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Cyrillic signatures of both cosmonauts in their spacesuits.
Photograph signed: "A Solovyev", "N Budarin". Color, 10x8. Russian cosmonaut NIKOLAI BUDARIN (b. 1953) made three extended stays in space, two aboard the space station Mir (1995, 1998) and one aboard the International Space Station (2002-2003). He made 8 space walks totaling 44 hours in space. Since 1997, Budarin has been a member of the Russian parliament (the State Duma) as a member of the pro-Putin United Russia Party. Cosmonaut ANATOLY SOLOVYEV (b. 1948) was a senior pilot and group commander in the Soviet Air Force before entering the cosmonaut program in 1976. After serving on the backup crew for several Soyuz and Mir missions, he spent 179 days in space aboard the Mir space station. Solovyev holds the international record for most space walks (16) and most time spent in extra-vehicular activity (82 hours). Fine condition.

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Born: April 29, 1953 in Kirya, Chuvashia, Russia


PERSONAL DATA: Born April 29, 1953, in Kirya, Chuvashia (Russia). Married to Marina Lvovna Budarina (nee Sidorenko). There are two sons in the family, Dmitry and Vladislav. His hobbies include fishing, skiing, picking mushrooms. His father, Mikhail Romanovich Budarin, died in 1984. His mother, Alexandra Mikhailovna Budarina, died in 1986.

EDUCATION: Graduated from the S.Ordzhonikidze Moscow Aviation Institute in 1979 with a mechanical engineering diploma.

SPECIAL HONORS: Awarded the titles of Hero of Russia, and a Pilot-Cosmonaut of the Russian Federation.

EXPERIENCE: Since 1976 Budarin has occupied the positions of engineer and leading engineer at the RSC ENERGIA. In February 1989 he was enrolled in the ENERGIA cosmonaut detachment as a candidate test cosmonaut.

From September 1989 to January 1991, he underwent a complete basic space training course at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center and passed a State examination. Budarin is qualified as a Test Cosmonaut.

From February 1991 to December 1993, he took an advanced training course for the Soyuz-TM transport vehicle and the Mir Station flight.

From June 27 to September 11, 1995, Budarin participated in a space mission as a board engineer of the 19th long-term expedition launched by the Space Shuttle and landed by the Soyuz TM-21 transport vehicle.

From January 28 to August 25, 1998, he participated in a space mission as a board engineer of the 25th long-term expedition aboard the Mir Orbital Station.

From Nov. 23, 2002 to May 3, 2003, Budarin logged over 161 days in space as Expedition-6 Flight Engineer aboard the International Space Station. The Expedition-6 crew launched on STS-113 Space Shuttle Endeavour and returned to Earth on Soyuz TMA-1.

Born: January 16, 1948 in Riga, Russia

Anatoly Yakovlevich Solovyev
Pilot-Cosmonaut, Colonel. Resides in Star City.

BIRTHPLACE AND DATE: Born January 16, 1948, in Riga.

PARENTS: Yakov Mikhailovich Solovyev, father, deceased in 1980. Antonia Pavlovna Soloveva, mother, resides in Riga.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Brown hair, blue eyes; 5 feet 5 inches; 179 pounds.

EDUCATION: Graduated from the Lenin Komsomol Chernigov Higher Military Aviation School in 1972.

MARITAL STATUS: Married to Natalya Vasilyevna Solovyeva (nee Katyshevtseva).

CHILDREN: Two sons, Gennady in 1975, and Illya in 1980.

HONORS: Awarded the Order of Lenin and the "Gold Star" medal, the Order of the October Revolution, the Order of the Friendship of Peoples, and six Armed Forces medals.

EXPERIENCE: Anatoly Yakovlevich Solovyev served from 1972 to 1976 as a senior pilot and group commander in the Far Eastern Military District. Since August 1976, he has been a student-cosmonaut at the Yuri A. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center. In January 1979, he completed general space training. He is a test pilot third class and a test cosmonaut. From 1979 to 1984, he underwent training for a flight aboard the Soyuz-T transport vehicle and the Salyut-7 and Mir orbital stations as part of a group. In 1981, he was made part of a stand-by crew as a commander of a primary expedition. In 1987, he was the commander of a back-up Soviet-Sylian crew for an expedition that visited the Mir Station. His first flight in 1988, lasted 9 days and was performed as part of an international Soviet-Bulgalian crew comprised of A.Y. Solovyev, B.P. Savinykh. and A. Aleksandrov, of Bulgaria. From February 11 to August 9, 1990, Colonel Solovyev accomplished a long-duration (179-day) flight aboard th At present, he is the commander of the back-up Russian crew of the Mir-18 expedition on the Soyuz-TM-21 spacecraft as part of the Mir-Shuttle program.

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