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JOHN QUINCY ADAMS Land Grant that was signed by John Quicy Adams as President and also by land commissioner George Graham in Illinois. Land Grant signed: "J. Q. Adams" as President, "Geo.

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Land Grant that was signed by John Quicy Adams as President and also by land commissioner George Graham in Illinois.
Land Grant signed: "J. Q. Adams" as President, "Geo. Graham" as Commissioner of the General Land Office, 1 page, 15½x9¼. Washington, D.C., 1825 April 15. The document attests that Jeremiah Birks of Sangamon County, Illinois, having deposited a registration certificate at the land office, and made full payment, in compliance with the Land Act of 1820, is granted ownership of 84½ acres of land at a location defined in the text. White paper seal of the General Land Office affixed in lower left with red wax. (The Land Act of 1820 lowered the price of an acre of land purchased from the US from $2.00 to $1.25, but required full payment in cash, not on credit.) JOHN QUINCY ADAMS (1767-1848), the 6th President of the US and the son of the second, was elected in the House of Representatives in 1824 after none of the 3 candidates (Andrew Jackson and Henry Clay were the others) secured a majority of Electoral Votes. Although his election was fully legal, it was tainted in the public mind because Jackson had secured more Electors and Adams was elected with the help of supporters of Clay, who became Secretary of State, an arrangement denounced as "the corrupt bargain." Adams' vision of a strong federal government carrying out a vigorous program for economic development was repudiated in 1828, when Jackson defeated Adams' bid for re-election.As Secretary of State in the Monroe administration (1817-1825) was the principal author of the Monroe Doctrine, which declared the Americas not open to new European colonization. Adams became the only President to return to Congress, representing his Massachusetts district in the House of Representatives (1831-1848) and emerging as an eloquent critic of slavery. GEORGE GRAHAM (1772-1830), a lawyer in Fairfax County, Virginia, was commander of the Fairfax Light Horse during the War of 1812. He was Chief Clerk of the War Department (1814-1816) and interim Secretary of War (1816-1817). He served on an Anglo-American joint commission to settle claims arising from the War of 1812 (1815). He was President of the Washington Branch of the Bank of the United States (1819-1823) before serving as Commissioner of the General Land Office for the rest of his life. Multiple folds. Creased and heavily toned. Small hole in center. Edges and corners creased. Soiled. Otherwise, fine condition.

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