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  • JAMES M. DALZELL A Union veteran's poem rejects the idea of honoring Union and Confederate soldiers together. Autograph Poem signed twice: "James M. Dalzell/Private Dalzell" at end, 3p, 6½x8¾. Accompanied by Autograph Note signed: "James M. Dalzell/Private Dalzell", 1p, 6½x8¾. read more...

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  • THE CIVIL WAR PRIVATE AND POET GLORIFIES THE SACRIFICES OF UNION FORCES DURING THE CONFLICT   JAMES M. DALZELL. Autograph Poem signed: "J.M. Dalzell" at end and "Private Dalzell" in heading, 2p, 8x10¾, separate sheets. read more...

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  • WILLIAM D. HOWELLS. Printed Poem Signed: "W.D. Howells," 1p, 6¼x9. Judgment Day. In full: "Before Him weltered like a shoreless sea/The souls of them that had not sought to be,/With all their read more...

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  • JOHN D. LONG. Typed Poem signed: "John D. Long", 1p, 8x7. Titled: "Charade for the Transcript". In full: "Of a discoverer's name, undimmed by age,/Read but a half and you my first rehearse;/A well known period next on history's page./Both are familiar forms in Whittier's verse. read more...

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  • JOHN JAMES PIATT The poet signs his name twice on handwritten copy of his poem "Sunshine in Rain" in black ink Autograph poem signed twice: "John James Piatt" and "John James Piatt" in black ink. 1 page, 7x9¾. Cleveland, Ohio. Titled: "Sunshine in Rain" by Piatt. read more...

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  • JOHN JAMES PIATT The American poet signs his poem "The Walnut-Gatherer" in black ink Poem signed: "John James Piatt" in black ink. 1 page, 7x8¾. North Bend, Ohio. Titled: "The Walnut-Gatherer/ (To a Little Boy Out in the Woods)" read more...

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