KENNEDY FAMILY ARCHIVE Collection of nearly 80 personal items spanning almost a century, most of which were the personal mementoes of Mary Loretta Connelly, Joseph P. Kennedy's sister. Included are many signed letters from the family patriarch, Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr.

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KENNEDY FAMILY ARCHIVE Collection of nearly 80 personal items spanning almost a century, most of which were the personal mementoes of Mary Loretta Connelly, Joseph P. Kennedy's sister. Included are many signed letters from the family patriarch, Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr.; items signed by John, Robert and Ted Kennedy and spouses Jackie, Ethel and Joan; mementoes associated with the eldest Kennedy brother, Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr; items connected with Kennedy sisters Pat, Eunice, Jean and Kathleen; and souvenirs of the next generation of Kennedy's: JFK Jr., Caroline Kennedy, and their cousin Joseph Kennedy II and Ted Kennedy, Jr. Most of the items in this remarkable collection of Kennedy family history come from Kerry McCarthy, the granddaughter of Joseph P. Kennedy's sister Mary Loretta (Kennedy) Connelly, and herself a well-known and respected political activist. They have been in her family for many years. Additional well authenticated items offered here to round out the collection are JFK's clipped signature, the handwritten manuscript by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the photographs of John F. Kennedy, Jr. and Joseph Kennedy II, and the invitation to a Kennedy Presidential Library event signed by Caroline Kennedy. The collection includes: 1) Signature: "John F. Kennedy", 3x2¼ paper affixed to an 8½x11 magazine cover (4 surfaces) featuring Kennedy's face in profile, and titled John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 1917-1963; 2) Photograph inscribed and signed: "To James Rogan/Best wishes/Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy" , "Sarge Shriver", "Ted Kennedy", "Jacqueline Kennedy". Color postcard Presidential portrait of John F. Kennedy, with his facsimile signature. 3) Heirlooms associated with family patriarch Joseph P. Kennedy The centerpiece of this material is a handsome, framed color photo (10½x13½) of Kennedy with his eldest son, Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. This photograph hung in the home of the patriarch's sister, (Mary) Loretta Connelly (1898-1974) and her husband George Connelly, until her death. Other items associated with Joseph Kennedy, Sr. include two youthful studio photos of him, one being his official graduation photo from Boston Latin High School, with attached Boston Latin pin; an ALS to his mother Mary (Mrs. Patrick J. Kennedy), written in 1916 from Pinehurst, North Carolina. Also present are eleven warm personal letters (nine typed, two telegrams) to sister Loretta. These letters show Kennedy's touching fondness for his sister, but also other facets of his personality. (In one, he asks Louise to check his records to see whether a man claiming to have graduated with him from Boston Latin really did so. In another, he chides his sister for giving away money he had gifted to her, concluding, "We are doing enough for Catholic charities and schools without you giving up that hard earned money." Two of the typed letters were signed on his official paper as Chairman of the SEC and then of the Maritime Commission; Also included is an article from Fortune magazine from the late 1930s, written by prominent journalist Ernest K. Lindley, titled "Will Kennedy Run for President?" This highly flattering article touts Joseph Kennedy's prospects, and contains a full-page photo of him and another of his entire family. There are no letters signed by 3) Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald Kennedy (1890-1993), whose signature is found on the JFK picture above, also instructed her secretary to draft the 1958 letter included here, seeking reassurance from sister in law Loretta that Rose's staff really did send her some photos as she had instructed them to do. 4) Three typed letters by Robert F. Kennedy, all signed "Bobby," dating from 1960 to 1966. All addressed to Aunt Louisa, one is a brief expression of good wishes, a second references the 1960 Presidential campaign and future Supreme Court Justice Byron White (chairman of campaigns Citizens Committee), and the third thanks her for attending the dedication of a memorial to JFK in Jacksonville, Florida. 5) Eleven typed letters from Ted Kennedy, most signed "Ted". Recipients include his Aunt Louisa (Connelly), his cousin Mary Lou McCarthy (Louisa's daughter), and Kerry McCarthy. There are also four unsigned copies of letters from Ted Kennedy to his family, written while he was stationed in the US Army in Europe in the early 1950s. These fascinating letters describe his travels and youthful impressions of France, Italy and Switzerland. 6) Also present are two unsigned copies of letters from JOSEPH P. KENNEDY, JR. (1915-1944), written as a US Navy bomber pilot in Europe during World War II. These letters, very rich in content, were obviously intended to reassure his parents by concentrating on his active social life, but the war that would soon claim his life crowds into each letter. He observes in the letter of January 2, 1944, "… up to this point, I haven't distinguished myself by any outstanding feat, except getting home every trip, which is fairly important. …" Joe Kennedy, Jr. had been intended as the political standard bearer for the next generation. A year short of graduation for law school, he entered the navy, returning to an England he knew well from his father's tenure as ambassador. On August 12, 1944, he was killed after volunteering for a dangerous mission on an explosives-laden B-24 bomber, receiving posthumously the Navy Cross, the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal. Also included here is a copy of the poem "Gold and Coral," written by Loretta Kennedy in remembrance of Joe Junior. 7) Also represented in this collection are items of four of the five Kennedy sisters: Kathleen, Eunice, Patricia and Jean. Included are wedding announcements for three of the daughters: Eunice to future Vice Presidential nominee Sargent Shriver, Patricia to actor Peter Lawford, and Jean to lawyer Stephen Smith. Also included are autograph letters written by Eunice and Patricia to their Aunt Loretta, and typed letters addressed to Loretta's daughter Mary Lou McCarthy and granddaughter Kerry McCarthy. Eunice is also represented here by Christmas cards sent by her family. There is no wedding announcement for Kathleen because her parents refused to sanction her 1944 marriage to an English Protestant. "Kick" is represented in this collection, however, by unsigned copies of six remarkable letters she wrote home from England (1943-1945), while serving as a Red Cross nurse. The letters vividly describe encounters with famous people, including Princess Elizabeth, Pamela Churchill (later Harriman) and Lord Halifax, and references to her father and brothers Joe and Jack. Rosemary Kennedy (b. 1918-2005), emotionally troubled, perhaps mentally retarded, subjected to a controversial prefrontal lobotomy in 1941, and institutionalized thereafter, is the only Kennedy sibling not represented here. 8) A collection like this would be incomplete without the inclusion of famous spouses Jackie, Ethel and Joan Kennedy. Wed respectively to brothers John, Robert and Teddy. Jackie has signed the back of the Presidential photo described above, and is also represented here by  a very touching unsigned autograph manuscript describing JFK's first encounter with her mother, Mrs. Janet Lee Auchincloss, 1p, 8x12½ lined yellow sheet. Part of a longer, undated and probably unpublished manuscript, it reads in full: "out with one hand in his pocket and salute you, 'Hello, Gorgeous'. That wasn't all there was. There were tragic times in our lives, and he held my hand through all of them. Oh how naughty he was. My mother disapproved of his plans for our wedding, so he had to fly to Newport to soothe her. I remember standing behind her at the airport as he got off the plane, his hand in his pocket, his smile on, and thinking as he came down the steps, 'Oh Mummy, you don't have a chance.' And she."  … Present also are two printed cards thanking George and Loretta (Kennedy) Connelly for condolences following the death of Ethel Kennedy's brother, George Skakel, Jr. each with a handwritten note signed by Ethel on behalf of Robert and herself, thanking the aunt and uncle for attendance at 5 masses, and for their prayers. An autograph note, written by Joan Kennedy while husband Ted was still in law school (1959), gives a glimpse of the couples early years. Victoria Reggie Kennedy, who married Ted Kennedy in 1992 and proved a highly steadying influence on the Senator, arrived on the scene too late for inclusion in this family collection. 9) The next generation of Kennedys is also represented here: JFK's children John F. Kennedy Junior and Caroline Kennedy. (1960-1999), Robert's son Joseph Kennedy II, and also Edward M. Kennedy, Jr. Included items are a photo of John Kennedy, Jr. at delivering an address, inscribed to third cousin Kerry McCarthy; a signed photo of Joseph Kennedy II as a Member of Congress, with a US flag behind him, an invitation to an event at the Kennedy Presidential library signed by Caroline Kennedy, and a touching letter written by a young Ted Kennedy, Jr., describing his recovery from the cancer-related leg amputation he underwent in 1973. 10) A final addition to this collection are some political ephemera: a McGovern/Shriver button from 1972, a Time magazine cover featuring the running mates, a "Shriver Driver" bumper sticker and two buttons from Sargent Shriver's brief 1976 Presidential bid. Also included here is an interesting typed letter to (aunt) Loretta Connelly signed by JFK Senate campaign aide Elizabeth Walsh, discussing the Presidential campaign of 1952 and its likely effect on Kennedy's Senate race. As the youngest elected President, JOHN FITZGERALD (1917-1963) displayed a youthful vitality that inspired Americans to actively participate in politics. While showing his resolve in the Cuban Missile Crisis, he also made strides toward peace with trade liberalization agreements, the nuclear test ban treaty, the Peace Corps, and the Alliance for Progress. In addition to Kennedy's political offices, which included those of U.S. Representative (1947-1953) and U.S. Senator (1953-1960) from Massachusetts, he also received recognition for his World War II heroism (the Navy and Marine Corps Medal) and the 1957 Pulitzer Prize for Profiles in Courage. Though Kennedy experienced failures, too, like the abortive Bay of Pigs invasion, the memory of "Camelot," the Kennedy White House, still shines brightly in American memory, and his assassination ranks with Pearl Harbor and the fall of the twin towers among the nation's darkest hours. JOSEPH PATRICK KENNEDY, SR. (1888-1969), who married Rose Fitzgerald, the eldest daughter of Boston Mayor John Fitzgerald, in 1914. An astute businessman, Kennedy became a bank president at the age of 25 and his shrewd investments made him one of the richest men in America. Kennedy, who backed Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1932 election, held a seat on the Securities and Exchange Commission during FDR's first term and chaired the Maritime Commission, mediating disputes between ship owners and unions, during FDR's second term. On January 17, 1938, Kennedy was named U.S. Ambassador to England. Opposing US aid to Britain which might involve the US in World War II, and opposed to President Roosevelt's bid for a third term, Kennedy resigned under pressure on October 22, 1940. His own political ambitions frustrated, Kennedy groomed his sons for politics, with sights set on the Presidency. ROSE ELIZABETH KENNEDY (1890-1995), the daughter of colorful Boston Mayor John F. "Honey Fitz" Fitzgerald, wed Joseph P. Kennedy in 1914. A devout Catholic, she stoically endured her husband's extramarital affairs while raising their nine children (and outliving four of them). MARY LORETTA KENNEDY (1892-1972), younger sister of Joseph P. Kennedy, was the daughter of Patrick J. Kennedy, a prominent Boston businessman and politician, and Mary August (Hickey) Kennedy (to whom brother Joe addressed the earliest (1916) letter in this collection. "Aunt Loretta" married George Connelly in 1927. The many letters in the collection addressed to her, and in her keeping for many years, reveal a woman much loved by the entire Kennedy family. She was the mother of Mary Lou (Kennedy) McCarthy - another name found frequently here - and the grandmother of Kerry McCarthy. ROBERT F. KENNEDY (1925-1968), who made a name for himself as a US Senate staffer, including Chief Counsel for an investigation of labor racketeering, left the office to manage brother John's presidential campaign in 1960, and served as Attorney General (1961-1964). "Bobby" was elected U.S. Senator from New York in 1964, serving from 1965 until he was assassinated in Los Angeles in June 1968, just moments after declaring victory in the California presidential primary. EDWARD M. "TED" KENNEDY (1932-2009), the youngest of the Kennedy siblings, was first elected to the U.S. Senate from Massachusetts in 1962 to fill the seat vacated by his brother the President- serving until his death. Maturing from "kid brother" of the President into an eloquent national spokesman for liberal causes, he challenged incumbent President Jimmy Carter for the Democratic nomination in 1980, but fell short. Beset by personal tragedies, some of his own making, Ted Kennedy remained an important voice in the Senate and in his party, and was surprisingly skilled at brokering compromises across party lines. KATHLEEN "KICK" KENNEDY CAVENDISH (1920-1948), the eldest and according to some accounts the liveliest of the Kennedy daughters, served as a Red Cross nurse in England during World War II. In defiance of her parents, she married Protestant English aristocrat William Cavendish in 1944, but was widowed five weeks later when he died in the war which would claim her brother Joe - the only Kennedy to attend her wedding - only months later. She died in the crash of a private aircraft en route to Cannes, France in 1948. EUNICE KENNEDY SHRIVER (1921-2009), recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1984 for her work for special needs children, was married to Peace Corps Director and 1972 Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee Sargent Shriver (who also sought the Presidential nomination in 1976). Her children included Maria Shriver, former NBS-TV newscaster and wife of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Despite an apparently glamorous Hollywood lifestyle, PATRICIA KENNEDY LAWFORD (1924-2006) soon grew tired of actor husband Peter Lawford's drinking and womanizing, divorcing him in 1966. She battled alcohol addiction herself in later years, and achieved less success than sisters Eunice and Jean. JEAN KENNEDY SMITH (1928-2020), the last surviving sibling, later served as US Ambassador to Ireland (promoting peace negotiations among the warring factions in Northern Ireland), and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009. JACQUELINE BOUVIER KENNEDY ONASSIS (1924-2009) married John F. Kennedy on September 12, 1953, at St. Mary's Church in Newport, Rhode Island. Jackie was renowned for her style and grace as America's First Lady (1961-1963), accompanying her husband on foreign visits and sharing his limousine on that infamous November day in Dallas. She remarried to Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis in 1968. Jackie was a successful book editor for Doubleday and other publishers. ETHEL KENNEDY (b. 1928), whose Skakel family has endured almost as many tragedies as the Kennedy clan, was a strong support for husband Robert as Attorney General, US Senator and Presidential candidate while raising seven children. She remains politically prominent, hosting Democratic fundraisers at the family home, Hickory Hill, in Virginia. VIRGINIA JOAN BENNETT KENNEDY (b. 1936) stuck by her husband through the Chappaquiddick incident and his 1980 Presidential campaign, but never enjoyed politics and divorced him in 1982. The author of a family guide to classical music, she has battled alcoholism for many years. JOHN F. KENNEDY, JR. (1960-1999), known to the press and public (but not to his family) as John-John during his father's Presidency, became a lawyer and magazine publisher. He died with his wife and sister-in-law while piloting a private plane which crashed in the ocean near Martha's Vineyard. CAROLINE KENNEDY (b. 1957), who kept her maiden name after marrying exhibit designer Edwin Schlossberg, is a successful lawyer and the author of several books, including Profiles in Courage for Our Time. She considered seeking Hillary Clinton's US Senate seat after Clinton was named Secretary of State. JOSEPH P. KENNEDY II (b. 1952) was a US Representative from Massachusetts (1986-1989), returning afterwards to Citizens Energy Corporation, a company he had founded in 1979 to promote new energy alternatives and provide low cost home heating oil to needy families. His controversial bid for a marriage annulment may have blighted his prospects for higher office. EDWARD M. KENNEDY, JR. (b. 1961), who survived the amputation described above, runs the Marwood Group, a firm which advises companies on health care policy. He has stated that he hopes to run for the US Senate someday.  A treasure trove of family history for perhaps the most influential and beloved dynasty of twentieth century America! Various items exhibit light creasing and light soiling after years of transfer and storage. The archive as a whole is in overall fine condition.

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