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Comprises: (1) GERALD FORD and GEORGE BUSH. Vice Presidential Card signed: "Gerald R. Ford" as Richard Nixon's Vice President and "George Bush" as Ronald Reagan's Vice President, 5¾x3½. Fine condition. (2) DAN QUAYLE.

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Condition: Fine condition
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GERALD R. FORD, GEORGE BUSH and DAN QUAYLE. Comprises: (1) GERALD FORD and GEORGE BUSH. Vice Presidential Card signed: "Gerald R. Ford" as Richard Nixon's Vice President and "George Bush" as Ronald Reagan's Vice President, 5¾x3½. Fine condition. (2) DAN QUAYLE. Vice Presidential Card signed: "Dan Quayle" as George Bush's Vice President, 5¾x3½. Fine condition. Signatures of the 38th, 43rd and 44th U.S. Vice Presidents. GERALD R. FORD (1913-2006) served as Vice President from December 1973-August 1974. He was nominated by President Richard M. Nixon according to the 25th Amendment, which details the procedure for filling a vacancy in the vice presidency (Ford replaced Spiro T. Agnew, who had resigned in October 1973). Ford's short term was characterized by the Watergate scandal and Nixon's possible impeachment. Although loyal to the President, Ford supported Congress' investigation into the cover-up. He succeeded to the presidency after Nixon resigned, becoming the only man to have served in the nation's two highest offices without being elected to either. During his presidency (1974-1977), Ford granted Nixon a complete and unconditional pardon (September 8, 1974), became the first President to visit Japan (November 1974) and ordered the evacuation of South Vietnamese refugees six days before their government surrendered to North Vietnam (April 30, 1975). GEORGE BUSH was Vice President from 1981-1989. During this period, he led the nation while President Ronald Reagan recovered from an assassination attempt. Bush encouraged Blacks to become active members of the Republican Party, worked to deregulate business, promoted the use of alternate fuels and fought drug trafficking as head of the National Narcotics Border Interdiction System. He utilized his extensive political knowledge to succeed Reagan as one of the most highly favored U.S. Presidents (1989-1993), breaking records with an 80% public approval rating after his first year in office. DAN QUAYLE, who served as Vice President (1989-1993) under Bush, joined the Chief Executive in fighting the "War on Drugs" and encouraging Central American countries to conform to human rights' standards. During two diplomatic trips to Central America (February and June 1989) on the President's behalf, Quayle denounced Nicaragua's terrorist tactics and warned El Salvador that the U.S. would discontinue foreign aid if human rights' violations continued. To restore democracy and to end drug trafficking n Panama, Bush ordered the December 20th invasion of that country, which resulted in Manuel Noriega's surrender to the U.S. on January 3, 1990. Two items. Framed in the Gallery of History style: 29½x25¼.

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