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Former FBI investigator Melvin Purvis wrote this letter to his wife on stationery of the North African Provost Marshal General in 1943, begging her to write him more often and for details of an operation that she had. He was in the U. S. Army during World War II.

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Former FBI investigator Melvin Purvis wrote this letter to his wife on stationery of the North African Provost Marshal General in 1943, begging her to write him more often and for details of an operation that she had. He was in the U. S. Army during World War II.
Autograph letter signed "Melvin". 2 pages,8x10½, 1 sheet, front and verso, on stationery of the Headquarters of the Office of the Provost Marshal General in the North African Theatre of Operations. Nov. 9, 1943. In full: "Dear Roseanne, I have just reread your letter of September sixteenth and you said as soon as I reached my destination you would write me most every day but until then you had a feeling they might never reach me because of a probable change of address. I write to you every day and sometimes two times and in fact I am writing to you all the time when there is a moment to spare. Maybe my letters seem disconnected and if they do that might be the reason, but they do tell you that I love you and that's all I think about. I hope you are well enough now to write me more. I pray for you every night with earnest prayer and a heart full of anguish - Not that you are well just so you can write to me but over the operation and safe - I hope so earnestly, though, that you can begin writing me every day and that you will do more than just write me most every day - you must know how much I need your letters - It is because you are my Roseanne, and I love you. I am in my room and in five minutes it will be eight thirty and I shall go out on my balcony and look into the sky in your direction. I suppose you have not been able to do that yet and I don't want you to until you are entirely well. I was so terribly shocked when I read about the transfusion in your Mother's letter and details were so lacking. And that is still all the mention of it I have seen or heard. My anxiety is almost overwhelming. Your letter of October twenty third was received at the same time so I knew you must be all right but I am still so worried and I was promised that a letter would sent to me every day. Did some-one write me? If so they will probably come later. If not I do not understand. Later - over two months have passed since I saw you. Today is November tenth so it was two months ago last night an anniversary I shall try to erase from my mind. In my life have spent some if not many bad nights but that one was so terrible - Going away from you made me so miserable I could hardly bear it and missing you like I do has made me more so as time goes on. I know I shall be ever unforgiving of the causes that took me away from you just at the time I wanted to be with you more than ever. I shall always be unforgiving of the causes which are bringing to me the most miserable period of my life - miserable because I am not with you. Later - I have been so busy since I got back to the office. I found work piled up when I returned after that several days absence. I wrote you from where I was and you will have that before you get this. I plan to write you a separate letter to tell you about it (my trip) but I have delayed that until I can determine that I shall not be violating censorship regulation. I suppose I should write you about the things I see but to me they are all very dull because you are not with me, and then also I can never seem to get straight just what you can and cannot write. I hope the two little boys are all right. I dream of the day when I can see them. I hope your Mother is fine and enjoying good health. Give my love to her, Aunt Mattie and Aunt Susie. We (H & I) have yet to find a place to live. I am still staying at the General's apartment, but since H. & I planned to stay together, we are and have been constantly on the lookout for a place. We have not unpacked all of our baggage yet because we thought we would wait till we could get fairly well settled. Remember, I love you more than anything. I think of you each moment. I ache to see you. I adore you". "Roseanne" is probably his wife Marie Rosanne Willcox Purvis, whom he married in 1931. The operation and transfusions about which Purvis writes may be related to the birth of his second son, his second son Philip Alston Wilcox Purvis, born about two months before this letter in September of 1943. Purvis was a colonel in the U. S. Army during World War II. Purvis (1903-1960) became a national hero after leading the law-enforcement teams that trapped and killed notorious bank robbers John Dillinger and Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd in 1934. By 1935, however, Purvis had been forced to resign as the head of the Bureau's Chicago office by J. Edgar Hoover. As the Director of the FBI from 1924 until his death, the powerful and egotistic Hoover, resentful because Purvis received the bulk of the publicity in the Dillinger and Floyd episodes, relieved his one-time "golden boy" of most of his important duties. "Little Mel" (he stood just under five feet tall) was effectively driven out of the Bureau at the age of 31. Lightly toned and creased. Show-through touches signature. Body of letter, but not signature, has bled lightly but is legible. Folded once horizontally and twice vertically and unfolded. Otherwise in fine condition.

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