979 When the West Was Fun: A Western Reunion (in person), 1979 How the West Was Won (Performer), 1975-1976 The Blue Knight (Performer), 1974 The Manhunter (Performer), 1974 Chopper One (Performer), 1973 Chase (Performer), 1973 Cannon (Performer), 1972 The Smith Family (Performer), 1972 Superbeast (Performer), 1972 Room 222 (Performer), 1972 Mission: Impossible (Performer), 1972 Cade's County (Performer), 1971 The Todd Killings (Performer), 1971 Escape from the Planet of the Apes (Performer), 1971 Alias Smith and Jones (Performer), 1970 Zig Zag (Performer), 1970 The High Chaparral (Performer), 1970 Ironside (Performer), 1970 Barquero (Performer), 1970 Adam-12 (Performer), 1969 The Big Valley (Performer), 1969 Paint Your Wagon (Performer), 1969 More Dead Than Alive (Performer), 1968-1969 The Guns of Will Sonnett (Performer), 1968 Mannix (Performer), 1968 Land of the Giants (Performer), 1968 Daniel Boone (Performer), 1967-1968 Cimarron Strip (Performer), 1967 The Time Tunnel (Performer), 1967 The Invaders (Performer), 1967 Tarzan's Jungle Rebellion (Other), 1967 Tarzan (Performer), 1967 Return of the Gunfighter (Performer), 1967 Fort Utah (Performer), 1967 Dragnet 1967 (Performer), 1966-1972 The F.B.I. (Performer), 1966-1967 Iron Horse (Performer), 1966 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (Performer), 1966 The Phyllis Diller Show (Performer), 1966 The Green Hornet (Performer), 1966 Target: Sea of China (Other), 1966 Missile Base at Taniak (Other), 1966 Laredo (Performer), 1966 Hogan's Heroes (Performer), 1966 Gomer Pyle: USMC (Performer), 1966 For Pete's Sake (Performer), 1966 Daktari (Performer), 1966 Batman (Performer), 1966 Ambush Bay (Performer), 1965/I Harlow (Performer), 1965-1969 The Wild Wild West (Performer), 1965 Wendy and Me (Performer), 1965 The Satan Bug (Performer), 1965 Slattery's People (Performer), 1965 Gilligan's Island (Performer), 1965 Fort Courageous (Performer), 1965 Days of Our Lives (Performer), 1965 Convict Stage (Performer), 1965 Branded (Performer), 1965 Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre (Performer), 1964-1971 The Virginian (Performer), 1964-1967 The Beverly Hillbillies (Performer), 1964-1965 My Living Doll (Performer), 1964-1965 My Favorite Martian (Performer), 1964 The Bing Crosby Show (Performer), 1964 Arrest and Trial (Performer), 1963 The Third Man (Performer), 1963 The Rifleman (Performer), 1963 Temple Houston (Performer), 1963 Showdown (Performer), 1963 Perry Mason (Performer), 1963 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (Performer), 1963 Burke's Law (Performer), 1962-1963 Hawaiian Eye (Performer), 1962 The Wild Westerners (Performer), 1962 National Velvet (Performer), 1962 Lonely Are the Brave (Performer), 1962 Going My Way (Performer), 1961-1962 Bonanza (Performer), 1961 Wagon Train (Performer), 1961 The Investigators (Performer), 1961 The Deputy (Performer), 1961 Sugarfoot (Performer), 1961 Posse from Hell (Performer), 1961 Lawman (Performer), 1961 Fury River (Other), 1961 Coronado 9 (Performer), 1961 Checkmate (Performer), 1961 Buffalo Gun (Performer), 1960-1968 Gunsmoke (Performer), 1960-1965 Lassie (Performer), 1960-1961 Stagecoach West (Performer), 1960 This Man Dawson (Performer), 1960 The Brothers Brannagan (Performer), 1960 Riverboat (Performer), 1960 Peter Gunn (Performer), 1960 Men Into Space (Performer), 1960 Klondike (Performer), 1960 Key Witness (Performer), 1960 Hotel de Paree (Performer), 1960 Have Gun - Will Travel (Performer), 1960 Bat Masterson (Performer), 1959-1965 Rawhide (Performer), 1959-1963 Laramie (Performer), 1959-1961 Sea Hunt (Performer), 1959-1961 Bronco (Performer), 1959-1960 Colt .45 (Performer), 1959 Yancy Derringer (Performer), 1959 World of Giants (Performer), 1959 Wichita Town (Performer), 1959 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color (Performer), 1959 The Texan (Performer), 1959 The Rough Riders (Performer), 1959 The Gunfight at Dodge City (Performer), 1959 Markham (Performer), 1959 Louisiana Hussy (Performer), 1959 Good Day for a Hanging (Performer), 1959 Date with Death (Performer), 1958-1962 Tales of Wells Fargo (Performer), 1958-1961 77 Sunset Strip (Performer), 1958-1960 M Squad (Performer), 1958-1959 Tombstone Territory (Performer), 1958 U.S. Marshal (Performer), 1958 Trackdown (Performer), 1958 The Toughest Gun in Tombstone (Performer), 1958 The Last Hurrah (Performer), 1958 The Cry Baby Killer (Performer), 1958 The Case Against Brooklyn (Performer), 1958 Tarzan's Fight for Life (Performer), 1958 Sergeant Preston of the Yukon (Performer), 1958 Richard Diamond, Private Detective (Performer), 1958 Return to Warbow (Performer), 1958 Northwest Passage (Performer), 1958 Missile Monsters (Other), 1958 Jefferson Drum (Performer), 1958 Girl on the Run (Performer), 1958 Frontier Justice (Other), 1957-1961 Maverick (Performer), 1957-1959 State Trooper (Performer), 1957-1958 The Lineup (Performer), 1957 Whirlybirds (Performer), 1957 The Silent Service (Performer), 1957 The Oklahoman (Performer), 1957 The Lawless Eighties (Performer), 1957 The George Sanders Mystery Theater (Performer), 1957 The Badge of Marshal Brennan (Performer), 1957 The Adventures of Jim Bowie (Performer), 1957 Soldiers of Fortune (Performer), 1957 Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend (Performer), 1957 Raiders of Old California (Performer), 1957 Official Detective (Performer), 1957 Jet Pilot (Performer), 1957 Hey, Jeannie! (Performer), 1957 Hellcats of the Navy (Performer), 1957 Dr. Christian (Performer), 1957 Death in Small Doses (Performer), 1957 Date with the Angels (Performer), 1957 Code 3 (Performer), 1957 Casey Jones (Performer), 1957 26 Men (Performer), 1956-1965 The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet (Performer), 1956-1962 Cheyenne (Performer), 1956-1960 Zane Grey Theater (Performer), 1956-1959 Fury (Performer), 1956 Women Without Men (Performer), 1956 The Women of Pitcairn Island (Performer), 1956 The Werewolf (Performer), 1956 The Three Outlaws (Performer), 1956 The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit (Performer), 1956 The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp (Performer), 1956 The Count of Monte Cristo (Performer), 1956 Tension at t_able Rock (Performer), 1956 Steve Donovan, Western Marshal (Performer), 1956 Screen Directors Playhouse (Performer), 1956 Renegade Satellite (Other), 1956 Real George (Performer), 1956 Navy Log (Performer), 1956 Miami Exposé (Performer), 1956 Manhunt in Space (Other), 1956 Gun Brothers (Performer), 1956 Four Star Playhouse (Performer), 1956 Ethel Barrymore Theater (Performer), 1956 Earth vs. the Flying Saucers (Performer), 1956 Combat Sergeant (Performer), 1956 Chevron Hall of Stars (Performer), 1956 Blonde Bait (Performer), 1955-1959 The Millionaire (Performer), 1955-1958 Tales of the Texas Rangers (Performer), 1955-1956 The Adventures of Champion (Performer), 1955-1956 Cavalcade of America (Performer), 1955-1956 Buffalo Bill, Jr. (Performer), 1955 Timber Country Trouble (Other), 1955 The Eternal Sea (Performer), 1955 The Crooked Web (Performer), 1955 So You Don't Trust Your Wife (Performer), 1955 Schlitz Playhouse (Performer), 1955 Public Defender (Performer), 1955 Passport to Danger (Performer), 1955 Outlaw Treasure (Performer), 1955 Not as a Stranger (Performer), 1955 Lord of the Jungle (Performer), 1955 King of the Carnival (Performer), 1955 It Came from Beneath the Sea (Performer), 1955 Dig That Uranium (Performer), 1955 Creature with the Atom Brain (Performer), 1955 At Gunpoint (Performer), 1955 Apache Ambush (Performer), 1954-1957 Annie Oakley (Performer), 1954-1955 Treasury Men in Action (Performer), 1954 Yankee Pasha (Performer), 1954 Waterfront (Performer), 1954 Trader Tom of the China Seas (Performer), 1954 They Rode West (Performer), 1954 The Joe Palooka Story (Performer), 1954 The Forty-Niners (Performer), 1954 The Boy from Oklahoma (Performer), 1954 The Bob Mathias Story (Performer), 1954 The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin (Performer), 1954 Stories of the Century (Performer), 1954 Silver Needle in the Sky (Other), 1954 Rocky Jones, Space Ranger (Performer), 1954 Riot in Cell Block 11 (Performer), 1954 Return to Treasure Island (Performer), 1954 Mr. & Mrs. North (Performer), 1954 Duel in Space (Other), 1954 Dragonfly Squadron (Performer), 1954 Dragnet (Performer), 1954 Crime Wave (Performer), 1954 Crash of Moons (Other), 1954 City Detective (Performer), 1954 Captain Midnight (Performer), 1954 Captain Kidd and the Slave Girl (Performer), 1953-1969 Death Valley Days (Performer), 1953-1955 My Little Margie (Performer), 1953-1954 The Loretta Young Show (Performer), 1953-1954 Ramar of the Jungle (Performer), 1953 Topeka (Performer), 1953 The Marshal's Daughter (Performer), 1953 The Fighting Lawman (Performer), 1953 The Big Heat (Performer), 1953 Prince of Pirates (Performer), 1953 Pack Train (Performer), 1953 I Love Melvin (Performer), 1953 Hopalong Cassidy (Performer), 1953 Forbidden (Performer), 1953 Flight Nurse (Performer), 1953 Fighter Attack (Performer), 1953 Family Theatre (Performer), 1953 Canadian Mounties vs. Atomic Invaders (Performer), 1953 Biff Baker, U.S.A. (Performer), 1952-1956 Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (Performer), 1952-1955 The Roy Rogers Show (Performer), 1952-1953 Cowboy G-Men (Performer), 1952 Yukon Gold (Performer), 1952 This Woman Is Dangerous (Performer), 1952 The Winning Team (Performer), 1952 The Steel Fist (Performer), 1952 Talk About a Stranger (Performer), 1952 Sound Off (Performer), 1952 Sea Tiger (Performer), 1952 Red Ball Express (Performer), 1952 Rancho Notorious (Performer), 1952 Night Stage to Galveston (Performer), 1952 Bugles in the Afternoon (Performer), 1952 Battle Zone (Performer), 1952 Apache Country (Performer), 1952 Androcles and the Lion (Performer), 1951-1954 The Adventures of Kit Carson (Performer), 1951-1953 The Range Rider (Performer), 1951 Whirlwind (Performer), 1951 Valley of Fire (Performer), 1951 Thunder in God's Country (Performer), 1951 The Racket (Performer), 1951 The Mob (Performer), 1951 The Living Christ Series (Performer), 1951 The Kid from Amarillo (Performer), 1951 The Hills of Utah (Performer), 1951 The Day the Earth Stood Still (Performer), 1951 Silver City Bonanza (Performer), 1951 Roadblock (Performer), 1951 Racket Squad (Performer), 1951 Operation Pacific (Performer), 1951 Lorna Doone (Performer), 1951 Let's Go Navy! (Performer), 1951 Inside Straight (Performer), 1951 I Want You (Performer), 1951 Flying Leathernecks (Performer), 1951 Come Fill the Cup (Performer), 1951 Call Me Mister (Performer), 1951 Bowery Battalion (Performer), 1951 According to Mrs. Hoyle (Performer), 1950-1955 The Gene Autry Show (Performer), 1950 When Willie Comes Marching Home (Performer), 1950 The Showdown (Performer), 1950 The Great Jewel Robber (Performer), 1950 The Flying Missile (Performer), 1950 Ready to Ride (Performer), 1950 No Way Out (Performer), 1950 I'll Get By (Performer), 1950 Flying Disc Man from Mars (Performer), 1950 Fireside Theatre (Performer), 1950 Experiment Alcatraz (Performer), 1950 Counterspy Meets Scotland Yard (Performer), 1950 Bunco Squad (Performer), 1950 Blue Grass of Kentucky (Performer), 1950 Between Midnight and Dawn (Performer), 1950 711 Ocean Drive (Performer), 1949-1956 The Lone Ranger (Performer), 1949 Zamba (Performer), 1949 Without Honor (Performer), 1949 White Heat (Performer), 1949 Twelve O'Clock High (Performer), 1949 Tucson (Performer), 1949 The Life of Riley (Performer), 1949 The Great Dan Patch (Performer), 1949 State Department: File 649 (Performer), 1949 Slattery's Hurricane (Performer), 1949 Prince of the Plains (Performer), 1949 Life of St. Paul Series (Performer), 1949 I Was a Male War Bride (Performer), 1949 Frontier Investigator (Performer), 1949 Bandit King of Texas (Performer), 1949 Alimony (Performer), 1948 The Gay Intruders (Performer), 1948 Parole, Inc. (Performer), 1948 Moonrise (Performer), 1948 Let's Live Again (Performer), 1948 Jungle Patrol (Performer), 1948 Incident (Performer), 1948 A Foreign Affair (Performer), 1947 Hit Parade of 1947 (Performer), 1946 The Magnificent Rogue (Performer), 1938 The Big Broadcast of 1938 (Performer), 1930 The Family Ford (Performer)

Born: May 31, 1905 in Paola, Kansas
Died: March 16, 1978 in Coffeyville, Kansas

Film Credits
1935 The Cheyenne Tornado (Performer), 1935 Outlaw Rule (Performer), 1935 Lightning Triggers (Performer), 1935 Border Vengeance (Performer), 1935 Blazing Guns (Performer), 1935 Arizona Bad Man (Performer), 1934 The Man from Hell (Performer), 1934 Range Warfare (Performer), 1934 Fighting to Live (Performer), 1934 Fighting Through (Performer), 1932 The Lost Special (Performer)

Born: February 7, 1908 in Oakland, California
Died: April 23, 1983 in Scottsdale, Arizona

Film Credits
2007 The Wonder of It All (Other), 2005 How William Shatner Changed the World (Other), 2004 Haunts of the Black Masseur (Other), 1996 Tarzan at the Movies, Part 2: The Many Faces of Tarzan (Other), 1989 Action Heroes of Movies & T.V.: A Campy Compilation (Other), 1986 Bad Girls in the Movies (Other), 1982 The Comeback Trail (Performer), 1981 B.J. and the Bear (Performer), 1980 The Alien Dead (Performer), 1980 The 1980 Sci-Fi Awards (in person), 1980 Hour Magazine (in person), 1980 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (Other), 1979 Swim Team (Performer), 1979 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (Performer), 1978 Science Fiction Film Awards (in person), 1977 Buck Rogers (Other), 1976 Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch (Other), 1976 It's Showtime (Other), 1972 The David Frost Show (in person), 1971 Mantrap (in person), 1971 Beat the Clock (in person), 1967 The Ed Sullivan Show (in person), 1966 Spaceship to the Unknown (Other), 1966 Purple Death from Outer Space (Other), 1966 Peril from the Planet Mongo (Other), 1966 Destination Saturn (Other), 1966 Deadly Ray from Mars (Other), 1965 The Bounty Killer (Performer), 1965 Arizona Raiders (Performer), 1964 Tarzan the Fearless (Other), 1960 Gunfighters of Abilene (Performer), 1959 The Further Adventures of Ellery Queen (Performer), 1958 Badman's Country (Performer), 1958 Adventures of the Sea Hawk (Performer), 1957 The Lawless Eighties (Performer), 1956 The Steve Allen Plymouth Show (in person), 1956 The Gabby Hayes Show (Other), 1956 Gun Brothers (Performer), 1955-1957 Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion (Performer), 1955 Star Tonight (Performer), 1955 Ponds Theater (Performer), 1955 Masquerade Party (in person), 1955 Kraft Theatre (Performer), 1953-1960 The Red Skelton Hour (Performer), 1953 The Milton Berle Show (in person), 1953 The Gulf Playhouse (Performer), 1953 Planet Outlaws (Other), 1952 The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse (Performer), 1952 King of the Congo (Performer), 1951 The Saturday Night Revue with Jack Carter (in person), 1950 Pirates of the High Seas (Performer), 1950 Captive Girl (Performer), 1948 Caged Fury (Performer), 1947 The Sea Hound (Performer), 1947 Last of the Redmen (Performer), 1946 Terrors on Horseback (Performer), 1946 Swamp Fire (Performer), 1946 Prairie Badmen (Performer), 1946 Overland Riders (Performer), 1946 Outlaws of the Plains (Performer), 1946 Ghost of Hidden Valley (Performer), 1946 Gentlemen with Guns (Performer), 1945 Stagecoach Outlaws (Performer), 1945 Shadows of Death (Performer), 1945 Rustlers' Hideout (Performer), 1945 Prairie Rustlers (Performer), 1945 Parade of Aquatic Champions (Other), 1945 Lightning Raiders (Performer), 1945 His Brother's Ghost (Performer), 1945 Gangster's Den (Performer), 1945 Fighting Bill Carson (Performer), 1945 Border Badmen (Performer), 1944 Wild Horse Phantom (Performer), 1944 Valley of Vengeance (Performer), 1944 Thundering Gun Slingers (Performer), 1944 The Drifter (Performer), 1944 The Contender (Performer), 1944 Oath of Vengeance (Performer), 1944 Nabonga (Performer), 1944 Fuzzy Settles Down (Performer), 1944 Frontier Outlaws (Performer), 1943 Western Cyclone (Performer), 1943 The Renegade (Performer), 1943 The Kid Rides Again (Performer), 1943 Isle of Forgotten Sins (Other), 1943 Fugitive of the Plains (Performer), 1943 Devil Riders (Performer), 1943 Cattle Stampede (Performer), 1943 Blazing Frontier (Performer), 1942 Wildcat (Performer), 1942 The Mysterious Rider (Performer), 1942 Sheriff of Sage Valley (Performer), 1942 Queen of Broadway (Performer), 1942 Law and Order (Performer), 1942 Jungle Siren (Performer), 1942 Billy the Kid's Smoking Guns (Performer), 1942 Billy the Kid Trapped (Performer), 1941 Jungle Man (Performer), 1941 Billy the Kid's Round-up (Performer), 1941 Billy the Kid Wanted (Performer), 1940 Sailor's Lady (Performer), 1940 Medicus Film of New York World's Fair (in person), 1940 Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (Performer), 1939 Unmarried (Performer), 1939 Million Dollar Legs (Performer), 1939 Colorado Sunset (Performer), 1939 Call a Messenger (Performer), 1939 Buck Rogers (Performer), 1938 Tip-Off Girls (Performer), 1938 Red Barry (Performer), 1938 Mars Attacks the World (Other), 1938 Illegal Traffic (Performer), 1938 Hunted Men (Performer), 1938 Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars (Performer), 1937 Thrill of a Lifetime (Performer), 1937 Sophie Lang Goes West (Performer), 1937 Murder Goes to College (Performer), 1937 King of Gamblers (Performer), 1937 Forlorn River (Performer), 1937 Daughter of Shanghai (Performer), 1936/II Flash Gordon (Other), 1936/I Flash Gordon (Performer), 1936 The Arizona Raiders (Performer), 1936 Rose Bowl (Performer), 1936 Lady Be Careful (Performer), 1936 Drift Fence (Performer), 1936 Desert Gold (Performer), 1936 Arizona Mahoney (Performer), 1935 Wanderer of the Wasteland (Performer), 1935 Starlit Days at the Lido (in person), 1935 Nevada (Performer), 1935 Hollywood Hobbies (in person), 1935 Hold 'Em Yale (Performer), 1934 You're Telling Me! (Performer), 1934 We're Rich Again (Performer), 1934 The Oil Raider (Performer), 1934 She Had to Choose (Performer), 1934 Search for Beauty (Performer), 1934 Hollywood on Parade No. B-7 (in person), 1934 Badge of Honor (Performer), 1933 To the Last Man (Performer), 1933 The Thundering Herd (Performer), 1933 The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi (Performer), 1933 Tarzan the Fearless (Performer), 1933 Man of the Forest (Performer), 1933 King of the Jungle (Performer), 1933 Hollywood on Parade No. B-5 (in person), 1933 Hollywood on Parade No. A-9 (in person), 1932 The Most Dangerous Game (Performer), 1932 That's My Boy (Performer), 1932 Island of Lost Souls (Performer), 1932 Hollywood on Parade (in person), 1931 Movie-Town (in person), 1931 Maker of Men (Performer), 1930 Good News (Performer)

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