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Six months before his long Presidency ended, he signed this friendly, typed letter to the British Governor of Belize, framed in the Gallery of History style to 32x25.
TLS: "Porfirio Diaz" as President of Mexico, 1 page, 7½x9. Mexico City, 1910 November 3. To S.J.C. Swayne, Governor, Belize. In Spanish, translated. Begins: "Dear Sir". In full: "Having read your polite letter dated the 7th of last month, I must inform you that so far I have not had the pleasure of seeing Colonel Sir Thomas Holdich; but when he wishes to find me, I shall receive him as corresponds to the recommendation of you whom I so esteem and I shall offer him my friendship and services for him to use as he deems convenient. Thus having complied with your wishes I remain your avowed servant and friend." S.J.C. SWAYNE was the British Governor of Belize, a small nation on the southern Mexican border. Sir THOMAS HOLDICH (1843-1929) was the former British Superintendent of Frontier Surveys. In this election year of 1910, 80-year-old PORFIRIO DIAZ was seeking his eighth term as President of Mexico (1876-1880; 1884-1911). At this time, his congenial foreign policy, one of the better aspects of his government, was waning. Additionally, the country was on the brink of revolution due to the government's policy of preferential treatment to the upper classes. The working classes and Indian populations of Mexico were neglected, exploited and denied any government participation; their lands were made communal and often fell into the possession of land moguls. During 1909 and 1910, Francisco Madero was preparing to overthrow the government in case his campaigning against Diaz failed. Diaz had always discouraged presidential opponents through exile and execution, and, true to form, he had Madero arrested before the July election on charges of insulting the President. Madero, however, was spared from execution. Within six months of this letter (May 1911), Diaz decided to resign due to illness, and he went into exile with his family and associates, ending one of the most successful presidencies in Mexican history. He had begun his political career as Governor of Tehuantepec in 1858, when Benito Juarez became President of Mexico. While the U.S. was embroiled in its Civil War (1861-1865), Emperor Maximilian became ruler of Mexico (1864-1867). Following his demise, Diaz became a party leader, opposing Juarez' re-election as President (1871). After further revolts over the next five years, Diaz gained the presidency in 1876. He maintained a stable government, serving from 1876 through 1911, except for one four-year term (1880-1884). Diaz succeeded in rebuilding the nation's economy and world respect by inviting foreign investment and encouraging international trade and the development of his country's railroads. Lightly creased with folds, vertical fold at the last "o" in Porfirio. Lightly stained at lower right blank margin. Overall, fine condition. Framed in the Gallery of History style: 32¼x24¾.

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Born: September 15, 1830 in Oaxaca, Mexico
Died: July 2, 1915 in Paris, France

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