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Perón signs a diplomatic appointment, countersigned by a key advisor who would soon run afoul of Evita. Civil Appointment signed: "Juan Perón as President, 1p, 9¾x13½. Buenos Aires, 1947 April 24.…"

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Condition: Lightly soiled, otherwise fine condition
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Perón signs a diplomatic appointment, countersigned by a key advisor who would soon run afoul of Evita.
Civil Appointment signed: "Juan Perón as President, 1p, 9¾x13½. Buenos Aires, 1947 April 24. Also signed "Juan Atilio Bramuglia" , the Secretary of State. Embossed paper seal (2¾-diameter) affixed below text and to left of signatures. In Spanish, loosely translated: "Juan D. Peron, President of the Nation of Argentina, names Captain Don Otto Hjalmar Henrichsen to serve as Plenipotentiary Delegate of the Argentine Government attending the First Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization, to take place in the city of Montreal (Canada), beginning May 6 of the current year, authorizing him to take part in all the deliberations and to sign ad-referendum [subject to approval] all the acts agreed upon there. The plenipotentiary will be endorsed by His Excellency the Secretary of State in the Department of Foreign Relations and Culture, Dr. Juan Atilio Bramuglia." Fine condition. Accompanied by unsigned postcard photograph (color, 4x7½) of Peron in uniform. Lightly soiled at upper left and right edges. Pinhole-sized chips in background. Otherwise, fine condition. Perón (1895-1974) was part of a military junta, which seized power in 1943 and made him secretary of labor and social welfare. Promoted to Vice President and Minister of War in 1944 but purged by suspicious fellow officers in 1945, Perón was released after massive protests by the labor unions whose support he had cultivated. Perón was elected President in 1946, serving until overthrown in a military coup (1956). Peron ruled with authoritarian methods, but his program of nationalism and economic justice appealed to many of his countrymen. While Perón lived in exile in Spain, his Peronista movement remained a powerful force in Argentine politics. He once again served as President from 1973 until his death. His first wife, Maria Eva Duarte (1919-1952), affectionately called Evita, helped him as de facto Minister of Health and Labor, acquiring a mass following of her own. JUAN ATILIO BRAMUGLIA (1903-1962), from 1929 the lawyer representing Argentina's powerful railway workers' union, played a key role in forging the alliance between the unions and young army officers which became the Peronist movement. During Perón's first Presidency, the competent and well liked Bramuglia rose quickly in influence. While serving as Foreign Minister, he was elected President of the UN Security Council in 1948. Reportedly, Bramuglia lost influence after he alienated First Lady Eva Perón by criticizing the cost of her European tour, by failing to promote a UN declaration promoted by her, and by becoming too much the center of attention. Two items.

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