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Signed Autograph Letter to his mother from Russia. This ALS was exhibit #183 of the Warren Commission's investigation of the assassination of President Kennedy!

Autograph Letter signed: "Lee", 3 pages (front and verso, integral leaf), 5½x8 folded, 11x8 opened flat. Laminated by Lee Harvey Oswald's mother Marguerite for the use by the Warren Commission and bearing its label as Exhibit 183. Minsk, USSR, dated by Oswald 1959, October 22, but actually confirmed by the Warren Commission to have been written on that date in 1961. To "Dear Mother" [Marguerite Oswald], in full: [Spelling and grammatical errors retained]. "Sorry to take so long to write but I thought something might have come up but we're still waiting. I received your birthday card on the 14th thanks for the thought. I'll be glad to get any books you send me in the future you might include some fashion magazines for Marina also if you remember it. Marina's maiden name was Proosakova, her aunt and uncles address in Minsk is Minsh Us. Kalinina 42 Apt 20 Proocakova. They don't speak any english, however, her uncle is a army colonel, soon to retire. You needn't worry about my losing american citizenship I can only do that if I want to, and I don't want too. For my birthday, Marina sent me a gold and silver cup with the inscription 'to my Dear Husband on his birthday 18/X/61' very nice don't you think, Marina is on her vacation now, she is spending it with her aunt in the city of Khapkov about 600 miles South-East of here. She's just relaxing and taking it easy from work and the house work. We both agreed that she should go to a new environment on her vacation, but she comes back in a few more days, on the 29th of October. Her Aunt Palina's address is in the city of 'KHAPKOV', VEZD TREEKHLERA, House 5, Apt. 7, Mikhailovic, P.  Marina, unfortionily, doesn't speak any English at all, I would like her to learn, and I'v bought some books for her on the subject but for now she doesn't want to learn, she speaks a little French already (she learned in grammar school), and she really doesn't want to study another language for now, she really does not have the time what with her working you know 10-5 and than the house-work but it really doesn't matter for now. I'll try to write more often. Love. [signature] P.S. Did you receive my letter with some pictures of Mink in it?" The Warren Commission, headed by Chief Justice Earl Warren, issued its 888-page final report on its year-long investigation of President Kennedy's assassination, accompanied by 26 volumes of documentation, on September 24, 1964. It concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone, had murdered the President in Dallas on November 22, 1963. It painted a picture of a troubled, violence-prone man attracted to Marxism and supportive of the Cuban revolution, who desired to leave his mark on history. Many have contested these conclusions, of course, placing the blame on - take your pick - the KGB, the CIA, Castro, anti-Castro Cubans or the Mafia, to name the principal "suspects." Whatever their thesis, investigators have looked closely at the years Oswald spent in Russia (1959-1962), his Russian bride Marina (whose uncle was a colonel in the KGB, not the Soviet army), and his subsequent contacts with Soviet officials, including visits at the Soviet (and Cuban) consulates in Mexico City in September 1963). Oswald has put the incorrect year on this letter. The Warren Commission investigated the dating error, correlating it with the sequence of letters received by Lee's mother, Marguerite Oswald (and read to the Commission by her personally).  One could hardly ask for better authentication! The letter is a revealing look at Lee Harvey Oswald's state of mind in October 1961. Lightly toned at edges. Otherwise, fine condition. Accompanied by PSA/DNA LOA.

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Born: October 18, 1939 in New Orleans, Louisiana
Died: November 24, 1963 in Dallas, Texas

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