FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT: 48 GOVERNORS OF 1935 Two signed documents with Franklin Roosevelt signing as first the Governor of New York and then the President of the United States, along with signatures of the 48 Governors of the United States in 1935.

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Two signed documents with Franklin Roosevelt signing as first the Governor of New York and then the President of the United States, along with signatures of the 48 Governors of the United States in 1935. This is a unique look at the political landscape of the US during the Great Depression and the second phase of the New Deal.
Comprised: (1) Memorandum signed: "FDR" as Governor of New York in black ink. 8x10½. Albany, July 14, 1931, to Captain Brandt. In full: "Please prepare reply for my signature." Toned. Corners rounded. Normal mailing folds. Holes at top left corner from staple. Small pink smudge and pencil note (unknown hand) on verso. Otherwise, fine condition. (2) Signature: "Franklin D Roosevelt/May 13/1934" in black ink. 8x3. Toned. Irregular edges. Fraying and darkening around edges. Piece is translucent but signature is bold and clear. Otherwise, fine condition. (3) Book signed: "Bibb Graves/Gov. of Ala.", "B. B. Moeur", "J. M. Futrell/Governor of Arkansas/March, 25, 1935", "Frank F. Merriam/Governor", "Ed C. Johnson/Governor of Colorado/3/25-1935", "Wilbur L. Cross", "C D Buck", "David Sholtz", "Eugene Talmadge", C Ben Ross", "Henry Horner", "Very cordially yours/Paul V. McNutt", "Clyde L. Herning", "Alf M Landon", "Ruby Laffoon/Governor of Ky", "Oscar K. Allen,/Gov. of La./4/2/'35", "Louis C. Brann", "H W Nice", "James M. Curley/Governor of Mass", "Frank D. Fitzgerald/1935-1936", "Floyd B. Olson", "Sennett Conner", "Guy B Park", "F. H. Cooney/Governor of Montana", "R. L. Cochran", "Richard Kirman/Governor.", "H Styles Bridges/Governor", "Horace Griggs Prall", "Clyde Tingley", "Herbert H Lehman", "Martin L Davey", "E W Marland", "Charles H. Martin/Governor/of/Oregon", "George H. Earle", "Theodore Francis Green", "Olin D. Johnston/Governor of S. C.", "James V Allred", "Henry H. Blood/Governor of Utah", "Charles M. Smith", "Geo. C. Perry", "Clarence D. Martin", "H. G. Kump", "Philip F. La Follette" and "Leslie A. Miller". 28 pages, 8¾x9½, single-sided pages, bound in grey paper covers with two brass fasteners. Signatures on cards affixed to pages, two to a page, in alphabetical order by state. With typed index at back of book. As this book states on the second page, "This book contains the autographs of the forty eight governors of the United States who served under the Administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt". Lightly toned and creased. Light tears on edges of pages. Covers are creased with ragged right edge and rounded corners. Some mountings have torn or are separated from pages. Fasteners are tarnished. Otherwise, fine condition. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945) served as president during two of the most difficult times in world history, the Great Depression and World War II. He was elected to four terms (1933-1945), breaching the traditional (now constitutionally mandated) limit of two. The fifth cousin of President Theodore Roosevelt, FDR was elected to the New York State Senate in 1910, resigning in 1913 when appointed Assistant Secretary of the Navy (1913-1920). He ran for Vice President on the unsuccessful Democratic ticket with James M. Cox of Ohio (1920). The polio-like, paralyzing illness he contracted in 1921 did not end his political career. Roosevelt was twice elected Governor of New York (1928-1932). He was elected president in 1932, three years into the worldwide Great Depression. Roosevelt 's response to the Depression was the New Deal, a patchwork of programs which greatly increased the economic role of the federal government. While not all New Deal programs succeeded, initiatives like the Civilian Conservation Corps employed hundreds of thousands of Americans, while projects like the Tennessee Valley Authority for rural electrification injected billions of federal dollars into the economy. Roosevelt was also responsible for Social Security benefits for the elderly and for minimum wage laws. He began re-arming the United States in 1938, despite strong isolationist sentiment in the country, and declared that the United States would become an "arsenal of democracy". After Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt directed America's global war effort, and held face to face summit meetings with allied leaders, including Britain's Churchill the USSR's Josef Stalin. He died four months before V-J Day and the official end of World War II on Aug. 12, 1945. Frederick Stuart Greene (1870-1939), as a colonel in the American Expeditionary Force in France during World War I, built supply railroads which furnished vital supplies during the American offensive in the Meuse-Argonne. He became New York's Highway Commission (1919-1923) and then its Commissioner of Public Works (1923-1939).

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