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As War Minister, the future controversial President of Argentina signs a directive concerning a personnel matter, signed in black ink Document signed: "Perón" as War Minister, “Guillermo Beghe” and “Jose De Sarmiento”.

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As War Minister, the future controversial President of Argentina signs a directive concerning a personnel matter, signed in black ink

Document signed: "Perón" as War Minister, “Guillermo Beghe” and “Jose De Sarmiento”.  Three pages. 8¾x12½. Also signed "José D. Sarminiento", Lieutenant Colonel commanding Division III, and by a clerk of the Justice Ministry files office. Place: Buenos Aires. Date: July 13, 1944. Initialed by several offices. Signed by Perón on last page. Fully Translated from Spanish into English: BUENOS AIRES. Republic of Argentina. Minister of War. After reading file 12/943 and in accordance with what the General Auditor of War and Navy ordered, and considering that: the Lieutenant Colonel Carlos Alberto Hawkes, Chief of the 5th Battalion of Communications has initiated the process to inspection of the process, because he considers unfair the appreciations made during the inspection of July 1943 by Lieutenant Colonel Recesvinto Mohammed Martinez, who is now retired and who back then was the Inspector of material of Engineers of the General Direction of Army Material. Such General Direction, in possession of the required elements to do it, decided to modify the prior result and make justice to the current chief. That: The Lieutenant Colonel Martinez requests the instruction of the summary so the veracity of his statement can be proved; however, there are no reasons for it, because the controversy has already been definitively resolved with the attitude of the General Direction, and furthermore, the case does not fit in the previsions of N. 175 of the Regulations of Army Justice (; The Minsiter of War decides that: Article 1. The request of Lieutenant Colonel (R.S.R.) Recesvinto Mohammed Martinez of summary instruction. Article 2. This resolution must be communicated to the Command of the 5th Army Division and to the General Direction of the Army Material. June 22, 1844. Guillermo Beghe. There should be testimony of having sent the notification to Lieutenant General Recesvinto Mohamed Martinez, communicating him the decision. Buenos Aires, July 13, 1944. Jose De Sarmiento. This must be archived in the General Direction of Personnel. Peron.JUAN PERÓN (1895-1974) was part of a military junta, which seized power in 1943 and made him secretary of labor and social welfare. Promoted to Vice President and Minister of War in 1944 but purged by suspicious fellow officers in 1945, Perón was released after massive protests by the labor unions whose support he had cultivated. Perón was elected President in 1946, serving until overthrown in a military coup (1956). Peron ruled with authoritarian methods, but his program of nationalism and economic justice appealed to many of his countrymen. While Perón lived in exile in Spain, his Peronista movement remained a powerful force in Argentine politics. He once again served as President from 1973 until his death. His first wife, Maria Eva Duarte (1919-1952), affectionately called Evita, helped him as de facto Minister of Health and Labor, acquiring a mass following of her own. GUILLERMO BEGHE was an employee of the Argentine government. JOSE DE SARMIENTO was an Argentine Lieutenant Colonel who served as Chief of the III Division. This resolution must be archived in the General Division of Personnel. Peron”. Binder holes at left. Vertical fold near file holes. Lightly stained at blank margins. Otherwise, fine condition.


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