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Collection including a handwritten letter from Senator JFK to a former Harvard professor, framed in the Gallery of History style to 46x32, with nine individual items signed by Justices Warren, Black, Douglas, Clark, Harlan, White, Brennan, Stewart and Fortas.

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Collection including a handwritten letter from Senator JFK to a former Harvard professor, framed in the Gallery of History style to 46x32, with nine individual items signed by Justices Warren, Black, Douglas, Clark, Harlan, White, Brennan, Stewart and Fortas. Chief Justice Earl Warren has signed a copy of the eulogy he delivered at Kennedy's funeral.
Comprises: (1) JOHN F. KENNEDY.
Autograph Letter unsigned as U.S. Senator, 2p, 6½x9½ (front and verso). Washington, D.C., no date. To (Arthur) Holcombe, his Professor of Government at Harvard. Numbered "IV" in upper left. In full: "'If the practical business of government consists largely in the adjustment of the conflicts of interest arising among the people & politicians who understand the nature of the peoples (sic) interests and are responsible for their treatment of them to powerful and durable parties, may well be the most serviceable rulers that the people can reasonably expect to obtain.'" On verso: "Politicians personal conviction result of personal environment prejudices etc - is this a more justified guide than a reasonable adjustment of conflicting forces - which also insure his partys (sic) success & his own." This stationery lists Senator Kennedy's committees as Labor and Public Welfare and Government Operations. In 1957, JFK was assigned to the Foreign Relations Committee, so this must have been written in 1953, 1954, 1955 or 1956. ARTHUR HOLCOMBE edited chapters 2 through 10 of Kennedy's Profiles in Courage, a collection of biographies focusing on the courage required by political figures to do what was morally right in spite of opposition or personal harm. The book, published on January 1, 1956, won the 1957 Pulitzer Prize in Biography. The content of this letter appears to refer to the subject of JFK's book, so it was most probably penned in 1955. Kennedy notes "IV" on top. The chapters of Profiles in Courage are numbered using Roman numerals, so what Kennedy has written to Holcombe most probably refers to Chapter IV about Thomas Hart Benton, the Missouri Senator who fought to keep slavery from expanding West despite representing a slaveholding state. Water stained and creased. (2) EARL WARREN. Eulogy signed: "Earl Warren", 1p, 6x9. In part: "There are so few events in our national life that unite Americans and so touch the hearts of all of us as the passing of a President of the United States. There is nothing that adds shock to our sadness as the assassination of our leader...Such misfortunes have befallen the Nation on other occasions, but never more shockingly than 2 days ago...John Fitzgerald Kennedy, a great and good President, the friend of all men of good will...has been snatched from our midst by the bullet of an assassin...Our Nation is bereaved. The whole world is poorer because of his loss. But we can all be better Americans because John Fitzgerald Kennedy has passed our way...And now that he is relieved of the almost superhuman burdens we imposed on him, may he rest in peace". This eulogy was delivered by Chief Justice Warren in the Capitol Rotunda as Kennedy's body lay in state. Warren had sworn in John F. Kennedy as President on January 20, 1961 and headed the Special Commission investigating his assassination. Staple indent at top, not affecting text. Fine condition. (3) HUGO L. BLACK. Biographical Page signed: "Hugo L Black", 1p, 6x9. Headed "Members of the SUPREME COURT of the/UNITED STATES, October 4, 1965", individually picturing each justice next to a short biography and facsimile signature. Black has signed next to his photograph. Lightly creased. Fine condition. (4) through (10) Supreme Court cards, each 4½x3½, each signed by an Associate Justice: "W. Douglas", "Best wishes/from/Tom C. Clark/4-1-68", "John M. Harlan", "Byron R. White", "Wm J Brennan Jr", "Potter Stewart" (typed date "January, 1966") and "Abe Fortas". All but Fortas were on the Supreme Court the day Kennedy died. Fortas was appointed in 1965 to succeed Arthur Goldberg who resigned to become U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. All in fine condition. Ten items. Framed in Gallery of History style: 46½x32.

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