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  • BUZZ ALDRIN, JR. Signed Californian certificate of appreciation from the Bicentennial Commemoration of the U. S. Constitution Certificate of appreciation signed "Buzz Aldrin". 1 page, 10¾x14 overall, 7¼x8¼ certificate, one surface, printed on cardstock. read more...

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  • BUZZ ALDRIN Signs a Statement Pursuant to the Communications Act of 1934 for his appearance on the TV show Today Partly Printed Document signed: "Buzz Aldrin", 1p, 8½x11. Statement Pursuant to the Communications Act of 1934 for his appearance on the TV show Today, 1989 June 14. read more...

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  • NEIL ARMSTRONG Two years before his first spaceflight, and five years before he set the first human foot on the moon, Armstrong fills out a flight plan, preparing to pilot a NASA jet from Ohio to Texas. Document signed twice: "N. A. Armstrong", 1 page, 8x12¾. read more...

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  • This remarkable document, from 1974, is a piece of Neil Armstrong's career after he retired from NASA in 1971. It's a class list from the University of Cincinnati, where he was a professor of aeronautical engineering for eight years. An illuminating piece from Armstrong's post-NASA career. Official documents signed by Armstrong are extremely scarce! read more...

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  • MARK CLARK His ink signature on a photocopy of General Eisenhower's understated message announcing victory in Europe Photocopied document signed in ink: "Mark Clark", 8½x11. Photocopy of the message sent by Dwight D. read more...

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  • LEWIS B. HERSHEY Lewis B. Hershey signs a document authorizing the National Broadcasting Company to make recordings of his remarks on the program "Wanted: 30,000,000 Men". Partly printed Document Signed: "Lewis Hershey," "Leo M. Cherne," and "Neil N. Jacoby," 1p, 8½x11. read more...

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  • GEORGE ROY HILL Oscar-winning director George Roy Hill signed this document in 1966 to calculate his dues for the Directors Guild of America. Document signed "George Roy Hill". Blue ink notations in unknown hand and black ink date stamp on front. 1 page, 8½x11. Feb. 28, 1966. read more...

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  • BOB NEWHART Bob Newhart signs publicity release to New Syndicate Co. in 1962 Document Signed: "Bob Newhart", 8½x11. New York, New York, 1962 February 1. Printed Release Form to the News Syndicate Co, New York, allowing the use of his personage for promotional purposes. read more...

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